About Us

We are a team of experts and dog lovers who share one inexhaustible source of inspiration, the love for chihuahuas.

Our primary goal is to help parents of this dog breed with friendly, reliable, and affordable tips and tricks to give their furry pets a long and happy life. Here you can find everything from health tips to food, toys, accessories, clothing, and many other things related to these amazing creatures. We understand that it takes a lot of faith to trust someone, that’s why trust and safety are a very big part of our core values.

We firmly believe that knowledge is power! Consequently, we aim to use this platform to educate owners and help their puppies grow into healthy, strong, and well-behaved dogs. Likewise, we strive to maintain a close relationship with experienced dog behaviorists for the well-being of pets and our desire to positively impact our communities.


Krista McKenney