Are Black Chihuahuas Rare? – Astonishing Facts That Will Delight You!

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Of all the different dog breeds, chihuahuas are certainly a popular, renowned bunch. The reasons are apparent. They are huge-spirited, intelligent little bundles of irresistible cuteness. In addition, they are very loyal, affordable, and low-maintenance dog breeds, but the question to be answered in this article is “Are Black Chihuahuas Rare?”

Different types of chihuahuas include short hair, long hair, tea cup, deer-head, pear-headed and apple-head chihuahuas. The life expectancy of a chihuahua falls between 12-18 years, on average. Like many other breeds, they have colour variants.

This article discusses black chihuahuas and answers the question of their rarity, among other related subjects. Read on to find out!

Black Chihuahuas: How Rare Are They?

Let’s dive into “Are Black Chihuahuas Rare?”

Black is the “dominant” colour for many dog breeds. Chihuahuas are no different – for the most part. It is, therefore, not unusual to have individuals with splotches of black and other colours on their fur, or an all-black chihuahua.

Indeed, many of them do! Even if they do not seem to have this colour, they all have the gene (“B gene”). It is noteworthy that members of this dog breed come in a wide array of fur colours – much more than the average dog.

The American Kennel Club lists nine standard colours and twenty-one additional colour variants, each with its registration code.

 are black chihuahuas rare

However, a chihuahua with new, completely black fur is unusual and quite rare. Solid black chihuahuas are incredibly hard to find, whether it be a black apple-head chihuahua, deer-head or any other subtype. The other colours that are perhaps rarer – or just as rare, at the very least – are pure white and lavender.

Nonetheless, the different ways in which the black colour can pop up on chihuahuas include:-

  • Pure black chihuahua variant: Dogs of this variant are solid black all over their bodies. In other words, their fur is a new black shade.
  • Two-coloured; black included: For example, such a dog may have splotches of shades of tan alongside the black colour on different parts of its body.
  • Tricoloured; black included. In tricoloured chihuahuas, the other two colours are usually white and tan.
  • White and Black: The white fur patches are typically present around the chest area, legs, and parts of the face.

It is noteworthy that some chihuahuas’ “black fur” could fade into other shades in their later years. This is found in sable-coloured dogs. Sable colouring comes in black, blue, or chocolate.

Despite the colour these dogs have at birth, they have a different base fur colour that becomes apparent as they age. Thus, a seemingly black pup at birth could grow to have fur colour with, say, a brownish tinge.

 black apple head chihuahua

Pure black chihuahuas are exotic and alluring in their way. Thus, it doesn’t surprise that some would actively seek to breed them preferentially. Crossing two black chihuahua parents are the best chance of securing a pure black chihuahua.

Like many other bodily traits, the fur colour of an individual is inherited from the genetic information of both parents. At least three genes combine to form a “pure black” fur colour. Having pure black parents on either side increases the chances of birthing pure black offspring.

However, this is not a foolproof method. Genetic traits do not usually swing in the anticipated direction. This is because genetics has its fair share of surprises. More often than not, there is a propensity for these “dominant” “black” traits to be bred out – that is, eliminated. Hence, pure black chihuahuas are very rare; two pure black chihuahuas could end up birthing a completely different-coloured dog if “recessive” genes on both ends combine.

Are There Any Peculiarities Associated With Pure Black Chihuahuas?

While you’re seeking answers to “Are Black Chihuahuas Rare?” It is easy to assume that all black chihuahuas are significantly different from others of their type because of their fur colour. However, this isn’t true. First off, fur colour is merely a superficial feature of your chihuahua.

It does not make your dog more sinister or aggressive than the average chihuahua, especially if subjected to the same conditions and training. In other words, your chihuahua’s fur colour does not determine your dog’s personality.

 pure black chihuahua

Except that your black chihuahua could absorb heat better and stay warmer than light-coloured dogs, there isn’t much difference.

Furthermore, neither is it a determinant of your dog’s health nor their needs. Solid black chihuahuas are just as healthy as other chihuahuas if brought up in the same conditions. The chihuahua is a healthy breed that often outlives other dog breeds.

However, it could still suffer from tooth and gum disease, tracheal collapse, spinal injuries, kidney stones, obesity, and the like.

How Does The Society View Rare Black Chihuahuas?

Are Black Chihuahuas Rare? Yes! But how does society view them?

Like many other black dogs, jet-black chihuahuas may suffer unjustly from some degree of prejudice and old erroneous misconceptions. Many generally associate black dogs with bad luck, impurity, or, worse still, the devil. In some cultures, they are denizens of the underworld. For example, in Ireland, it’s believed that if a black dog visits the grave of a priest, he was untrue to his vows while alive. Superstition about black dogs is sometimes regarded as Black Dog Syndrome.

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However, some others believe they are good omens. In parts of Scotland and Europe, people believe that if a black dog follows you home, it is a sign of good luck. On the other hand, some cultures in Asian countries like India and Nepal view black dogs as sacred animals. Some even see them as guardians that protect homes against evil spirits.

It is worthy of note that most of these claims do not have any scientific or logical backing. Instead, they come from folklore or old beliefs. Nonetheless, these beliefs are preponderant. Depending on your location, the perception of your chihuahua can fall on either side of the spectrum.

Conclusion On “Are Black Chihuahuas Rare?”

Are Black Chihuahuas Rare? Black chihuahuas are a rarity. Even efforts to specially breed them are often unsuccessful. However, they are not so different from chihuahuas or other fur shades.

With the same amount of care, socialization, and effort in their formative years as others, black chihuahuas (especially the solid black ones) turn out just as well-behaved and lovable as any other chihuahua.

Their personalities, needs, and health aren’t so different from the lot, despite what prevailing societal beliefs and misconceptions may suggest.

 solid black chihuahua