Can Mosquitoes Bite Dogs – Keep Your Pet Safe From The Flying Menace

Can Mosquitoes Bite Dogs

If you’re wondering can mosquitoes bite dogs – the answer is yes! Go through our article to learn more about how to keep your canine safe! Humans and mosquitoes have been at war ever since they discovered each other. And, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking your pets were safe from the onslaught. However, that’s … Read more

Chihuahua Reverse Sneezing vs Collapsed Trachea – The Guide

Chihuahua Reverse Sneezing vs Collapsed Trachea - The Guide

Chis are prone to certain health conditions. That’s why we’ve assembled a Chihuahua Reverse Sneezing vs Collapsed Trachea guide to help you. All living things are prone to developing health conditions. Likewise, your Chihuahua isn’t any different. However, certain health issues are very Chihuahua-centric. Two such conditions are reverse sneezing and collapsed trachea. Even though … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Without Teeth? Looking After Your Toothless Canine

Can Dogs Eat Without Teeth? Looking After Your Toothless Canine

Pet owners of senior dogs often ask can dogs eat without teeth? If you’re the same – go through our guide for the answers you need. Thinking about your furry best friend in pain or ill is difficult enough without seeing the physical consequences of the condition. However, pet parents need to be prepared for … Read more

Healthy Weight For Chihuahua Dog

Healthy Weight For Chihuahua Dog

Determining the healthy weight for a Chihuahua is not as easy as putting them on a weight scale, as there are other factors that come into play as well in determining a chihuahua’s size and weight. First, there is expected size as a breed and then you also need to take into account the size … Read more

Why Does My Dog’s Tongue Stick Out a Little?

Why Does My Dog's Tongue Stick Out a Little

There are just some dogs with this adorable, though sometimes, unnerving habit of sticking out their tongues. But why do dogs stick out their tongues? What are the causes, and should you be concerned? Why Do Dogs Stick Out Their Tongues? Is it Just Regular Panting? How many times have you seen a dog sticking … Read more

When Do Chihuahuas Lose Their Baby Teeth


When it comes to teething, Chihuahuas, like other dogs, are not different from humans. They also have baby teeth, just like us. Therefore, if you have a Chihuahuas puppy, you must be ready for their teething stage.  The first time I got a Chihuahuas puppy, I was amazed by how the beautiful little creature began … Read more