Chihuahuas With Long Legs – Are They Same As Deer Legged Chihuahuas?

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With so many chihuahua types, it’s difficult telling them apart. Turn to our ‘long-legged chihuahuas’ article to understand what’s what.

Chi parents will tell you their four-legged pets make perfect pets. Chihuahuas are little powerhouses of energy and love spending time with their owners – what’s not to love about that. That’s also one major reason why chihuahuas are so wide-searched on the internet. It seems people want everything there is to this canine breed.

One such popular query is – why does my chihuahua have such long legs? If you’ve been looking for a reason behind the mystery of your long-legged chi, we’ve got just the thing. Our chihuahua feature has all the answers you need – including are long-legged chihuahuas the same as deer-legged chihuahuas?

What Are Long Legged Chihuahuas?

Before we get to discussing long-legged chis, let’s take a brief walk down memory lane to learn the chihuahua breed history. Believe it or not, you can find chihuahua-like dogs on some of the most ancient historical artifacts around the world. Of course, we all know that the chihuahua is native to Mexico, but how the breed came to be there is still a mystery.

What pet experts have figured out is that the Toltecs (a Mesoamerican culture) preferred a breed of canines known as the Techichi. Think of the Techichi as a larger and more robust version of modern-day chis. According to historians, by the 1500s, the Techichi breed was a big part of the Aztec lifestyle.

If you fast forward a little, you’ll learn that American interest in chihuahuas began in the 1800s. By then, the Techichi had somehow morphed into the chis we see today. In fact, the first chihuahua was registered with the AKC in 1908 and was named  Beppie.

Long Legged Chihuahuas

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Origins of the Long-legged Chi

We’re pretty sure you’re wondering what history has to do with long-legged chihuahuas? Remember how Beppie was registered with the AKC? Canine associations keep track of the characteristics a purebred of any canine breed has. This also helps when you’re trying to track the variations that can develop within a breed.

Most major canine associations like the American Kennel Club only recognize chis that conform to their breed standard. According to the set standards, a pedigree chihuahua’s height can be anywhere between 6 to 10 inches.

Long-legged Chis, on the other hand, can grow as tall as 12 to 15 inches. Accordingly, that can only mean one thing – long-legged chihuahuas aren’t generally purebred. Instead, their long-legged appearance is probably the result of breeding a chihuahua with another small-breed canine with the same characteristics.

Long story short, you can’t be sure how or when the long-legged chihuahua breed variation came around. But, chances are, it was because of some element of cross-breeding because purebred chihuahuas only look a certain way.

What Do Long-legged Chihuahuas Look Like?

Alrighty, now that we’ve unearthed the mystery behind where long-legged chihuahuas come from, let’s move on to specifics. For our unaware readers, here’s a brief rundown on what long-legged chis look like. Ready?

Generally, chihuahuas come on smooth or long coat variations. Smooth-coated chis have a sleek and glossy coat (as the name suggests), with rimmed ears and a full, almost bushy tail. In contrast, long-coated chihuahuas have a flat or wavy hair texture, and because their hair is super soft, they can sometimes appear bare. Finally, there’s the trademark of the chihuahua look – the apple-shaped head.

Long-legged chihuahuas stand out because of their long, almost spindly legs. What’s more, sometimes long-legged chis can have a deer-shaped head (more angular) and a longer snout – which adds to their novelty. The long legs, plus the deer-shaped head, give these little guys (or gals) a fawn-like appearance.

Chi enthusiasts claim that you can tell a long-legged chi apart from its standard counterpart through looks alone. And, considering the height difference between the breed variations – that’s very likely.

However, if you’re planning on adopting a long-legged chi, be sure to do so from a reputable breeder. The presence of cross-breeding in long-legged chis can mean your pet may be vulnerable to health conditions.

However, respectable breeders keep track of the parentage of their canines – even when there’s cross-breeding involved. And that’s why they’ll be able to give you a thorough rundown on your pet’s health and well-being.

Are Deer-legged and Long-legged Chihuahuas The Same?

Future chihuahua owners often reach out and ask us if long-legged and deer-legged chihuahuas are the same? The answer is – it depends. You see, a chi can have the iconic deer-shaped head and long legs. Just like it’s possible for a chi to have an apple-shaped head with long legs. It all depends on breeding and genetics.

Chihuahuas are amazingly diverse when it comes to breeding variations. While the AKC recognizes only two variations, there are about seven to eight chihuahua types altogether. These include applehead and deerhead chihuahuas – along with many others. For this reason, you can’t be 100% certain about chihuahua types without first learning about their lineage (parents, grandparents, etc.).

long legged chihuahua

What Does A Long-Legged Chihuahua Cost?

It’s not possible to set a range on how much a long-legged chihuahua will cost. The price of your pup includes many variables, such as ancestry and where you choose to buy the pup from. For example, we wouldn’t recommend buying a puppy from your local pet store. That’s because there’s not much emphasis on the canine’s linage, and prices will generally be higher.

Try looking for a reputable breeder in your area, or barring that, you can even reach out to rescue groups. If you pick the first option, you’ll get all the info you need about your pet’s ancestry and possible health concerns. On the other hand, with the second option, you’ll be able to give an adorable chi a brand new chance at a happy life.


Long-legged Chihuahuas are one of the many chihuahua breed types. Plus, they’re just as stunning to look at. If you’re planning on adopting a lovable chi, they’re definitely a good option. However, owners should note that, like other variations, the long-legged chi variety isn’t recognized by the AKC. That means you won’t be able to enter your pet into any dog shows based on set breed standards.

Still, that doesn’t mean long-legged chis are any less. They’re beautiful to look at and possess the same chihuahua temperament as the other types. So, there’s not much to hold you back from going out there and making a long-legged chihuahua a part of your household. We’re always ready to help out our readers, so if you’ve got any other questions concerning long-legged chihuahuas – don’t hesitate to reach out through the comment section below.

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