Why Does My Dog’s Tongue Stick Out a Little?

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There are just some dogs with this adorable, though sometimes, unnerving habit of sticking out their tongues. But why do dogs stick out their tongues? What are the causes, and should you be concerned?

Why Do Dogs Stick Out Their Tongues? Is it Just Regular Panting?

How many times have you seen a dog sticking tongue out without any real explanation? The truth is it may be nothing to be concerned about. Dogs pant all the time, and there are many reasons they practice this normal habit, but how can you tell for sure?

So Why Do Dogs Pant?

Dogs pant all the time for various reasons. A dog sticking the tip of tongue out may be no reason for concern. Dogs pant to cool down on a hot day and sometimes when they’re excited. On the other hand, a dog sticking his tongue out for a good pant may be a sign of anxiety, heatstroke, and dehydration, or even anxiety and stress.

dog sticking tongue out

Listen To and Watch Your Dog

It’s important to watch and listen to your furry best friend to look for irregular signs of panting and labored breathing. Looking closely at your dog sticking out tongue. Do they appear distressed, or they panting more or longer than normal? This perfectly healthy habit may be a sign of something more. It’s important to know your dog, and when in doubt, call a vet. A dog sticking the tip of tongue out may be nothing to be alarmed by, but believe it or not, there is an official diagnosis for those who do it all the time.

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Dog Sticking Tongue Out Due Hanging Tongue Syndrome

So why do dogs stick out their tongues all the time? They may have a problem with Hanging Tongue Syndrome. I know it sounds crazy, but this is a common diagnosis you’ll hear from the vet’s office. Hanging Tongue syndrome can be caused by various factors, such as poor dental health, but sometimes it’s just in the breed. Brachycephalic breeds like those adorable flat-faced pugs can see this problem a lot due to a poorly formed overbite as part of their genetic condition and the fact their tongues are excessively large. In other words, why do dogs stick out their tongues? It may simply be that their tongues are too big for their mouths.

What To Do When Your Dog Sticking Tongue Out Becomes Excessive?

When you see that a dog sticking its tongue out of its mouth all the time becomes excessive, it may be a cause for alarm, but there are some easy cures. A dog sticking out its tongue all the time may not seem like anything at first, but it can cause dehydration and even soar and cracked spots to form on their tongues. So what do you do?

What Do Veterinarians Say About Dog Sticking Tongue Out With This Syndrome?

If the matter is too serious, veterinarians may recommend certain treatments like medication to reduce the swelling or a surgical procedure known as a glossectomy. In more simple matters, however, your dog sticking tongue out may be addressed by simple maintenance.

What to Do About a Dog Sticking Out Tongue Too Much?

Dogs who cannot control their tongues may be recommended softer foods so they can avoid injury while eating. Additionally, to keep the dog sticking out tongue all the time from causing its tongue to dry out or swell up may simply require minor lubricants like olive oil or fresh cool water. You should also regularly check your dog’s tongue for worsening conditions.

So why does my dog’s tongue stick out a little? It may be perfectly normal, but what it ultimately comes down to is simply being vigilant and observant as an owner. Know your dog, and provide the loving care that it needs, and you should be just fine.

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