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Our mission is to be your ultimate resource for everything Chihuahua – from breed-specific care tips to heartwarming stories of these small but mighty companions. Our passion for these charismatic little dogs matches our commitment to providing the most accurate, useful, and engaging content for our fellow Chihuahua enthusiasts.

Christy Miller

We are happy to have Christy Miller as an expert with whom we would like to consult. She is a passionate advocate for pets and their well-being. Christy is the proud owner of PawPrints Pet Supply, a haven for pet lovers seeking quality supplies for their furry friends, nestled in Valley Center, Kansas. Her journey in pet care and business management began at Wichita State University, where she earned her B.S.B.A. with a focus on Business Management, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Christy’s career has been diverse and enriched with experiences that have deepened her understanding and love for animals. From managing a kennel of over 40 dogs, including those with special medical needs, at Midwest Dog Center to creating magic for guests as an entertainer at Walt Disney World through the Disney College Program. Her roles have always emphasized safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency, principles she applies to her work with pets and their families.

In January 2021, Christy became a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Trainer, an accolade that reflects her expertise in and commitment to fostering good behavior and responsible pet ownership. Her volunteer work with Therapy Dogs International, visiting patients in children’s hospitals and residents in nursing homes, showcases her belief in the healing power of pets.

Additionally, Christy contributes her skills and knowledge to and Crysti’s Pet Services, further highlighting her dedication to pet advocacy and her broad impact on the pet community.

At, we’re inspired by Christy’s journey and expertise. Our goal is to embody the same dedication, compassion, and knowledge she brings to the pet care world. Whether you’re a new Chihuahua owner or a seasoned enthusiast, is here to support your journey with your tiny companion. Together, let’s celebrate the joy, companionship, and unique quirks of Chihuahuas!

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