Do Chihuahuas Get Cold Easily?: 5 Health Facts About Chihuahuas Revealed!

Do Chihuahuas Get Cold Easily

Is it true that Chihuahuas feel cold? Do Chihuahuas Get Cold Easily? Yes, they do! Because of its brachycephalic shape, this breed is particularly susceptible to colder temperatures. Unlike other dogs, their bodies lose heat more quickly, and the enlarged soft palate makes breathing difficult. Furthermore, the short coats, which provide less winter protection than … Read more

How High Can Chihuahuas Jump? Amazing Facts About Chihuahuas Exposed!

Members of the cute small-sized dog breed called Chihuahua are always a delight to observe and live with. Their mannerisms are mesmerizing. Playtime is always a delight. Watching these furry creatures jump is sure to put a smile on your face, even on a bad day.  Ever asked the question, “how high can chihuahuas jump?” … Read more

Are Chihuahuas Territorial? – 5 Amazing Facts About Territorial Dogs

Are Chihuahuas Territorial

If you’re thinking of getting a chihuahua, it’s a great choice. But before you bring your new pup home, it’s important to ask and answer some questions. Chief among them is, “Are Chihuahuas territorial?”  It’s possible you have already taken a Chihuahua home and now have the following complaint, “my chihuahua is aggressive towards strangers.” … Read more

Are Black Chihuahuas Rare? – Astonishing Facts That Will Delight You!

Are Black Chihuahuas Rare

Of all the different dog breeds, chihuahuas are certainly a popular, renowned bunch. The reasons are apparent. They are huge-spirited, intelligent little bundles of irresistible cuteness. In addition, they are very loyal, affordable, and low-maintenance dog breeds, but the question to be answered in this article is “Are Black Chihuahuas Rare?” Different types of chihuahuas … Read more

5 Essential Vitamins For Chihuahuas Revealed

5 Essential Vitamins For Chihuahuas Revealed

Chihuahuas are among the most popular dog breeds found in the world. Because of the small size, they are a popular choice for city living. But then, just because they are small doesn’t mean they can do without the essential nutrients that dogs need. Essential Vitamins For Chihuahuas When it comes to vitamins for chihuahuas, … Read more

4 Best Chew Toys For Chihuahuas

chew toys for chihuahuas

Because you love your chihuahua so much, you most likely have encountered the challenge that is finding toys small, fun, and safe enough to provide entertainment and encourage mental and physical development for your tiny canine love. Good chew toys for chihuahuas are one that is durable, but also soft enough that they can’t maul it. … Read more

Why Are Chihuahuas Eyes So Big? Incredible Facts Revealed!

Why Are Chihuahuas Eyes So Big

No widely accepted theory provides an appropriate response to “Why Are Chihuahuas Eyes So Big?”. However, there are several ideas that the rules of evolution may both explain and support. The most popular one is the one that proposes Chihuahuas to have initially been domesticated in Mexico, mostly in desert areas. Because the deserts are … Read more