Colleen Paige

the innovative force behind the creation

Let us spotlight an individual who has made significant contributions to the pet world. Colleen Paige, a revered figure in the realm of pet and family lifestyle, brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to the forefront of animal welfare and pet care.

Colleen Paige

Colleen Paige is celebrated as a leading Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert in the United States. With a diverse background as an animal behaviorist, interior designer, writer, and photographer, Colleen is the innovative force behind the creation of numerous philanthropic holidays that have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Her initiatives include National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Puppy Day, and National Pet Day, among others. These holidays have transcended borders, reaching countries like the U.K., Ireland, Italy, Australia, and many more, earning recognition and celebration from countless shelters, rescues, celebrities, and major organizations globally.

Colleen’s approach to pet care is inclusive and compassionate. She advocates for the adoption of pets as a priority, urging those interested in specific breeds to consider purebred rescues before turning to breeders, and firmly opposes the purchase of pets from stores that source from puppy or kitten mills. Her work extends beyond advocacy, offering advice on a broad spectrum of topics related to pet behavior, interior design for pet-friendly homes, pet fashion, animal nutrition, and safety for pets and their families.

Her expertise has not only been sought after by pet owners but has also been featured in numerous national publications and news outlets, including The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and CNN, to name a few. Colleen has contributed her knowledge to platforms like and OK! Celebrity Magazine, where her insights have guided countless readers in enhancing their pets’ lives.

The impact of Colleen Paige’s mission is monumental. Since the inception of her pet-centric holidays in 2004, she has played a pivotal role in saving millions of unwanted pets. These holidays have garnered massive attention, often trending #1 worldwide on social media platforms, demonstrating the powerful influence of her work on global pet welfare.

At, we celebrate Colleen Paige for her dedication and tireless efforts to improve the lives of pets everywhere. Her contribution to animal welfare, her innovative approach to celebrating pets, and her comprehensive advice on pet care make her a beacon of hope and inspiration for pet lovers around the world.

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