Linda Ross

a beacon in the realm of dog care and training

With a base in Jasper, Georgia, Linda has carved a niche for herself as a Fear Free® Animal Trainer at Respectful Communications Animal Training. Her approach is anchored in respect, understanding, and the Fear Free® philosophy, which aims to eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets, making their training sessions not just educational but also enjoyable.

Linda Ross

Linda’s journey into the world of pets, particularly focusing on our beloved Chihuahuas, stems from a rich tapestry of experience spanning business acumen, deep-seated passion for animal welfare, and a commitment to creating harmonious relationships between pets and their human companions.

Linda’s multifaceted career includes over two decades of hands-on experience in pet sitting and animal training, emphasizing Fear Free® techniques and Low Stress Handling to ensure that our furry friends receive the care and respect they deserve. She holds the prestigious title of a Fear Free® Elite & Low Stress Handling University Silver Certified Professional, highlighting her expertise in creating a safe and positive environment for both pets and their families.

Before dedicating her career to animal welfare, Linda garnered extensive experience in business, covering various aspects from start-up and relocation to marketing and customer service. This diverse background has endowed her with exceptional listening and negotiation skills, crucial for building strong, empathetic relationships with pets and their owners alike.

Linda’s passion doesn’t stop with her professional endeavors. In her leisure time, she explores pet photography, graphic art, and video production, capturing the essence of pets’ personalities and the bond they share with their families. Her artistic pursuits further exemplify her deep connection and understanding of animals, showcasing their beauty and uniqueness through various mediums.

Linda always contributes her wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide pet owners through the intricacies of caring for their pets. From behavioral tips to health advice, Linda’s insights are invaluable for anyone looking to enrich their life with a Chihuahua. Her dedication to improving the lives of pets and their humans aligns perfectly with our mission, making her an integral part of our community.

Linda’s story is one of passion, dedication, and an unyielding commitment to the welfare of animals. Her expertise not only benefits the pets she works with directly but also enriches the broader community of pet lovers through her contributions to Choices Pet Sitters and Respectful Communications Animal Training . Whether through training, advice, or her artistic endeavors, Linda Ross is a true advocate for creating a world where pets live free from fear and full of love.

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