Rocky Kanaka

stands as a champion for pets everywhere

Introducing Rocky Kanaka, an inspiration and a guiding light in the world of pet rescue and care. Emmy-nominated for his captivating role as a TV host, Rocky’s journey is one marked by his unwavering dedication to giving a voice to dogs that have been forgotten, neglected, or abandoned. His mission extends beyond the screen, as he travels the country, shedding light on the stories of these animals and rallying a community of passionate pet lovers to make a difference.

Rocky Kanaka

Rocky’s adventure began at Missouri State University, and he has since grown into a celebrated digital content creator in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. His compelling narratives and social good stories are shared across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, attracting an audience of approximately 2 million subscribers and amassing over 100 million total video views. His work is a testament to his belief in the power of animal adoption, fostering, and volunteering at local dog and cat rescues.

As the creative force behind “Save Our Shelter” on Netflix and “Dog’s Day Out” on YouTube and Facebook, Rocky leverages his platform to bring awareness to the importance of pet adoption. His engaging content not only highlights the transformative journeys of pets but also showcases how individuals can contribute to making over shelters and supporting pet adoption. His efforts were recognized with an Emmy Nomination for Best Host, further solidifying his impact on the pet care industry.

Rocky’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his establishment of The Dog Bakery. This venture embodies his passion for pet health, nutrition, and happiness, offering natural, freshly baked treats, birthday cakes for dogs, and a variety of pet-centric celebrations. His stores have become a haven for pet lovers seeking quality, joy, and community for their furry companions.

Collaborations with notable brands like PetSmart, Bissell, Chevrolet, and HelloFresh, among others, amplify his message, demonstrating the potential of partnerships in advocating for pet welfare. Rocky’s influence extends beyond content creation, as he is deeply involved in crafting experiences and products that enrich the lives of pets and their families.

Rocky Kanaka stands as a champion for pets everywhere, driven by a profound love for animals and a commitment to ensuring they live happy, healthy lives. At, we are honored to share his insights, stories, and expertise with our community. Whether through his TV shows, digital content, or The Dog Bakery, Rocky’s work continues to inspire action, compassion, and change for pets in need around the world.

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