Are Chihuahuas Good For Asthma – Fact Or Fiction

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Are Chihuahuas good for asthma? That’s a popular question nowadays, but is it fact or fiction. Read this article to learn more!

Many people living with asthma are often on the lookout for a cure. You see, in most cases, asthma can be mild and easily kept in check. Yet, in rare cases, asthma can be quite debilitating. So, it is that you will find some very effective remedies. However, a few ancient ‘folklore’ magical cure-alls clearly fall into the category of ‘wishful thinking.’ 

According to legend, which dates back to Aztec times, Chihuahuas were a spiritual guide for the dead in the afterlife. Also, the myth goes that Chihuahuas possessed the ability to absorb the sins of the deceased. So, many believe that Chihuahuas, in actuality, hold the power to absorb the illnesses of their masters.

Hence, you will find many pet parents asking, ‘are Chihuahuas good for asthma?’ Well, the truth is that Chihuahuas have nothing to do with asthma whatsoever. You see, Chihuahuas are not hypoallergenic. So, an individual with severe allergies may feel worse by a Chihuahua in the house. However, that is rarely the case as Chihuahuas don’t shed much and even have very little or no dander. 

To understand better why Chihuahuas don’t affect people with asthma and why so many believe that having a Chihuahua in their lives will rid them of their malady, let’s take an in-depth look into the matter.

Is There A Connection Between Chihuahuas And Asthmatics (Or Asthma)?

To begin with, you must understand what asthma truly is. 

According to the National Institute of Health, asthma is a common, chronic lung condition that negatively impacts the airways in the lungs. And, asthma can be triggered through many risk factors such as exposure to chemicals or irritants, exposure to continuous cigarette smoke, obesity, or even allergies.

But, many kids have asthma at a young age, and as they grow older, their asthma symptoms recede. On the flip side, you may develop asthma in your adulthood as well, even if you’ve never had asthma before.  

You may wonder how asthma connects to dogs and Chihuahuas in particular. Well, people with asthma are often susceptible to allergies. And an individual can be allergic to many things. As it happens, some people are allergic to animals. It was believed that the fur of the animals causes allergies to get worse. 

It was believed that the fur of the animals causes allergies to get worse

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But, lately, scientists have discovered that animal allergies, mainly those related to dogs, are not affected by their hair; it is caused by the dander (the dead skin shed by dogs), saliva, or urine of dogs.

It is here that the question- ‘are Chihuahuas good for asthma,’ comes in. Chihuahuas may not be hypoallergenic, but Chihuahuas shed very little or no dander. 

They do shed hair throughout the year, but that is of little consequence to someone with animal allergies, as it isn’t the dog hair that triggers asthma. So, people directly affected by a dog’s dander might think of Chihuahuas as the best dog for allergies.

Why Do People Believe Chihuahuas Can Cure Asthma?

The Aztecs were the ones who may have worshipped the supernatural powers of the Chihuahuas. 

But, in recent times, many people believe, especially those who come from Mexico, that the Chihuahua still retains its healing capabilities. It is little wonder that Mexicans so love Chihuahuas- Chihuahuas are the National dog of Mexico. 

However, the myth didn’t take long to become a fact when in 1956, a medical journal published a thesis. The document said that Chihuahuas could slowly cure asthma through the process of absorption.

The thesis made mention of certain cases. Instances where children were cured when the Chihuahua in their homes would lie on the child’s chest. According to the thesis, this action was what helped the children overcome asthma.

At the same time, the reverse sneezing of the Chihuahua can resemble the signs of asthma ‘moving’ from the child to the dog.  

It was so easy to believe in such a theory because many children who had asthma in their early years did indeed leave their malady behind as they entered their teens. And, the reverse sneezing of a Chihuahua sounds oddly similar to the coughing and wheezing of an asthma patient.

If the child got better as the Chihuahua started to wheeze, it could look like there was some truth behind the myth. This story got the question, ‘does Chihuahua help asthma,’ to take root.

Are Chihuahuas Good For Asthma – The Truth Vs Myth

Medical sciences in the modern world have progressed leaps and bounds. Thankfully, there are many medications and mindfulness techniques to help people with asthma. 

And, there is no substantive scientific evidence to authenticate the query – are Chihuahuas good for asthma. 

Furthermore, veterinary specialists have shown that your Chihuahua can suffer from lung diseases and develop asthma. Moreover, Chihuahuas are prone to reverse sneezing caused by a softer-than-normal palate subject to irritation and a reaction from your dog.

Science also shows that allergies aren’t always linked to animals, and people can be allergic to any number of things such as food, smoke, dust, or pollen. Scientific studies also show that babies who have contact with pets, particularly dogs, do not develop allergies from a very early age.

Lastly, if you happen to have a baby or an adult in the house who has severe allergies or asthma, it would be good to check with the doctor before you bring any pet into the home, let alone a Chihuahua. You can go for a skin prick test or a blood test that will tell you the cause of the allergy. 


Chihuahuas are fantastic pets that are well-known for their emotional intelligence. So, if there is something off about your mood, your Chihuahua is likely to pick it up and respond to it by showing affection. And, there’s no denying that Chihuahuas, or most other dog breeds, can bring tons of fun and laughter into your life. 

But, to believe that your Chihuahua can cure your asthma is placing too much pressure on your unsuspecting furbaby and placing yourself in danger. So, let your mind relax, breathe deeply, and if your asthma is bringing you down, head straight to the doctor.

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