Best Flea Treatment For Chihuahuas – The Pest Prevention Guide

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If you’re looking for viable information about the best flea treatment for Chihuahuas – here’s all that you need to consider.

Pests are called pests for a reason. They can range from annoying to harmful, difficult to detect, and spare no one. That’s why no living thing, including your Chihuahua, is 100% safe from the problems a pest infestation can bring. Thankfully, you can rely on numerous viable solutions to treat your canine to rid pesky bugs like fleas and ticks.

In fact, this feature won’t just tell you some of the best ways to treat flea and tick infestations but will also list out some natural preventatives to keep your Chihuahua safe. Here’s how.

Best Flea Treatments For Chihuahuas From Modern Science

The best flea and tick (for dogs) treatments range across a diverse spectrum. Some are topical and can be applied directly to your Chi’s skin. Others are available in a stay or tablet form – so you don’t have to worry about a lack of options. However, before listing out the treatments, we’d like to repeat our general disclaimer. And that is, your vet always knows best.

The options listed down below are to help you understand how flea and tick prevention works. You should never try to self-medicate your pet without consulting with your veterinarian. That will help ensure your Chihuahua’s health doesn’t suffer in any way. With that out of the way – let’s back to our seminal list of the best flea treatment for Chihuahuas.

1. Tick and Flea Collars

If you constantly worry about your pet developing a flea or tick infestation – try investing in a flea and tick collar. This ingenious product can offer your Chihuahua up to 7 to 8 months of protection from the relevant pests. The best part is, all you have to do is purchase a collar, put it around your Chi’s neck, and your work is done.

Flea and tick collars are available in a variety of sizes, so it doesn’t matter if your Chi is a pup or an adult – there’s a collar out there for it. Additionally, a few of the collars available on the market are water-resistant and will start killing off those pesky fleas within 24 hours of being put on. What’s not to like about that? Don’t forget to make sure the collar isn’t too tight on your pet’s neck to ward off collar-related injuries.

2. Sprays

Another no-muss, no-fuss method of getting rid of fleas and ticks is getting your Chihuahua a flea spray. Flea and tick sprays come in spray bottles that you can purchase and sprinkle all over your pet’s fur. However, it’s best not to pick out a flea spray at random from a pet store. Instead, ask your veterinarian to recommend a non-toxic, pet-friendly pray with zero insecticides. Sprays are also available in quite a variety. Some offer only natural ingredients; others are water-resistant, and so on.

3. Chewable Tablets

If your Chihuahua is suffering from a small-sized infestation, you can rely on chewable flea tablets. These are quite similar to other commercial soft chews for canines and can kill off fleas within 12 to 24 hours. Most of the chews will include a neurotoxin that targets fleas, paralyzes, and kills them within 60 minutes.

There’s no doubt chewable flea tablets are one of the best flea treatment for Chihuahuas – it’s more of a one-time solution. While the insect neurotoxin won’t harm your Chi – it’s best to get your vet in the loop before trying these out. Also, the dosage of these tablets depends on your pet’s weight – which is something else your veterinarian can help you figure out.

Are Vaccines A Good Treatment For Fleas In Chihuahuas?

We’ve all heard of flea shots for dogs – but are they a practical solution for flea infestations? We know there’s a flea vaccine for cats that can provide protection for up to 6 months. Unfortunately, no such doggy equivalent exists. That’s why veterinarians worldwide recommend the regular use of flea killing and prevention products to help keep your canines safe.

 Vaccines treatment

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You can also contribute to your Chihuahuas health by regularly checking the trouble spots on its fur for the presence of fleas. This is especially important during the summers because the chances of your Chi catching fleas is much higher then.

What About Natural Flea Treatments For Chihuahuas?

All right, we’ll be the first to admit that not all-natural remedies for flea prevention are successful (looking at you, white vinegar spray). But, there are certain remedies that you can try out without harming your pooch – and that’s always a plus. Here’s what a few of them are.

  • Coconut Oil

Apparently, coconut oil is the gift that keeps on giving. Apart from being a natural moisturizer and conditioner, it’s also a natural flea repellant. When you lightly coat your pet’s fur with the stuff, the oil’s fat content coats the exoskeleton of any lingering pest and eventually smothers them.

Also, the lauric acid content in coconut oil is another ingredient pests like fleas aren’t too fond of. Finally, coconut oil is completely safe for your pet to lick or ingest. Note, however, that when you’re applying the oil to your Chi’s coat, it’s best to rub some on your hands and then spread the oil to your pet’s skin.

  • Flea Comb

So, a flea comb may not exactly be a natural treatment – it’s more of an object. But, we’ve decided to place it right beneath the coconut oil remedy because the two can well go hand-in-hand. Using a flea comb on your Chi won’t just help route out the fleas, but it’ll also get rid of flea eggs and larvae.

Remember to use a wide-toothed comb (or brush) to rid your pet’s fur of tangles. Then, lightly cover your canine’s coat with coconut and rub it until it reaches the skin. This will help your Chihuahua avoid pain as you run the narrow-toothed flea comb through its fur. Also, coconut oil will make it easier to dislodge fleas and eggs. It’s best to flea comb your pet outside the house and have a cup of soap water ready to dump the fleas or eggs in.

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We’re at the end of our best flea treatment for Chihuahuas guide and hope you’re armed with enough practical information to battle all future pest infestations. We know most dog parents are impatiently awaiting a flea vaccine that’ll help protect canines from fleas and ticks. But until then, you can consult your vet about any of the treatments listed here and rely on them for your little Chi. Another equally important part of the process is regularly checking your dog’s fur for fleas to make sure a little infestation doesn’t develop into something worse.

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