Boy Names For Chihuahua Puppies – Pick Your Pet’s Name The Right Way

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Picking a name for your pet may be a little tricky at times. But, if you’re looking for boy names for Chihuahua puppies – we can help!

If you’ve brought home a male Chi pup or are planning on getting one soon – you’re likely excited about naming your pet. However, a simple naming exercise can sometimes turn into a painful process when nothing seems to match. That’s why it’s best to have a list of names handy whenever the auspicious moment presents itself.

That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled some of the most popular male Chihuahua names with meanings to make your life easier. All you have to do is scroll through our comprehensive list and pick the name you like best.

Is The A Way To Pick Boy Named For Chihuahua Puppies?

Pet parents will sometimes reach out to us to ask if there’s anything they should be aware of when it comes to naming their canines. But, the truth is there’s no set method of picking names for your pets. It’s more of a do whatever feels right kind of situation. However, there are some pointers we can highlight that might stop you from resorting to typing out things like – boy dog names Chihuahua – on Google. Here’s what you should consider when naming your adorable pup –


  • It’s not strange to pick a name based on your ancestry. That may sound strange, but it’s actually a charming way to make the pup a part of your family officially. For instance, be it Italian, Spanish, or any other nationality – there are some really cute name options around to choose from. Plus, there’s also the fact that any name you choose based on your lineage will be unique and make your doggo stand out.
  • It’s also equally common to choose chihuahua names boys (or for girls) based on your pup’s roots. If you’re a regular reader, you know that Chis have a proud and distinguished history stretching all the way from the ancient Mayan civilization to modern-day Mexico. You can stay true to your pup’s origins by giving it a Mexican name. And, it doesn’t have to be a proper noun either. For instance, some Chihuahua parents have been known to name their pet jalapeno or taco to add some humor to the exercise.

 chihuahua names boys

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  • Another excellent way to pick dog names is to look at their personality and choose one based on it. Chihuahuas don’t lack in the personality department – they’re playful, loving, and even sassy. However, each dog will have its own unique quirks. So, for instance, if your dog isn’t faint-hearted, you can always call it ‘Plucky.’ Or, if your pup really likes its nap times, there are always options like Halcyon or Somno (shortened from the Spanish ‘Somnoliento’).
  • Finally, you can pick boy names for Chihuahua puppies based on physical characteristics, like coat color or coat type. If your pup is fawn-colored, you can go for Biscotti, Sandy, or even Peanut. Conversely, if your Chi is brown or chocolate-colored, there’s Java, Kodi, Teddy, etc.

List Of Popular Dog Names

You may think we’ve gone and forgotten the list of popular boy dog names (with meanings), but we haven’t. The following list consists of the most widely-used Chi names. If you’re looking for names that are tried and tested – this section’s for you!

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10 of the Most Commonly-used Boy Dog Names For Chihuahua Pups

1. Max

The name Max has English, German, and Roman origins. The name is often traced back to ancient Roman emperor Magnus Maximus. However, the meaning of the name doesn’t vary too much and means ‘the greatest.’ Plus, if you’re a big fan of the movie ‘Gladiator,’ this can be a nice nod to that effect.

2. Rocky

Rocky is a derivative of the name Roch (the anglicized version of Rock). It’s traced back to St.Roch, who was the patron saint of the sick. However, more often than not, in recent times, the name’s more closely associated with the Rocky franchise – where Sylvester Stallone played the lead character of Rocky Balboa.

3. Dean

This name has multiple meanings in several languages. In English, the name Dean is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for valley. In Greek, it translates to a monk, and in Hebrew, the name means justice. Or, if you’re T.V buff, it’s also the name of the eldest Winchester sons from the Supernatural series.

4. Charlie

Charlie is a derivative of the name ‘Charles’ which translates into free man. The name goes all the way to Charles the Great (aka Charlemagne) for history buffs.

5. Buddy

Possibly one of the most widely-used names for dogs worldwide, Buddy has English origins. The name was once an endearment and means ‘lifelong friend.’ That’s possibly why it’s one of the most suitable names for your furry best friend.

6. Gizmo

Gizmo finds its roots back in a 1980s pop-culture flick – the Gremlins. The movie was a comedy horror masterpiece and continues to be famous to this day.

7. Hunter

Quite a popular choice among boy names for Chihuahua puppies, Hunter is a name of English origins. It’s a derivative of the old English word ‘hunta’ and was a pretty popular surname for actual hunters back in the day.

8. Jack

It may surprise you to learn that Jack is a derivative of John from medieval England. Legend has it, the name started as John, then moved to Jankin, Jackin, and finally became what it is presently. Also, Jack in Celtic means healthy or full of vital energy – making it an apt name for super-active Chis.

9. Dante

Made popular by the famous Italian poet – Dante Alighieri, the name’s an abbreviation for Durante. Funnily enough, Dante’s actual name was Durante, and the name’s a big hit with literature fans.

10. Paco


There you go, folks. We’ve made good on our promise of a list with some of the best male Chihuahua names. Hopefully, there’s a name on our list that matches your Chi pup perfectly. If not, you can always use the tips we’ve provided and come up with an exceptional name of your own that’s unique and rare. Either way, we’re sure you’ll do an absolutely brilliant job of naming your male Chihuahua pup.

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