4 Best Chew Toys For Chihuahuas

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Because you love your chihuahua so much, you most likely have encountered the challenge that is finding toys small, fun, and safe enough to provide entertainment and encourage mental and physical development for your tiny canine love.

Good chew toys for chihuahuas are one that is durable, but also soft enough that they can’t maul it. There are many different types of chew toys for chihuahuas out there, so it is important to find one that your pet will enjoy.

The best chew toys for chihuahuas include rubber balls, Kongs, sticks, and Nylabones. These toys are durable, but also soft enough that your pet can’t destroy them. Be sure to choose a toy that is the right size for your pet, as they will likely try to chew it to pieces if it is too large or small.

Be sure to give your chihuahua a good chew toy every day, and they will be sure to love it!

Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing Toys For Your Chihuahuas

  • The Kind Of Toy Your Chihuahua Needs

Chihuahuas are known to love to chew and they love entertainment. So, it’s a very good idea to get a toy that accommodates these two major needs – something that squeaks and is safe for them to chew on. 

By getting a chew toy, you save your furniture from being chewed on by your dog and at the same time, your chihuahua gets to satisfy your chew craving.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Toys For Your Chihuahuas
  • The Size Of The Toy – Chew Toys For Chihuahuas

You may be tempted to get the biggest and brightest toy for your dog, but that may not be what he needs. Just as their bodies are very small, the mouths and airways of chihuahuas are also very small. 

So, it’s important to consider the size of the toy you’re getting is safe and won’t pose any health risk to your dog. The best toys for your chihuahua should weigh less than 8 ounces. 

It is important to consider the weight of your dog as a toy weighing a few ounces can seem really heavy for a dog breed that typically weighs 2 – 6 pounds.

  • The Material Used In Making The Toy

The material that goes into manufacturing your dog’s toy is worthy of consideration for some reasons, including the safety of your dog and the durability of the toy. 

Unlike dog food that is only released to the market after careful scrutiny and testing by regulatory bodies, the manufacturing of dog toys does not really follow the regulations of a governing body. 

And so, you can’t rule out the use of toxic materials including dyes and chemicals. As much as you want your dog to have fun, you want them to stay alive and in good health. This means that you must do the best research you can into the materials used to make the toy before purchasing it.

Rudimentary research includes studying toy labels well and visiting the manufacturer’s website to get some more information. Be wary of brightly colored fabric, as they are likely colored using dye. Be informed that fabric dyes haven’t yet been tested for consumption.

If a label indicates that a toy has been treated with a stain guard or fire retardant, avoid such a toy, as it may contain formaldehyde or some other toxic chemical. The more information a manufacturer is willing to give about their processes, the more trust you should have in their products.

Also, pick chew toys for chihuahuas that are made from sturdy materials. You want something that is durable, not something your pet can rip apart in a short time.

Best Chew Toys For Chihuahuas

Petstages Soothing Dental Chews

Chihuahuas love to chew. That said, as a responsible pet parent, you will appreciate that they chew on something that enhances their health, and not something that poses a health risk. And if you’re looking for something to enhance your dog’s hygiene, these dental chews will.

These soothing dental chews manufactured by Petstages are perfect for cleaning your dog’s teeth, even as a chewing craving is satisfied. This 3-pack toy includes three toys that are sure to keep your chihuahua active, entertained, and happy while maintaining proper dental hygiene.

This mini version is especially perfect for your chihuahua’s mouth and is made with Orka material that guarantees durability, and by extension, longer playtime. The toys come with a combination of rubber and ropes.

The ridge design made with Orka rubber helps to massage your canine’s gums and cleans their teeth, while the ropes are effective for removing soft tartar. The knots incorporated into the design of each toy just makes playtime challenging, keeping your chihuahua interested.

If you’re looking for chew toys for chihuahuas to challenge your pet towards physical and mental development, while taking care of their dental health, this chew toy is for you.

Chew Toys For Chihuahuas

KONG Squeakair Balls

Chihuahuas tend to miss out on fun ball play for the reason that most ball toys are too big for them to use. Thankfully, renowned pet toy manufacturer, KONG, has come up with the perfect solution, Squeakair Balls. 

The beautiful thing about these Squeakair balls is that they squeak and are made of non-abrasive material, so you can be sure that no wear will come to your dog’s teeth. It has already been pointed out that chihuahuas love to hear a good squeak to keep them engaged.

Squeakair comes in a variety of sizes, including Extra small and Small, amongst other larger sizes. So, the right size is small enough to fit in your chihuahua’s mouth but not too small to pose the risk of choking. 

This toy comes in a pack of 3 and is low-priced to give you amazing value for money. Some customer reviews point to the fact that the Squeakair ball may stop squeaking once it gets wet. But if you can manage to keep it dry, your pet will never miss out on the squeaky ball fun.

Nylabone Flavored Chew Bone

Every dog loves a juicy bone, and so does your chihuahua. To keep your bone-loving dog excited, a perfect toy is the Nylabone Flavored Chew Bone Toy. Apart from keeping your dog occupied and well entertained, it helps to improve your dog’s dental health.

The textured chew toy helps in cleaning your canine’s teeth, while reducing tartar and plaque buildup, and maintaining fresher breath. Because the experts at Nylabone bone understand that dogs can be finicky, your chihuahua is presented with delicious options.

This Chew Bone comes in a pack of two thoroughly flavored bone toys. One bone toy is covered in peanut butter flavor and the second bone is covered in bacon flavor. What a delicious way for your tiny pet to pass time.

With this chew toy, your dog can always have a bone whenever they want to, whether you’re home or away, running an errand.

Chew Toys For Chihuahuas

SPOT Bam-bones Stick Chew Toy

If you’re looking to give your dog a chewing project they won’t finish any time soon, you will find that this Bam-bones Stick is just perfect. As has been established in this article, “dogs love to chew.” Sticks are one material they can’t finish chewing in a hurry. 

But then, wood can splinter and pose some danger to your dog. So, the Bam-bones Stick Chew Toy from SPOT is perfect for your pet. It is a non-splintering alternative to a stick of real wood. 

It is made from a fine blend of bamboo fibers and nylon, and is definitely long-lasting, even for aggressive chewers. Your dog’s happiness will not be short-lived, thanks to this stick’s durability and its rich beef flavor. 

Like the other chew toys for chihuahuas on this list, Bam-bones Stick enhances your canine’s dental health, reducing bacteria and bad breath. If you have a wood-loving dog or an aggressive chewer, this is a perfect fit.

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Conclusion Best Chew Toys For Chihuahuas

Your chihuahua is not without options for the perfect chew toys. But then, one chihuahua is different from another. So, it is best to observe your pet to know which toy they will appreciate more. 

All the chew toys for chihuahuas on this list will be beneficial to your canine’s dental health. But you need to make different considerations to know if their attention will be better held by squeaky toys, balls, bones, or sticks. Let us know which is your chihuahua’s favorite in the comment below.


Do Chihuahuas chew a lot?

Chihuahuas are fond of chewing. Although chewing may vary based on energy, it is quite worthy of note that the Chihuahuas love to chew!

What can Chihuahuas chew on?

For a Chihuahua that loves to chew or a pup with a teething problem, wanting to nibble, there are options of chew toys! Bully sticks, dental chews, and squeaky balls are among the options.

what are the best dental chews for chihuahuas?

Nylabone chews, veggieDent chews, Milk bone chews, and OraVet chews are available options for your furry friend.

What are the best bone chews for chihuahuas?

There are several products on the market for your lovely companion to nibble on. However, it is advisable to check in with your veterinarian for tips on which is more suitable for your dog; the choices are also dependent on the size and activity level of your dog.