The Best Christmas Sweaters With Dogs On Them

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It’s the holidays, and Christmas sweaters with dogs on them are calling out! These quirky get-ups are sure to reveal the dog lover in you!

Christmas has gotten everyone excited, including some of the most holiday shopping-averse individuals. And how could you not – there are so many fun things that happen during the Christmas season. One is the opportunity to decorate and dress up in silly outfits and no one will think weird of you!

Are you itching to get those fabulous ugly Christmas sweaters with dogs on them with the rest of the family? Check out our list to get the best threads honoring such a fun tradition!

Where To Get The Best Christmas Sweaters With Dogs On Them

Going shopping in this day and age goes beyond driving up to your favorite mall and poking your head into different stores. Today, e-commerce has changed the games, giving you a variety of options that you’ve never had before.

That’s why the ultimate shopping grounds for sweaters with dogs on them has to be on online sites and marketplaces, just like Amazon. You will not only have an impressive selection to choose from, but you can also read fellow shoppers’ important reviews on the product you are getting. It’s always better to be safe than sorry – you want to wow people with your ugly sweater, not laugh at you like a real fool!

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The Best Christmas Sweaters With Dogs On Them, Ever

Now that you know where you should be looking, is there an easy way to look through all that variety and kitsch? Look no further than our ultimate list of the best Christmas sweaters with dogs. Our list is composed of stand-out favorites that you’ll be proud to break out in the holidays!

All I Want for Christmas Is More Dogs

We start off our list with a whimsical number. This sweater should be an obvious choice for dog lovers everywhere! It features a wonderful cast of characters on the front and a strong declaration of your truth for everyone to see.

Pink Queen Knitted Pullover Ugly Christmas Sweater

This sweater features a cute corgi in the front, excitedly jumping off on your sweater to greet guests in a gentle corgi hug. The cute green sweater laced with Christmas icons contributes to the holiday spirit, complete with the beanie and scarf clad corgi!

Arvillhill Ugly Christmas 3D Printed Graphic Long Sleeved Sweatshirt

Are you a fan of vintage memes? Then you must be very familiar with the popular viral Shiba Inu, affectionately named Doge. Here, this special sweater celebrates the holiday spirit with a Santa-hat-clad Doge. Very cool, much Christmas!

Weiner Wonderland Ugly Christmas Sweater

Are you having a sausage fest for the holidays – and by that, we mean with your beloved dachshunds? Then show your enthusiasm for the occasion with this amazing sweater. It will make you want to dress up your dachshunds in hats and scarves as well!

Funnycokid Ugly Christmas Sweater

Here’s another sweater that proves you are a child of the internet. Featuring various meme-worthy dog faces, we’re sure that you’ve posted at least one of these funny dogs on the wall of your social media platform of choice, or shared the post with your loved ones!

Santa Paws Pug Ugly Christmas Sweater

Here’s the ugly sweater for pug lovers everywhere. The awkward and funny cartoon pug displayed on the front of the sweater is complemented by the off-kilter sleeves. This is sure to get a chuckle out of your family and friends who are fellow pug fans!

Blizzard Bay Ugly Christmas Sweater

This red sweater is one for the Boston Terrier lovers. Complete with a lovely red shade and eccentric patterns, and the goofy little Boston Terrier clad in a festive red scarf, you’re sure to catch many people’s eyes and lead them to ask where you got this warm wonder.

Pug Dog Ugly Christmas Sweater

Another sweater featuring the ever so lovable pug, this one features silly dog antics like getting all tied up in messy fairy lights – an incident every hyperactive pet owner has experienced at least once in their years of celebrating the holiday! 

Merry Corgmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

Do you think the Queen owns an ugly Christmas sweater? If she does, we are willing to bet that this sweater is on her list! It features the ever-lovable corgi with a funny little Christmas greeting. This design is a bit more understated than the rest of the list, but it will still turn heads, don’t you worry!

Feliz Navi-dog Ugly Christmas Sweater

Not another pug on our list! This time, the sweater delivers a punny greeting, as long as you do not mind how forced it sounds in your head. The pug featured is especially dopey looking, making it very easy to love, and the striped sleeves really take the cake and deliver that extra kitsch.

Flappy Animated Ugly Christmas Sweater

Here’s a sweater that brings some 3D elements to the fray! Featuring a sweet dog entangled with Christmas lights, against a bright blue backdrop of a snowflake winter wonderland. The long floppy ears are separate pieces of cloth that sway as you move, adding a lot of character to your holiday get-up!

Warm Snuggles and Boxer Cuddles

Are there any Boxer fans out there? Here’s the sweater especially made for this crowd! Featuring a typical cross-stitch scene and a sweet silhouette of the strong Boxer, the understated but still ugly style also declares how you will be spending your time in the cold winter.

Golden Retriever Dog Reindeer Christmas Gift Ugly Sweater

A mischievous Golden Retriever wears a set of reindeer antlers on this amazing sweater. If the holidays make you feel like a typical Kevin McAllister and you’re a fan of the retriever, then this is the perfect pullover to don throughout the Christmas season!

Ew People Shiba Inu Dog Mask Ugly Christmas Quarantine Gift Sweatshirt

Maybe this design is a bit on the nose, but its timeliness can’t be ignored. The sweater features an antisocial Shiba Inu wearing a mask – and it might reflect your own opinion on today’s Christmas gatherings!


You can’t really go wrong with Christmas sweaters with dogs on them. The variety available is frankly mind-boggling, and you might wade through tons and tons of designs before you could decide on a final one!

Is getting ugly Christmas sweaters a tradition in your family? Do you plan to have a full photoshoot, complete with your furry friends? Let us know in the comments below, especially if you plan to do the same this year!

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