Fun Facts About Half Wiener Dog Half Chihuahua

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Half wiener dog half chihuahua, is a mixed-breed dog that is a hybrid between the Chihuahua and the Dachshund. These pups are compact, lively, devoted, and inherit some of their parents’ best qualities.

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Chihuahua Dachshund Mix

Choxie, Weeniehuahua, and the Mexican Hot Dog are all names for Chiweenie. Despite their terrible position as a designer breed, you may find these mixed breed dogs at shelters and rescues, so if you have the option, don’t forget to adopt.

Chiweenies, like dachshunds and Chihuahuas, have strong personalities. Also, they form profound attachments with their owners, as is their pedigree. You are asking yourself what is their primary goal in life? To always be the center of attention is the answer to that.

Chiweenies look

There are no two Chiweenies alike. Chiweenies can have short legs, long bodies, ears that are upright, and protruding eyes, or long legs, small bodies, floppy ears, and overbites, depending on the features they inherit from their parents.

Whether they look more like their mother or father, all Chiweenies are little, measuring 5–10 inches tall and weighing 4–11 pounds.

Dachshunds and Chihuahuas both have smooth and long-haired coats, but dachshunds additionally have wire-haired fur. Any of the three can have Chiweenie fur. Smooth coats shed less than wire or long-haired coats, but they are far from hypoallergenic.

Fur colors might be white, tan, brown, and black, as well as merle and brindle Chiweenies, but that depends on length and texture.


Chiweenies have different learning styles according to their heritage just as they have different appearances. Chihuahuas are recognizable as feisty dogs, whereas Dachshunds as strong-willed. Chiweenies can inherit any of their pup parents’ characteristics.

Chiweenies will fit in with practically any family. They’re a combination of the finest, characteristics of both breeds and make far better family dogs than Chihuahuas.

Chiweenies are little dogs with big canine personalities which are devoted to their owners and form strong attachments with them. While Chiweenies may be energetic, friendly, and cuddly lapdogs, the sweeter aspect of their personality belongs to their owners.

They are distrustful of strangers and might be concerned for their favorite toys, comfortable bed, or tasty treats because they are scared that strangers may take them. Make it crucial to socialize your Chiweenie as soon as possible so it can learn to communicate.

Chihuahua Weiner Dog Living Requirements

A Chiweenie, while being a little canine breed, has huge thoughts about his living situation—and isn’t hesitant to express them. Devoted owners that offer affection and make sure he is the center of attention are at the top of his list.

Despite their diminutive stature, not all Chiweenies are suitable for living in an apartment. They’re professional barkers who will warn you of delivery vehicles, passing neighbors, dogs barking in the distance, and severe winds.

But bear in mind that each dog is unique, and with the best training, you can transform your Chiweenie into a peaceful gentleman who thrives in an apartment and gets along with his neighbors.

Children may adore the little Chiweenie, but it isn’t always the other way around. Because of their small size, you can easily harm them. Most Chiweenies, however, will thrive in a family with older children.

If you’re thinking about adopting a Chiweenie, look into foster-based rescues to discover a dog that will fit well with a busy family with small children. Always monitor playing with children, as you would with any dog, and educate your child on how to appropriately interact with dogs.

Chiweenies may be fussy when it comes to their four-legged companions. While some people are happy to share their homes with cats and other dogs, Chiweenies like many other breeds, do best when introduced to furry siblings while they’re young.

You should also keep in mind that Dachshunds are mostly going through training to hunt badgers by digging into subterranean tunnels. Chiweenies may be prone to chasing smaller animals because of this, therefore they may not get along with rabbits, hamsters, or other tiny pets.

Because of this prey drive, squirrels may be a difficult temptation to resist, so keep your Chiweenie on a leash or in a fenced-in yard when you take him outside.

Half wiener dog half chihuahua – health

These little canines have a long life expectancy, ranging from 11 to 15 years. Even though mixed breed dogs are thought to have fewer health problems than purebred dogs, Chiweenies are susceptible to some of the same health disorders as their forefathers.

Chiweenies, like dachshunds, are prone to back problems such as intervertebral disc degeneration, a degenerative spinal illness. Intervertebral Disc Disease may be a result of a hardening of the intervertebral disc, which is a substance that helps cushion the gaps between the discs.

The condition produces excruciating pain, restricts mobility, and can even result in partial paralysis as well. Surgery is the sole therapeutic option for IVDD in some situations.

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Chiweenies History

chihuahua dachshund mix

The Chiweenie is a Chihuahua-dachshund cross that isn’t recognized as an official breed by the American Kennel Club. As a result, there isn’t much information concerning their past.

People believe that a dachshund and a Chihuahua have lovely babies, and demand for the “breed” has risen. These puppies are the newest dogs in the neighborhood, and their popularity is going up.

Is Chiweenie A Good Watchdog?

The parents of the crossbreed are exceptionally watchful dogs. Nothing happens unless they tell you about it. The Chiweenie is in the same boat. If it moves, you get a notification as soon as it does.

You are not permitted to keep him as a guard dog or to expect him to defend you from grizzly bears. On the other hand, it will not back down from a battle. What matters is that it stands firm and warns you when something threatens your house.

Chiweenie will bark at the front door, window, and even in the yard. That implies he’ll be the first to meet your visitors when they arrive to see you. It won’t always do so with a smile on its face.

Conclusion On Half Wiener Dog Half Chihuahua

The half wiener dog half chihuahua mix is a companion dog that packs easily into your luggage and may accompany you on your travels. If you live in an apartment, he considers it a kingdom. Chiweenie will, however, not be the best dog to have around little children.

When you own Chiweenie, your chances of experiencing more pleasant hours in your day improve. We all know that’s true, even if there’s no research to back it up.

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