How Do Chihuahuas Die – 5 Reasons Leading To Chihuahua Death

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Do you wonder how do chihuahuas die? Chihuahuas are not only cute, but they are also extremely vulnerable to a variety of health conditions that could result in death.

In the early 1970s, Dr. Robert F. Rauch, Jr. spent ten years conducting research on why Chihuahuas die. The conclusion? It’s all about the heart.

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably seen the tragedy of a chihuahua that is dying without warning. Chihuahuas can be very affectionate, playful, and loving dogs. They are small, fluffy, adorable, and often misunderstood. They don’t require as much exercise or stimulation as other dogs. So, when they get sick or old, it comes as a big shock to everyone who loves them.

We know that Chihuahuas are beautiful and lovable, but they have one fatal flaw: they have a low life expectancy and that makes dog lovers be scared and avoid this breed.

What Age Do Most Chihuahuas Die?

We all know that Chihuahuas are cute, but we also know that most of them die very young. So what does this mean? Well, for one thing, it means that Chihuahuas die a lot more often than we think. And it also means that you should consider adopting a Chihuahua when you don’t have one already. The chances of your pet’s life being extended are really high when you adopt a Chihuahua instead of buying one from a breeder. In fact, there are several factors that increase the odds of longevity in your pet.

If you’re wondering, the median age for a Chihuahua to die is about eight years. This age isn’t a reflection of how long Chihuahuas live in general, but rather the fact that this was the age at which the average Chihuahua death.

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What Health Issues Do Chihuahuas Have?

There are several things you should be aware of when looking into the health issues of a specific breed of dog such as the Chihuahua. First, you must look at how long a dog’s been kept as a pet. This is particularly important in the case of breeds that were bred as pets. Second, make sure to check for health problems in both puppies and adult dogs. Third, a dog’s diet and the way it’s fed can have a direct impact on its health. Lastly, it is very important to keep an eye on your dog’s behavior and temperament. This will give you a good idea of whether or not it is the right fit for you.

What Happens To Chihuahuas When They Get Old?

There are few things more beautiful than watching the transformation that takes place in a puppy. The cute, cuddly, playful Chihuahua grows into a big, powerful dog, a magnificent creature that can be a good companion and protector. Sadly, the same can’t be said about the aging process. The Chihuahua will begin to lose its youthful looks, along with any hair that he still had. His body will lose its luster and his once-beautiful coat will begin to fade. In fact, it’s the same story for people as they age.

What Happens To Chihuahuas When They Get Old

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What Do Chihuahuas Usually Die From?

The most common causes of death are diseases like hip dysplasia and diabetes. They’re also more likely to die from old age or starvation. But, when a Chihuahua dies at any age, he’s most likely going to be diagnosed with one of the following:

1. Cancer

There are lots of dog symptoms that might indicate that your Chihuahua has cancer. If your dog starts acting lethargic, is constantly drinking more water, seems weak, and appears to be in pain, contact your veterinarian immediately. Other symptoms include diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting, and blood in the stool. Your dog’s veterinarian will be able to conduct a physical exam to determine if your dog does indeed have cancer, and will likely want to take biopsies to get a definitive diagnosis.

2. Kidney Disease

One of the most common inherited diseases in dogs is known as “Canine Kidney Disease”. This disease affects the kidneys and can cause a variety of symptoms including weight loss, lethargy, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Although chihuahuas are more likely to develop kidney disease than many other breeds of dogs, it is a breed-related disorder. It is caused by a faulty gene found in the chihuahua’s DNA, which predisposes the breed to this condition.

3. Heart Problems

Chihuahuas are more likely than other dogs to suffer from cardiovascular problems, a new study shows. The researchers found that a dog’s age, breed, gender, and weight affect the risk of a heart problem, but only the age of the chihuahua had a huge impact on the likelihood of developing it. Other factors, such as what the dog eats, can make it healthier, but they don’t significantly reduce the risk. “Chihuahuas are a unique breed,” said study co-author Dr. Lisa A. Daugherty, the director of the Cornell Cardiology Division. “It’s just not fair that a dog who is only 2 years old should be at more risk than a dog who is 10 years old.”

4. Arthritis

If you own a dog, you probably know about the problems of canine arthritis. This is a painful disease that can cause significant discomfort for both dog and owner. Arthritis in chihuahua is the most common form of canine arthritis and it affects the large joints of dogs—the elbows, hips, and knees. It is a progressive disease that will eventually lead to joint deformity and lameness. The sooner you get your chihuahua diagnosed with arthritis, the more likely he or she is to get better and live a long life.

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5. Dental Issues

Most people have heard that Chihuahuas are prone to tooth decay because of their small size. But did you know that the problem isn’t just caused by their size, but by the way they eat? In fact, when you compare Chihuahua and Beagle dogs, the smaller dog is more likely to have dental problems. This is because Chihuahuas tend to overeat and have trouble chewing their food. This means they may get too much tartar buildup.


In conclusion, when it comes to health problems, Chihuahuas are one of the breeds that are at risk for the most common types of illnesses. It’s important to understand this so that you can get to the bottom of your dog’s health and prevent any problems from arising. It’s also important to note that, as much as Chihuahuas look cute, they are not “cute”—they have a history of genetic health issues, and their physical features often signal a different breed of dog. In this article, we covered the top five causes of death in Chihuahuas.

The Chihuahua is a beautiful dog that lives up to its name. Learn about their health, diet, and other important facts.

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What is the most common chihuahua health risk?

In a wide case study, the most common health risk is dental issue.

How can you keep you Chihuahua healthy?

The best thing that you can do is to go on regular walks with your Chihuahua, that way you can keep them healthy.