How High Can Chihuahuas Jump? Amazing Facts About Chihuahuas Exposed!

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Members of the cute small-sized dog breed called Chihuahua are always a delight to observe and live with. Their mannerisms are mesmerizing. Playtime is always a delight. Watching these furry creatures jump is sure to put a smile on your face, even on a bad day. 

Ever asked the question, “how high can chihuahuas jump?” This article will cover that and more. We will consider why they jump, the advantages and health issues your chihuahua can get from jumping, and how to train them not to jump from high surfaces. Let’s get to it.

A Little Intro?

Chihuahuas are mostly known as handbag dogs; so most people are not aware that they have a lot of energy. The dog breed is a true interpretation of the saying, “big things come in small packages.”

They have great energy and are not afraid to show it. So, it is common to find them when at home, leaping to and from your couch, bed, tables, and other high surfaces.

How high can chihuahuas jump then? Jumping, when done right, can be a fun way for your cute canine pet to exercise and play with you. 

And just like other dog breeds that are known to jump high, chihuahuas are usually found participating in agility training. They can get trained to jump over a bar or a stick. With patience and consistency, you can train your dog to jump even higher than you think possible.

Can Chihuahuas Jump Off Couch?

 Can Chihuahuas jump off couch?

Due to their hyperactive nature, chihuahuas usually jump off high surfaces like the couch, table, and bed. Yes, they are among the dogs that can jump high.

And they do this jumping for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they are just plain excited. Some other times, they have a lot of pent-up energy to expend. Another reason is boredom, and they are just jumping to get your attention.

Whatever the reason, it is generally okay for chihuahuas to jump off the couch given that the couch is the right height for them. However, it is important to note that just because chihuahuas can jump off the couch or bed does not mean that it is healthy for them.

As quite evident from their tiny frame, chihuahuas don’t have strong bones. So, a very high leap can prove detrimental, especially if they are less than a year old. A leap from the couch to the floor can put additional stress, known as an increased load, on the dog’s body.

The intense pain this increased load can cause your dog is sure to make your dog uncomfortable and increase your vet bills. 

What Size Fence Can A Dog Jump?

 dogs that jump high

If you’ve considered or are considering fencing your yard to keep your dog off the road to protect them from being hit by a car, getting lost, or stolen, chances are you have probably done a Google search of “what size fence can a dog jump? And you’re right to want to know.

Chihuahuas are natural-born jumpers and can jump anywhere between 2 feet to 10 feet high (0.6 meters to 3 meters). However, the height of the jump depends largely on the dog’s strength, agility, and weight. 

Most chihuahuas do not jump as high as 10 feet. So, a fence of about 4 feet to 5 feet will be ideal for your mini-sized canine pet.

One other thing to consider when checking out the best fences to install is the type of fence. Picket fences and split rail fences have large spaces that your chi can easily slip through. And sometimes, dogs that jump high only need to force their way through them.

Invisible dog fences or wireless dog fences do not mar your yard’s look because they are invisible. They have an electric wire either installed underground or in a box with a transmitter connected to the collar around your dog’s neck to alert them of the boundary.

But then, some pet parents are not comfortable with the idea of using electric shock to keep the dog contained. No matter how mild the shock.

Is It Bad For Small Dogs To Jump? 

It is quite natural for small dogs, chihuahuas inclusive, to jump. But it is important to note the pros and cons associated with encouraging them to jump. The fragile legs of chihuahuas are prone to luxating patellas and could break if they jump from a high surface.

When jumping off a high surface, chihuahuas tighten the muscles behind their hind limbs and land on their front limbs. So, the front limbs serve as some sort of brake for their body. This means that the leap will take a huge toll on their front limbs and shoulders.

There’s also the contrast in surfaces to be concerned about. If small dogs jump from a soft bed or couch and land on the hard floor or a slippery surface, it could cause them to twist their bodies and break their legs.

How To Get Your Chihuahua Not To Jump From The Couch

Now that it’s quite clear that jumping from the couch can be detrimental to your cute dog’s health, let’s see how to get your chihuahua not to jump from the couch, while we attempt to answer the question, “how high can chihuahuas jump?”.

It all starts with training. Jumping comes naturally to canines; so, early training of your dog will ensure that they don’t imbibe it as a habit. The best way to get your dog not to jump from the couch is not to let them get on it in the first place.

Read more on training a Chihuahua here: Can You Train Chihuahuas; How To Do It!

If you would like to snuggle with them in bed or on the couch while watching a movie, you use positive reinforcement techniques to train them to wait for you to carry them up and down your bed or couch instead of jumping themselves. Praise or treat for good behavior!

If your pet is already used to jumping on and off your couch, you can install baby gates around your sofa or bed to discourage them. You can also get creative and fill up the spaces with stuff like laundry baskets, books, and other stuff. 

Conclusion On “How High Can Chihuahuas Jump?”

To wrap things up on how high can chihuahuas jump, you can make them comfortable by buying a soft donut bed with a back he can get propped on, with lots of treats and toys at ground level for him.

 Is it bad for small dogs to jump?

Alternatively, you can get a bed and couch that is closer to the floor and easier for them to jump off and on. That way, they get the exercise and fun they need and you get the joy of watching them live a happy and healthy life.

Dogs that jump high need to be well-developed and strong for their bodies to carry them during strenuous exercise. What steps are you going to take for your chihuahua’s safety?

I hope you’ve got the answer to “how high can chihuahuas jump?”

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