How Much Is A Chihuahua Puppy Worth?

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Chihuahua puppies vary in price depending on their size and breed. Starting with a litter of six, the smallest chihuahua will cost around $300 while the largest would go for about $1,000. Some breeds are more expensive that others but there is no specific number to follow to find out how much a particular one costs. All you can do is research your desired breed online and hope it’s cheaper than average

“How much do chihuahuas cost without papers” is the most searched question on A Chihuahua puppy with no papers can cost anywhere from $600-$800. Read more in detail here: how much do chihuahuas cost without papers.

The “How much does a chihuahua cost in the philippines” is a question that many people have asked. The answer to this question depends on where you live, what breed of Chihuahua, and other factors. Reference: how much does a chihuahua cost in the philippines.

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