How To Get Rid Of Glassy Eyes?

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If you’re reading this, your Chi most likely has glassy eyes, so you are asking yourself how to get rid of glassy eyes? Chihuahuas are notorious for having big, watery eyes, which can generate ugly tear stains on their beautiful eyes. Furthermore, excessive eye water might result in boogers or discharge.

Constant tears or watering of the eyes might be a reason for a health issue like an allergy or an eye infection in severe circumstances. We’ll go over the reasons ‘why do Chihuahuas eyes water?’ and, more crucially, when to see a vet in this article.

Why Do Chihuahuas Eyes Water?

Tears serve some of the functions in dogs and humans, including keeping the eyes lubricated and removing debris or dislodged eyelashes. Tearing is essential for preventing dry eyes and keeping your pet’s eyes healthy.

chihuahua eyes tearing


Your Chihuahua’s eyes may be more tearful than usual owing to epiphora. Other indications of epiphora include tear staining, stinky fur, and excessive eye discharge, among others.

Eye tumors, allergies, eyelashes, inflammation of the eyes, cataracts, and corneal ulcers are only a few causes of epiphora in dogs.

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eyes)

Excess tearing can be a result of keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) or eye irritation in Chihuahuas. Excess blinking, hazy eyes, a third eyelid, swollen conjunctivitis arteries, and mucus or pus-like discharge from the eyes indicates KCS.

Tearing as a reflex

Reflex tearing is a normal response to specific stimuli that aid in the health of our eyes. This form of tears in your Chihuahua watery eyes might be a result of allergies, infections, irritants in the eyes, pollution, eyelash, dirt, debris, and other factors.

Increased tear production helps keep the eyes clear and clean by flushing them out.

Cornea scratched

Your Chihuahua’s eyes may be weeping up a lot because of a scratched cornea. Runny eyes, squinting, redness, and swollen tissues surrounding the eyes, frequent pawing, whimpering, and sobbing, keeping the injured eye closed, and pain might be symptoms of a damaged cornea.

Cherry-colored eye

Excessive tears can potentially suggest an issue with the dog’s eyes, such as the cherry eye. Cherry eye, in turn, creates epiphora, or excessive tears. Along with bloodshot eyes, cherry eye features a noticeable oval red swelling projecting from the bottom of the eye.


Conjunctivitis, on the other hand, has noticeable yellow-green pus pouring from the corners of the eyes, but some dogs also have a watery discharge. Crusty eyes, eye blinking, pawing of the eye, or keeping the eyes closed are all symptoms that your pet may have.


Glaucoma in dogs results in a watery discharge owing to increased ocular pressure. Other signs and symptoms include bulging eyes, ocular discomfort, pawing of the eye, and so on. Medicines might be the solution to lower your pet’s ocular pressure, while surgery may be the only choice in extreme situations.

Trauma, stress, worry, emotions, and suffering

When they are left alone, agitated, or afraid, some Chihuahuas genuinely ‘cry‘ tears. When their owners return home after a long time apart, many Chihuahuas are known to shed “genuine tears.” Even though emotional tears are uncommon, they are conceivable.

Chihuahua Eyes Tearing Symptoms

Tear stains on the eyes and tear stains on the fur behind the eyes are common in dogs with chronic teary eyes. They may also create a bigger number of dog eye boogers than usual.

The skin around the eyes might become irritated and wet all the time, and tears in white-coated dogs leave distinctive dark or reddish-brown stains. Other Chihuahua eye-watering symptoms include:

  • Blinking excessively
  • Pawing at one’s eyes
  • Irritation
  • Discomfort or pain
  • Keeping the afflicted eye shut.

How To Get Rid Of Chihuahua Eye Stains?

Replace your dog’s bowl of water

The heavy elements contained in tap water are causing tear stains in many canines. Switching to filtered drinking water, mineral or spring water, or a combination of the two can help prevent discoloration.

Maintain a clean environment

You can avoid excess ripping and fur discoloration with simple efforts like maintaining your dog’s face and ocular cleanliness.

  • Once or twice a month, bathe your pet.
  • To eliminate dog eye boogers, use pet eye wipes regularly.
  • Eye wipes are also a good way of keeping the region around the eyes clean.
  • Use Opti-Clear or No items found as an eye cleaner.
  • Dry or waterless shampoo is also a solution to clean your pet’s muzzle.

Change your Chihuahua’s diet and eating habits

Tear stains frequently suggest a deficit or insufficiency. Your dog’s food may not be meeting its nutritional requirements, and switching to a different diet might help.

Many commercial dog feeds include hazardous fillers such as maize, wheat, and other grains that might cause tear stains. You might try switching to a grain-free dog diet which might reduce tear stains.

Chamomile is a great example of a plant to use

Herbal therapies, like chamomile tea, might help your Chihuahua’s discolored fur whiten or lighten.

  • Make a chamomile tea with flowers and leaves and let it cool. Use a clean cotton ball, soak it in the tea and gently press it on the discolored spots
  • To notice benefits, use the cure once or twice a week.

If chamomile isn’t available, create a diluted tea with a few drops of lemon juice and use it in the same way. Just make sure the lemon juice doesn’t get into your pet’s eyes.

chihuahua watery eyes

How To Get Rid Of Glassy Eyes/Watery Eyes?

On the question of how to get rid of glassy eyes, the best thing you can do is give your dog some modest anti-histamine medicine to stop his eyes from watering in addition to using gentle eye wipes. If the condition persists, contact your veterinarian straight away.

Is Coconut Oil Effective In Removing Dog Tear Stains?

Coconut oil has shown to be effective in eliminating dog tear stains for some pet parents. Make careful to use only raw, organic, and cold-pressed oil. You should as well consider using it regularly to observe effects.

Final Words On How To Get Rid Of Glassy Eyes

Overly teary eyes in chihuahuas are a frequent and benign ailment usually. It may be filthy and unpleasant, but your dog is unlikely to be bothered by it. You can keep your chi comfortable and happy with a little bit of attention and cleanliness.

Of course, err on the side of caution and visit a veterinarian if you have any concerns about your dog’s health or well-being.

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