Mix Chihuahua and Dachshund for a unique pet pairing!

The mix chihuahua and dachshund is a small, energetic and loyal companion dog with a great personality.

mix chihuahua and dachshund
Characteristic Detail
Name Chiweenie
Other Names Weeniehuahua, Choxie, Doxiwawa
Size Small
Weight 5 to 12 pounds (2.3 to 5.4 kg)
Height 6 to 10 inches (15 to 25 cm)
Life Span 12 to 16 years
Temperament Loyal, Energetic, Affectionate
Coat Short to Medium, varies in texture
Exercise Needs Moderate
Suitability Best suited for families, singles, and seniors
Common Health Issues Dental issues, Hypoglycemia, Intervertebral disc disease

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The mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund is commonly known as the ‘Chiweenie.’ This portmanteau perfectly captures the essence of this adorable and energetic hybrid. However, there are alternative names for this unique breed that potential owners may want to consider.

While ‘Chiweenie’ is the most widely recognized label, some individuals may prefer to refer to this mix as a ‘Chih-weenie’ or a ‘Chi-Doxie.’ The importance of a distinct identity for this hybrid cannot be overstated. Providing a specific name for your mixed companion not only reflects their individuality but also promotes a sense of belonging within the family.

This distinct identity sets them apart from purebred dogs and emphasizes the remarkable combination of traits they possess. Ultimately, regardless of the chosen name, it is crucial to embrace and celebrate the distinctiveness of this endearing and spirited hybrid.

In summary, the Chiweenie is the popular nomenclature for the mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund, but alternative names such as ‘Chih-weenie’ or ‘Chi-Doxie’ are also used.

Establishing a distinct identity for this unique hybrid is essential for acknowledging their individuality and cherishing their remarkable combination of traits.


mix chihuahua and dachshund

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Mix Chihuahua and Dachshund for a unique pet pairing!

Physical Appearance: What Does a Chiweenie Look Like?

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The mix chihuahua and dachshund, more commonly known as the Chiweenie, is a charming blend of physical traits inherited from its parent breeds. These adorable canines typically exhibit a small size, weighing between 5 to 10 pounds and standing at around 8 to 12 inches in height.

Their compact frame and expressive eyes make them irresistibly cute and endearing companions.

Chiweenies sport a variety of coat types, with both short and long-haired varieties being common.

The short-haired Chiweenie showcases a sleek and glossy coat, while the long-haired version flaunts a softer and more flowing fur. Colors of this mix breed can vary widely, encompassing a spectrum that includes shades of brown, black, white, cream, and even combinations of these hues.

Some Chiweenies may also have distinct patterns or markings, adding to their unique and appealing appearance.

The mix chihuahua and dachshund blend extends beyond mere aesthetics, as their physical features encapsulate the best of both parent breeds. The Chiweenie’s small size and adaptable nature make them well-suited for apartment living, while their distinctive appearance is sure to capture the hearts of potential owners seeking a visually striking and lovable companion.


mix chihuahua and dachshund

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Temperament and Personality: The Best of Both Worlds

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The mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund brings together a delightful blend of temperament and personality in the Chiweenie. This charming hybrid embodies the best of both worlds, combining the energetic and lively nature of the Chihuahua with the loyal and affectionate disposition of the Dachshund.

The result is a companion that exudes both playfulness and devotion, making it an excellent choice for families and individuals alike.

Chiweenies are known for their high energy levels, often displaying a spirited and playful demeanor that adds a lively spark to any household. This inherited trait from their Chihuahua lineage makes them entertaining and engaging pets, always ready for fun and adventure.

On the flip side, the loyalty and affection that Chiweenies inherit from their Dachshund parentage create a deep bond with their human companions.

They are often described as devoted and loving, forming strong attachments and seeking to be close to their family members at all times.

This unique mix of traits results in a companion that is not only entertaining and lively but also fiercely loyal and deeply affectionate. Chiweenies thrive on companionship and are known to be wonderfully attentive and loving towards their owners.

The Chiweenie truly represents the perfect fusion of the Chihuahua and Dachshund traits, offering the best of both breeds’ worlds in one adorable, spirited package..

mix chihuahua and dachshund

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 mix chihuahua and dachshund Partake Unique

Health Considerations in Chihuahua and Dachshund Mixes

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The mix chihuahua and dachshund, also known as Chiweenie, inherit certain health considerations from their parent breeds. These adorable companions are generally healthy, but it’s crucial for owners to be aware of potential health issues and provide proper care to ensure a fulfilling and healthy life for their furry friends.

Chiweenies are prone to dental problems due to overcrowded teeth, a common issue inherited from the Chihuahua parent. Providing chew toys and regular teeth brushing can help maintain their oral health and prevent dental issues.

Additionally, their long spine can make them susceptible to intervertebral disc disease, a condition common in dachshunds. It’s important to handle and support the Chiweenie properly to minimize the risk of back problems.

Regular veterinary check-ups are essential for monitoring the overall health of a Chiweenie.

Vaccinations, parasite control, and dental examinations are vital components of routine veterinary care. Since Chiweenies are a small breed, they may be prone to obesity, so a balanced diet and regular exercise are essential to maintain a healthy weight and prevent associated health problems.

As with any dog, responsible pet ownership involves being proactive about preventive healthcare.

This includes keeping the Chiweenie up to date on vaccinations, providing flea and tick prevention, and ensuring heartworm medication is administered as recommended by a veterinarian. Early detection of health issues is key, so regular health exams can help in identifying and addressing any potential concerns before they escalate.


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Training and Exercise Needs: Keeping Your Chiweenie Happy

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Training and Exercise Needs: Keeping Your Chiweenie HappyChiweenies, the delightful mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund, thrive in an environment that fosters both physical and mental stimulation. Due to their lively nature and innate intelligence, meeting their training and exercise needs is crucial for their overall well-being.

Training a Chiweenie requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement.

These little companions respond well to reward-based training methods, which can include treats, praise, and toys. With their alert and curious demeanor, mental stimulation is just as important as physical activity.

Engaging them with interactive toys, puzzle games, and obedience training not only keeps them mentally sharp but also strengthens the bond between pet and owner.

Regular exercise is essential to prevent weight gain and maintain their energetic disposition. Daily walks, indoor play sessions, and interactive activities cater to their small size and energy levels.

Incorporating variety in their exercise routines, such as short bursts of activity throughout the day, help to keep them engaged and prevent boredom or restlessness.

Key points:

  • Use positive reinforcement for training, such as treats and praise
  • Provide mental stimulation through interactive toys and obedience training
  • Offer daily exercise including walks, indoor play, and interactive activities
  • Incorporate variety in exercise routines to keep them engaged


To explore the pleasures and challenges of raising a Chiweenie and delve deeper into their unique needs, we invite you to dive into our comprehensive guide: Unveiling the Chiweenie: A Guide to the Chihuahua & Dachshund Mix.

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Diet and Nutrition: Fuel for a Small and Mighty Companion

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The mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund, commonly known as Chiweenie, has specific dietary needs tailored to their small size and energetic nature. This unique combination of breeds results in a small but robust companion, requiring a carefully curated diet to fuel their active lifestyle.

Chiweenies typically require a balanced intake of high-quality nutrients to support their energetic tendencies and maintain optimal health.

To ensure the well-being of your Chiweenie, it’s essential to pay attention to their calorie intake. The recommended daily calorie requirement for a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund varies based on factors such as age, size, activity level, and metabolism.

As a general guideline, an adult Chiweenie may require approximately 30-40 calories per pound of body weight, but consulting a veterinarian for personalized dietary recommendations is crucial.

In terms of types of food, Chiweenies benefit from a diet rich in lean proteins, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. Formulated small breed or toy breed dog foods are often suitable choices due to their specific nutritional content tailored to the needs of smaller dogs.

Additionally, incorporating high-quality dog treats into their diet can serve as a valuable source of enrichment and reinforcement during training sessions.

Feeding frequency plays a pivotal role in maintaining their overall health. Small and mighty, Chiweenies may benefit from smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day to sustain their energy levels without causing digestive issues.

Typically, dividing their daily food portion into 2-4 meals can prevent overeating and help regulate their metabolism, supporting their small but active build.

Ultimately, understanding and adhering to the dietary requirements specific to the mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund is essential for the well-being and vitality of Chiweenies. By carefully monitoring their calorie intake, choosing suitable types of food, and establishing a feeding schedule that aligns with their energy levels, pet owners can ensure that their small and mighty companions thrive on a balanced and tailored diet.


To ensure your Chihuahua-Dachshund mix thrives with the right nutrition, take note of their specific energy needs, suitable food types, and meal scheduling that promotes optimal well-being. For additional insights into managing the activity levels and playtime of a similar crossbreed, explore our feature on the dynamic Full Grown Black Pom-Chi Mix and their zest for life: Discover the Playful World of a Full Grown Black Pom-Chi Mix.

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Grooming Requirements: Maintaining Your Chiweenie's Coat

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Maintaining Your Chiweenie’s CoatGrooming a mix chihuahua and dachshund, often referred to as a Chiweenie, requires specific care to keep their coat healthy and beautiful. Brushing is crucial for the Chiweenie to prevent tangles and mats, particularly if they inherit the longer Dachshund coat.

A regular brushing schedule of 2-3 times a week will help keep their coat in top condition, as well as distribute natural oils and maintain skin health. For bathing, it’s important to use a gentle dog shampoo, and a frequency of once a month is generally sufficient to avoid drying out their skin.

Toenail care is equally important; regular trimming every 1-2 months will ensure they remain comfortable and can move around without any issues.

Overall, attentive grooming is key for keeping your Chiweenie looking and feeling their best.

By following a regular grooming routine and being mindful of their specific needs, you can help your furry friend stay clean and comfortable, and maintain a healthy coat.


While regular grooming ensures your Chiweenie stays in tiptop condition, exploring the world of small canine companions can enhance your understanding and appreciation for them. Uncover valuable insights on a delightfully similar breed with Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Puppies.

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Adoption and Purchasing: Finding a Chiweenie to Call Your Own

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Adoption and Purchasing: Finding a Chiweenie to Call Your Own

As you consider adding a mix chihuahua and dachshund to your family, it’s essential to explore responsible avenues for finding your Chiweenie companion. One of the most fulfilling options is adoption from shelters, where you can offer a loving home to a Chiweenie in need.

Shelters often have a variety of dogs, including Chiweenies, waiting for their forever homes. By choosing adoption, you not only provide a second chance to a dog in need but also support the commendable work of animal shelters.

Another route to consider is seeking out responsible breeding practices.

When opting for a breeder, it’s crucial to do thorough research to ensure the well-being and ethical treatment of the parent dogs and their offspring. Reputable breeders prioritize the health and temperament of their dogs, and they can offer valuable insights into the background and care requirements of the Chiweenie puppies they have available.

Throughout the adoption or purchase process, whether from a shelter or a breeder, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what to expect.

This includes familiarizing yourself with adoption fees, vaccination records, spaying/neutering certificates, and any necessary health checks for the Chiweenie. Additionally, be prepared to invest time and effort in getting to know your potential furry family member and ensuring a smooth transition into their new home.


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The Appealing Blend in the Chihuahua Dachshund Mix

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The Chihuahua Dachshund mix, also known as the Chiweenie, embodies a captivating blend of the Chihuahua and Dachshund lineage, resulting in a one-of-a-kind companion with a distinctive charm. This hybrid dog inherits a playful and affectionate nature from both parent breeds, making it well-suited for various living arrangements, particularly apartment living.

The allure of the Chiweenie lies in its ability to be a dedicated companion, offering love and entertainment in a compact package.The physical attributes of the mix Chihuahua and Dachshund are fascinating, as they feature a unique juxtaposition of a long-bodied, short-legged design, which is characteristic of both parent breeds. This distinctive physique gives Chiweenie puppies an endearing appearance, making them stand out among other dog breeds.

The blend of traits from the Chihuahua and Dachshund results in a compact yet sturdy build, creating an appealing combination that is sure to capture the hearts of dog enthusiasts and potential pet owners alike.The Chiweenie’s energetic yet manageable size makes them an ideal pet for individuals or families living in smaller spaces. Their adaptability and sociable nature enhance their suitability for apartment living, allowing them to thrive in cozy environments.

Additionally, their affectionate and loyal disposition makes them not only a playful pet but also a devoted companion, providing owners with the perfect mix of charm and companionship in a small package..

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The Design of the Chiweenie: A Designer Dog’s Profile

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Chiweenies represent a delightful fusion of the mix chihuahua and dachshund, resulting in a designer dog that captivates with its unique characteristics. These tiny canines are renowned as small breed dogs and toy dogs, making them an ideal choice for individuals or families desiring a diminutive yet charming canine companion.

Their compact size and spirited personality make them an excellent fit for various lifestyles, from apartment dwellers to suburban homes.

As a designer dog, the Chiweenie entices with its distinct blend of attributes. Their small stature and endearing qualities set them apart from other small and miniature dog breeds, making them an appealing choice for those seeking a loyal and affectionate pet without the space requirements of larger breeds.

With their energetic and playful nature, Chiweenies bring a vibrant energy to any household, making them an excellent match for active individuals seeking a vivacious companion.

Their adaptability and sociable disposition enable them to thrive in diverse environments, adding a touch of charisma and warmth to their owners’ lives.

Compared to other small and toy dog breeds, Chiweenies stand out for their distinctive mix of chihuahua and dachshund heritage, which contributes to their charming personality and individuality. Their compatibility with various lifestyles, coupled with their endearing demeanor, further establishes them as a sought-after designer dog in the realm of small breed canines.


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Delving into the delightful world of Chiweenies has showcased their charm as a premier designer breed, ideal for those desiring a small, affectionate partner with a lively spirit. For enthusiasts eager to broaden their knowledge about similar enchanting breeds, the comparison of Pomeranian, Pug, and Chihuahua mixes offers an insightful look at another captivating canine blend that radiates joy and companionship.

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Caring for Your Chiweenie: Health and Maintenance

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A Chiweenie, the delightful mix of a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, comes with specific care needs that contribute to their overall well-being. Understanding these requirements is essential for any pet owner considering this adorable hybrid.

Chiweenies are energetic and playful, requiring regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Ensuring they have plenty of opportunities for physical activity, such as daily walks and interactive playtime, is crucial in meeting their exercise needs.Their diet, like all dogs, should be well-balanced and tailored to their size and energy levels.

A nutritious diet that suits their small stature and tendency towards obesity due to their Dachshund lineage is vital. Owners should monitor their food intake, opting for high-quality dog food and avoiding overfeeding to maintain a healthy weight.

In terms of grooming, Chiweenies have a variety of coat types, including short and long hair.

Regular brushing is important to minimize shedding and keep their coats in good condition. Additionally, occasional bathing and nail trimming are necessary to keep them clean and comfortable.

Proper grooming not only assists in maintaining their appearance but also contributes to their overall well-being.

Chiweenies inherit various health concerns from both Chihuahuas and Dachshunds. Being smaller breeds, they are prone to dental issues, so dental care is crucial.

Additionally, they may be susceptible to back problems due to their Dachshund lineage, making it important to handle them carefully and provide supportive bedding. Overall, the specific care requirements for a Chiweenie necessitate a dedicated and attentive approach.

Understanding and providing for their exercise, diet, grooming, and unique health concerns are integral to ensuring the well-being of these charming mixed breed pets..

To explore a comprehensive guide on the care of diverse dog breeds, including a deeper dive into the nurturing of your beloved Chiweenie, visit the American Kennel Club’s official breed directory.

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Training and Socialization: Shaping the Behavior of Your Chiweenie

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Training and socialization are crucial for shaping the behavior of your Chiweenie, a delightful mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund. Starting early and maintaining consistent training is essential to ensure a well-behaved and adaptable companion.

Given their intelligent yet sometimes independent nature, Chiweenies respond well to positive reinforcement techniques during training. Using rewards such as treats and praise can effectively motivate them to learn commands and good manners.

Moreover, due to the mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund traits, Chiweenies may exhibit a combination of feistiness, curiosity, and potential stubbornness.

It’s vital to understand and manage their inherent temperament with a blend of patience and firm, gentle guidance. Consistency in training routines will help them develop into well-adjusted pets.

In addition to training, socialization plays a significant role in their development.

Exposing your Chiweenie to various environments, people, and other dogs from an early age promotes their confidence and sociability. Proper socialization ensures that they grow into friendly and adaptable companions that thrive in family settings.

By employing effective strategies for training and providing ample opportunities for socialization, you can positively influence your Chiweenie’s behavior and ensure they become a well-adjusted member of your household.


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Choosing a Chiweenie: Adoption and Compatibility Considerations

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So you’re thinking about adding a mix chihuahua and dachshund, or a Chiweenie, to your family? Let’s explore the process of adopting a Chiweenie and how well they fit into different lifestyles, as well as the importance of supporting pet adoptions through shelters. Adopting a Chiweenie is a meaningful choice that opens your home to a delightful companion while also providing a deserving pet with a loving environment.

When considering adoption, potential owners should understand the compatibility of the Chiweenie with various lifestyles. Whether you live in a bustling city apartment or a spacious suburban home, the mix chihuahua and dachshund brings its adaptable nature to the table, making it well-suited for different living environments.One significant aspect to consider when choosing a Chiweenie is their expected lifespan and the long-term commitment as a pet owner.

These delightful hybrids typically live between 12 to 15 years, which means that bringing a Chiweenie into your life is a commitment to their well-being and happiness for a significant portion of your life. It’s essential for potential owners to understand the joys and responsibilities that come with adding a Chiweenie to their family.

It’s a journey filled with companionship, playfulness, and the rewarding experience of nurturing a beloved pet.So, whether you’re a busy city dweller or a relaxed suburbanite, a Chiweenie has the adaptability to fit into various lifestyles. Better still, by choosing to adopt a mix chihuahua and dachshund from a shelter, you’re not only enriching your own life with a loyal companion but also giving a deserving pet a second chance at a loving home..

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Living with a Chiweenie: The Day-to-Day Joys

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Living with a Chiweenie: The Day-to-Day JoysLiving with a Chiweenie is a delightful experience filled with heartwarming interactions and cherished moments. Chiweenie owners often find themselves immersed in the playful antics and affectionate nature of this adorable mix.

From morning cuddles to evening walks, the day-to-day life with a mix chihuahua and dachshund pet is brimming with joy and companionship.

Chiweenies thrive on human interaction and love to be by their owner’s side, making everyday activities a bonding opportunity. Whether it’s sharing a quiet moment on the couch or engaging in a lively play session, the presence of a Chiweenie adds a special touch to daily life.

Owners often find that their Chiweenie brings a unique energy to their household, spreading joy with their playful demeanor and entertaining antics.

Their endearing quirks and loving nature create a cheerful atmosphere, making every day brighter.

Bonding activities such as interactive toys, training sessions, and leisurely strolls become cherished rituals that strengthen the bond between owner and Chiweenie. Whether it’s embarking on new adventures or simply lounging at home, the presence of a Chiweenie adds a sense of joy and fulfillment to daily life.

Overall, the day-to-day joys of living with a Chiweenie encompass a blend of laughter, affection, and shared moments that truly make them a beloved member of the family.



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