What Is A Group Of Chihuahuas Called and Other Chi Questions

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Been wondering about what a group of Chihuahuas is called? Or how Chis get on with other pets? If yes, then this article is for you!

It’s common knowledge that a whole bunch of dogs together is known as a pack. But, when it comes to feisty chis, surely there has to be another term for a pack of chihuahuas. You see, chihuahuas, unlike other dog breeds, are considered the blue blood of dog breeds. And it’s a breed that holds much favor with royalty and celebrities worldwide. 

So, if you’re wondering what is a group of chihuahuas called, then wonder no more. According to most avid chihuahua fans, you can call a herd of chihuahuas – a chatter of chihuahuas. In all honesty, you wouldn’t be far off the mark to call a few chihuahuas in a room to be chattering. These fantastic creatures love the sound of their own voice, and they love to talk to their humans too.

You see, any pet parent with a multi-pet household with more than two chihuahuas will vouch that chihuahuas may be tiny in size, but they know how to make their presence felt and that these small dogs have huge personalities. Therefore, without wasting any more time, let’s talk about what a group of chihuahuas is called and why.

What Do You Call A Group Of Chihuahuas

The consensus when it comes to the question of what is a group of chihuahuas called is that they are a pack. Yet, most pet parents of chihuahuas disagree with the use of the phrase, a ‘pack of dogs.’ Many pet owners claim that chihuahuas simply do not belong to a pack. Hence, you’ll come across terms such as chatter of chihuahuas or even a crazy of chihuahuas. 

Perhaps, chihuahuas have such unique personalities that many dog lovers often find it a task to put chihuahuas down as a pack. Chihuahuas aren’t vicious, violent and they certainly don’t take orders from an alpha male or female. Hence, you’ll have to consider the personality of your chihuahuas as pets before you decide what you want to call a group of chihuahuas.

 herd of chihuahuas

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What Kind Of Pets Do Chihuahuas Make

Chihuahuas make fabulous pets. You might not be aware that the chihuahua is the national symbol of Mexico. These tiny dogs may not weigh more than 6 pounds, but their graceful carriage and terrier-like demeanor are anything but small.

Chi dogs are clever, amusing, intensely loyal, and headstrong. Therefore, the chihuahua makes a very pretty picture as a ‘purse dog.’ Yet, you have to realize that if the chihuahua hasn’t had proper training and early socialization, then you may have a little monster much like a gremlin on your hand.

How Do Chihuahuas Do In A Multi-Pet Household

As we said earlier, the chihuahua has a mind of its own. And they can be unruly at times. But, proper training and early socialization can take out many personality defects in a chihuahua.

You see, if you’ve adopted a puppy and raised a chihuahua among several other pets, including cats, parrot, or other chihuahuas, then it is improbable that your chihuahua is going to cause any trouble. And, chihuahuas do great with littermates.

Moreover, chihuahuas can be pretty social, particularly if they enjoy the company they are with. Hence, if other littermates surround your baby pooch, then you should know that they will get hyper and noisy whenever they feel the urge.

If you think that your fur baby isn’t going to create a ruckus if you suddenly impose unknown company on it, then you are in for a surprise. You see, male or female chihuahuas like to have their space. And, nothing can get your chi angry like someone else trying to take over its turf. 

How Do Chihuahuas Get On With Children

Well, chihuahuas are usually too small and delicate to be roughhousing with children. Yet, it isn’t rare that many pet parents are more than satisfied with their family, including chihuahuas and several babies. If you raise your chi pup side-by-side your own child – the two will likely be inseparable. 

Chihuahuas Get On With Children

That is the charm of a chihuahua. But, it is never a good idea to introduce an adult chihuahua into a new environment with children, especially babies and toddlers.

Can A Group Of Chihuahuas Develop Behavioral Problems

Chihuahuas have big personalities. But most claim that these little animals have big hearts too. That’s why when you bring in a new pet in your household; you have to allow your furry friend the time to feel at ease with the change.

Chihuahuas can develop behavioral issues if you neglect, ignore, or mistreat them. But, if you give your fur baby the time and space to adjust, provide necessary care and attention, and immeasurable love, there’s no reason why your puppy would have a tough time settling in, no matter the house or reputation.

But, if you take your pet out for frequent walks and let it enjoy play dates with other pets. Or provide it with games and interactive toys to encourage mental stimulation, and has your love and attention, then your pooch will come around. Your fur baby may take a while to adapt to its new house. However, eventually, your chi will trust its new family members. There’s absolutely no doubt you’ll see the day when you walk into your home and all your chis are getting along. 


It doesn’t make much sense to label dog breeds as a pack, especially when it comes to most domestic breeds like chihuahuas or Shih Tzu. Dogs like chihuahuas may have been close to the ancient Mayans. But, they can be too stubborn and wilful to work as a group with hierarchies.

Chihuahuas love to be around their humans, other pets, and even other chihuahuas. But, calling a group of chihuahuas a pack is almost like calling a group of cats a family. You see, you can name a group of chihuahuas by any other name, but they remain as they are – fun, fascinating, and unique.

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