When Do Chihuahuas Lose Their Baby Teeth

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When it comes to teething, Chihuahuas, like other dogs, are not different from humans. They also have baby teeth, just like us. Therefore, if you have a Chihuahuas puppy, you must be ready for their teething stage. 

The first time I got a Chihuahuas puppy, I was amazed by how the beautiful little creature began to chew almost everything in the house, including my furniture. It took me a while to know that little Billy was teething. 

Therefore, here, I’ve explained things you should know about when Chihuahuas lose their baby teeth so that you may help your puppy and also protect your items from being chewed. 

At What Age Do Chihuahuas Lose Their Baby Teeth 

Chihuahuas puppies will typically lose their milk teeth, otherwise known as baby teeth when they’re 12 weeks old. During this teething period, you may begin to find a small stain of blood on your puppy’s mouth or some tiny teeth on your carpet. 

When Chihuahua puppy teeth, their gums tend to be itchy; thus, they begin to look around for things to ease the itchiness. This may prompt them to chew any solid items they find at sight, including your shoes, furniture, etc. You may also find their tiny teeth sticking to the toys they chew. 

However, not all the milk teeth will fall off at a time; the Chihuahuas teething might continue for a couple of months. Most Chihuahuas puppies will lose all their baby teeth by the time they’re six months old. At this stage of development, the pet will already have 42 grown adult teeth. 

Do Chihuahuas Puppies Feel Pain When They’re Teething 

Chihuahuas puppies feel pain when they’re teething, which explains why you might find bloodstains in their mouth or around your home at such a period. This is a normal phenomenon and you needn’t be worried about it. Often, it is a mild to moderate pain, which, of course, you can help alleviate. However, things might be different for some puppies. 

chihuahua teething

When your puppy is teething, you can expect the following symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite 
  • Soft stools 
  • Upset tummy 
  • Low-grade fever

However, If you notice your puppy is in severe pain while teething, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek professional help.

How to Help Your Teething Chihuahuas Puppy 

Provide a teething toy 

There are several teething toys that you can purchase for your puppy. Chewing such toys will help to redirect their mind away from the pain. It’ll also help to soothe the sore gums and prevent them from chewing your furniture and shoes. 

Serve him delicious chicken broth ice cubes

The chicken will make him develop an interest in eating while the ice cubes will soothe the sore gums. 

Gently rub the gum

If you notice your puppy is anxious, pick him up on your lap and gently rub his gums. 


Chihuahuas usually lose their baby teeth when they’re three months old, which may continue for the next six months. While some puppies will only experience mild pain during this stage, the pain might be severe for others. Therefore, if you notice your pet has severe pain while teething, you may consider reaching out to a vet.

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