The Best Dry Dog Food For Chihuahuas

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The best dry dog food for Chihuahuas is a mix between the highest-rated dog food, and the individual needs of your pet and the pet owner. Figuring out the balance is part of the challenge.

There is a huge variety of brands for many pet owners to choose from, and sometimes it feels like an overwhelming mess. How can consumers make sure that they are getting the best and healthiest Chihuahua food for their beloved furry friend?

Do you want to make shopping for dry dog food a little bit easier? Check out our guide and the list below.

What To Consider When Buying Dry Dog Food

With the amount of choice that we have when we are shopping, whether that’s for ourselves or our pets, it’s enough to make heads spin! Here, we narrow down the most important things to consider when shopping for dry dog food.


While brand consciousness is usually touted as a negative trait, it’s important to be aware of labels when it comes to matters of health and nutrition. Only buy from brands that are reputable and trusted by veterinarians and maybe even other dog owners.

While expensive dog food does not necessarily mean it’s the best or the healthiest choice, it’s important to remember that prices are equal to the quality of ingredients that were used in the product.


Connected to the item above, you want to be able to provide the best quality ingredients for your pet. You can taste how basic ingredients can really affect any type of dish – the same goes for dry dog food.

The most important thing you can look into is the protein that the dog food packs. After all, that’s why you should be buying dry dog food in the first place – to make up for your dog’s protein needs.

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Feeding Guidelines

Cross-check the feeding guidelines that your veterinarian has advised you when you make your purchases. This will help you determine how much you need to buy without risking the food going bad!

Since the Chihuahua is a toy breed with a smaller mouth, it would be good to buy food of their size. This is so that there are no issues with teeth and chewing in the long run. Good dog food for Chihuahua also considers that small breeds often come across periodontal issues and that a good chew keeps the teeth in check.

Best Before Date

This is a consideration that many shoppers often forget. Getting the biggest packaging of dry dog food is a great economical choice, but have you measured the capacity of the bag against your dog’s daily needs and how far the package will go?

Many wholesale and pet stores and online shops will take care of this problem, but you can never be too sure, especially since you are taking care of an individual pet that may have other nutritional needs. It is good to do some quick maths before you head on your shopping trip!

 chihuahua food

The Best Dry Dog Food For Chihuahuas

The Chihuahua is a long-lived pet with an average life expectancy of 14 to 16 years according to the American Kennel Club. Despite this, you still need to feed it the right things to make sure development goes as smoothly as possible.

So, what is the best food for a Chihuahua? Our round-up has some of the best dry food options for your small but feisty pet.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food specially made for Chihuahuas, Royal Canin is concerned with making sure your pet’s health and coat are in top shape. Their formula was developed especially with purebred Chihuahua’s needs in mind, complete with a unique kibble size and design that makes it even easier for the small dog to munch on.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult – Small Paws for Small Breed Dogs

Hill’ Science has an offering that is concerned with your pet’s small stomach. Their Small Paws line focuses on ensuring that the ingredients implemented in your Chihuahua’s meal are highly and easily digestible for a smooth nutrition process. The brand has always favored scientifically developed meals for your pets, so you can be sure their formulas are optimized.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food

This Wellness dry dog food has a Turkey and Peas flavor that your dog will surely go bananas for. The turkey provides that high-quality protein that your Chihuahua needs for their everyday development and activity. The brand proudly uses only natural dog food with no other meat by-products or fillers, ensuring total goodness in every bite.

CESAR Small Breed Dry Dog Food Spring Vegetables Garnish Dog Kibble

Add some fancy garden salad flavor to your dog’s meals by adding CESAR’s offering to their schedule. You can choose from various flavors on offer: chicken, filet mignon, and porterhouse, with the added vegetable garnish flavors on the side. It’s the all-around gourmet package, as expected from the CESAR brand.

Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food in Chicken and Steak

Pedigree’s offering for your Chihuahua and all other small dogs goes big on the flavor – offering a whole serving of roasted chicken/steak, rice, and vegetable flavor in one pack! Aside from the balanced nutrition they have formulated into each piece, they also guarantee that they did not include any artificial flavors and high sugars, keeping everything nutritious while still being tasty.

NUTRO ULTRA SmallAnd Toy Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

The Nutro brand highlights the protein trio of chicken, lamb, and salmon in their nourishing dry dog food offering. Not only does it contain the ever-important animal protein your pet needs, but they have also included a blend of 15 superfoods to complement the high-quality protein with seeds, fruits and vegetables, and grains.


There are many offerings for small dogs available in the market, all touting great health and protein benefits, and having their own advantages. What’s important is you pick a dry food that fits all your Chihuahua’s most pressing nutritional needs. And an even bigger necessity – one that your dog actually loves to eat!

Do you have favorite dog food for your Chihuahua? What brand and food line have you become loyal to? Share your experience, rants, and raves in the comments below!

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