5 Best Dog Food For Chihuahuas With Allergies

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If your Chihuahua has food issues, you are probably wondering. Which is the best dog food for chihuahuas with allergies?

Not all Chihuahuas have the same allergies, and the same goes for humans. Every dog is different and needs proper foods. Always buy from established brands with a good reputation.

Firstly, before you choose food for your Chi, get a veterinarian appointment. Do an allergy test for your beloved Chihuahua. In other words, you will assure yourself that you won’t harm your pet.

Types Of Allergies In Chihuahuas

There is a difference between a food allergy and food intolerance. You must distinguish these two. A food allergy will do an inflammation reaction and is usually backed by an immune response.

On the other hand, food intolerance reaction is a sign of digestive problems or skin infection.

Depending on the genetics of your Chihuahua, they can experience different allergies. Many owners foresee these reactions as food issues.

One of the most common allergic reactions is anaphylactic shock. It occurs during peanut allergies or insect stings. In this allergic reaction, breathing issues occur. That way, making the breathing of your Chihuahua hard.

Another allergic reaction that needs our focus is backed by swelling or redness/itchiness of the skin. In many cases, this can be accompanied by stomach issues such as diarrhea or vomit.

best chihuahua food

How to spot Chihuahuas allergies

If your Chihuahua has some of the symptoms we listed, there is a good chance it has an allergic reaction. So, the main signs are:

  • Vomiting and Diarrhea
  • Itchiness/Redness of the skin
  • Breathing issues
  • Immune reaction
  • Epilepsy

Veterinarian tests can get you to acknowledge which types of allergies your Chihuahua has. So, you don’t need to feel any pressure when feeding your Chi.

Feeding Best Chihuahua Food

There are two types of foods that need your focus. The first one is a low ingredient diet, and the other is a hypoallergenic nutritious food diet.

The moderate ingredient diet is mainly made from foods with fewer components. In other words, you have insight into which allergen can develop a reaction in your Chihuahua.

A hypoallergenic nutritious diet is made from high protein blocks, which are hydrolyzed amino acids. These foods won’t trigger allergic reactions. Cause the immune system of the Chihuahua won’t make an allergic response to a nonexisting allergen.

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Portion size for Chihuahuas

Portion sizes can vary depending on how nutritious the food is. In many cases, there is a chance you are not giving enough fat or protein to your Chi.

Depending on the age of your Chihuahua, the food portions can have different nutritious percentages. According to AAFCO (the Association of American Feed Control Officials), these are the minimal needs:

  • 22% protein (for growth and reproduction)
  • 8% fat (for growth and reproduction).
  • 18% protein (for adult dogs).
  • 5% fat (for adult dogs).

Chihuahua puppies require more protein, that way helping them grow healthy and without any issues.

Carb restrictions are also recommended for your Chihuahua. So, feed food that is high in fat and protein. In other words, developing their muscles and health.

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Best Dog Food For Chihuahuas With Allergies

In this section, we are listing the best Chihuahua food out on the market. So, you have the knowledge on which are the best and easily order them online.

1.     IAMS Minichunks Adult Dry Dog Food – Chicken Based

This dog food brand has high-quality animal protein. Has a specific dog formula that helps your Chihuahua be healthy and joyful as well.

Made from 100% complete and balanced nutrition with no fake preservatives and flavors. Also, this brand has the best ingredients made directly from the U.S.A. Which gives your dog that much-needed quality food.

You can feed this food to puppies or adult dogs. This food can be given dry or mixed with water for a better experience.

  • Vets are recommending IAMS 
  • Antioxidants help to support a healthy immune system.
  • Protein supplied from a genuine chicken serves as a good build for stronger muscle.
  • Wholesome fibers and prebiotics.
  • 3 Sizes – 7 lb, 15lb, and 30lb

2.     Ps for Dogs 100% Hypoallergenic Dog Food

PS for Dogs is indeed 100% anti-allergic food that helps your Chihuahua feel healthy. This low-sugar food helps in the prevention of yeast. Which is the cause of paw licking and biting in Chihuahuas. It’s one of the best dog food for chihuahuas with allergies

It can solve itching, redness, bumps, and bad skin odor. But above all their restricted ingredient mix incorporates lamb and other hypoallergenic components.

Nutritious wise it is grain-free and full of healthy proteins. It is specifically developed for dogs that are picky eaters. Made from air-dried meat that is highly valuable as a hypoallergenic snack.

The sole purpose of this food is to remove allergies and provide the best-balanced diet. An excellent notice to take is that this food is made in small batches. In other words, providing and ensuring good quality.

3.     Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small & Mini Breeds

The natural fiber is used in this dry dog food to nourish your tiny dog’s stomach for optimal digestive health. Vitamin E, omega 6 fatty acids, and other nutrients are an addition to nourish skin and produce a glossy coat.

Miniature and toy breed dogs will benefit from this brand of dog food, which is specially developed to deliver an ideal balance of nutrients. 3734 calories per kilogram (392 calories per cup) is the calorie content of this food

For delicate stomachs and dogs with sensitive skin, precise balanced, and highly digestible substances are provided.

Ingredients wise it is made mainly out of chicken, brewers rice, peas, egg product, animal liver, etc. You can find a detailed list in the provided link.

4.     Royal Canin Breed – Healthy Nutritious Chihuahua Adult Food

Food made specifically for Chihuahuas with biotin, omega 3 EPA, and DHA enhance skin and coat health. For instance, if your chihuahuas are 8 months or older, it’s the perfect food.

Helps to optimize stool, for small dogs, with highly digested proteins and exact fiber content. Delicious to the point where every picky Chihuahua will be satisfied and enjoy their meal.

  • This royal canine adult dry food has unique kibble shapes which are easy to fit the Chihuahua jaws.
  • Comes in dry and wet packages, helping with hydration or brushing teeth effect.
  • There are 2 types of packages, 10pounds, and 2.5pounds. So you have a choice depending on your Chihuahuas’ needs.

The main ingredients of this food are corn, chicken, oat groats, brewers rice, etcetera. However, you can find a list of ingredients on the product link.

5.     Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food

Made from high-quality proteins that help for lean muscle development. Easy to digest, even for older Chihuahuas.

Hill’s science food is the number one recommendation from veterinarians in the U.S.A. It contains high-quality ingredients with new technology.

Intensely delicious, in other words, will get your Chihuahua into a mouthwatering experience. Made from natural ingredients, into a convenient single-serve tray.

Produced with a taste of chicken, pork, carrot, wheat flour, potato starch, and more. Again, an extended list of ingredients is provided on the link.

Which Food For Chihuahua To Choose

It’s best to keep an eye on your Chihuahua after every meal and try to spot any allergic reactions. It’s best to make an allergic test in other words managing you and your Chihuahua safe and happy.

Try to pick the best dog food for chihuahuas with allergies, and make sure they will love it without any stomach problems. Get a variety of foods and see how well it will digest them.

If you have thoughts, comments, or even experience with some of these listed foods, share it and discuss it below with fellow Chihuahua owners.

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