Cutting Dog Nails With Human Clippers – Safe Or Not?

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Dog parents may be tempted about cutting dog nails with human clippers – but is that safe for your canine? Find out in this article!

Nothing beats getting a warm hug from your furry best friends. But, when your cashmere sweater suffers tears from your doggo’s long nails – it’s time for a trim. But is it necessary to always head to the groomers when your furbaby needs to get its nails clipped? Or can you use human nail clippers on dogs?

Cutting dog nails with human clippers is definitely possible. Large dogs have much thicker nails that you can’t handle with human clippers. When it comes to puppies or small canines, you can learn the skill and utilize standard nail clippers. Doing so can help dog owners save time and money instead of buying pricey nail-cutting tools for dogs. 

So, without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look at the matter of whether or not it is possible to cut or trim your doggo’s nails with human nail clippers and if you can learn to do so at home. 

Why Is Cutting Dog Nails Necessary?

Dog’s nails grow continuously and have to be cut regularly. You see, in the wild, dogs don’t need to get their nails cut as their hunting and traveling on different terrains naturally keeps their claws in check. However, most injuries wild dogs face have to do with neglected foot and nail care. 

Cutting Dog Nails Necessary

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Long nails in dogs can lead to reduced traction and splayed feet. Furthermore, ignoring long nails can even cause deformed feet, toe spreading, and tendon injuries. Long nails are also susceptible to chipping or breaking, among other painful conditions. Hence, if you are wondering can I cut my dog’s nails with fingernail clippers, then wonder no more. That’s because we’re about to tell you if you can clip your furbaby’s nail and how.

When Should You Cut Your Dog’s Nails With Clippers?

When you hear your dog’s nail click loudly on the wooden floor – it’s time for a nail trim. Similarly, if your pet’s nails get stuck in the carpet constantly – that’s another sign of a pending manicure. However, it isn’t always possible for you to trim or cut your furbaby’s sharp nippers at home.

If your pup happens to be six weeks of age, you can give clipping your doggo’s nails with regular clippers a try. You see, at six weeks, your dog is still young, and its nails are not going to be too tough or thick for a human clipper to trim. Puppies have thinner nails, and the quick is fairly obvious to see through the nails too. Therefore, the task becomes easier to do.

Additionally, if you start to clip or even slightly trim your canine’s nails from a young age, then your furbaby doesn’t mind the idea of grooming at an early age. And, when it is time to go to the groomers or the vet, then the job of actual nail clipping causes your doggo less anxiety or stress.

As mentioned earlier, cutting dog nails with human clippers in small dog breeds isn’t too challenging. Small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas have relatively less thick nails. And, since dog nails are longer, you can get a much better grip on them with a regular nail clipper. But, you should never insert the entire nail into the clipper to trim or clip. 

When dealing with dogs with dark or black nails, you can take a look at the side of the nail where you should be able to see a darker spot of color, indicating the point of the quick. Just remember to clip well above the nerve so that you can avoid hurting your furbaby.

When To Avoid Cutting Dog Nails With Human Clippers

Many pet parents find the job of cutting their dog’s nails at home with a regular clipper to be a harrowing task. There are many tutorials available on YouTube to learn how to cut your dog’s nails. You can even type in ‘can I clip my dog’s nails with toenail clippers’ to get many tutorials from the internet. But if you don’t feel comfortable with the task, you should let the professionals handle the job. 

On the flip side, many pet guardians feel that nail clipping is easy enough for them to handle. However, you have to be exceedingly careful as a dog’s nails have a living pink quick, and the hard outer material is the shell. 

The quick supplies blood to the nails and runs through the core of the nail. Now, if you aren’t extra vigilant and happen to cut a quick, then the nerves in the quick can cause considerable pain and bleeding. 

If your dog’s nails do not fit into the clippers you are trying to use; you shouldn’t try to force the nail through. You can injure your furbaby’s paws or even its nails if you apply too much pressure. Moreover, if your pooch has somehow managed to split one of its nails, it’s best to head to the vet or groomer in such a situation. 

Are There Any Special Tools For Cutting Dog Nails?

Of course, there are special tools available to trim a dog’s nails. There are professional instruments in the market that many groomers use to grind your fur baby’s nails. Groomers use these tools to sand away your dog’s nails slowly. Next, you have to cauterize the nail ends to prevent any infection or injury. But, for pet parents, there are dog clippers available, both for large or small dog breeds. 

These clippers resemble pliers and are longer so that there is more space to accommodate the whole nail. Dog clippers, as the name suggests, are specially designed to clip canine nails. Hence, dog nail clippers are sharper, sturdier, and more resilient as dogs have thicker and longer nails than humans.


Grooming your dog is a must. And, yes, you do need to cut your dog’s nails every month. Just a little bit of research will help you get the information you need to know about the tools you need to clip your dog’s nails. But, if you have a puppy or small dog breed, then cutting dog nails with human clippers can certainly work. Yet, you have to realize that your pooch’s nails are a sensitive area, so it is a task that you will have to deal with extreme care.

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