How Much Is A Blue Chihuahua Worth – Price Tag And Other Details

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Wondering how much is a Blue Chihuahua worth? Then you’re at the right place. Stay with us as we tell you all there is to Blue Chihuahuas!

Blue Chihuahua is a unique variety of Chihuahuas with broader acceptance and can cost up to thousands of dollars as per puppies’ physical features and health status. These puppies have wide eyes and broad ears that make them sought after as pets.

So, before you get one home, it’s best to know the details of costs and how much you need to spend on care and maintenance. We’ve summarized the average expenditure of purchasing and nurturing a blue Chihuahua for you. Plus, there are tips on how to recognize a true breed. 

How Much Is A Blue Chihuahua Worth

Blue Chihuahua, a rare Chihuahua breed, is not coming slow for its highly unique coat characteristics. Plus, it can take a handsome amount to get one of these beauties as a pet. Blue Chihuahuas are pretty challenging to breed. That means getting on your hands on these furbabies is a big deal. That’s why it’s not uncommon for them to cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Generally, standard Chihuahuas are not that expensive and are easily found from 300 to 800$, but blue Chihuahua cost around 10,000$ depending on the popularity. These puppies are equally famous worldwide, but the ‘Hot Dog Breed’ is especially popular with canine enthusiasts in Japan. 

Additional factors also influence blue Chihuahua prices. For example, age, gender, health certifications, registrations, and other paperwork matters a lot. Obviously, if you get a vaccinated and fit blue Chihuahua, the price will be high compared to one without any certification. So, before sealing the purchase, make sure you have cross-checked all the parameters.

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What Makes The Blue Chihuahua So Highly Prized

If you are wondering what makes Blue Chihuahuas so highly prized, allow us to elaborate. 

These are not like other dog breeds, and getting them to breed successfully is pretty tricky. Also, blue chihuahuas are renowned for their coloration and thick coat. Breeders breed different colored Chihuahuas, including fawns and chocolate brown, to expect a solid color puppy. But the coloration of blue chihuahua happens almost once in a blue moon. The coat color is controlled by a gene that expresses in its recessive form only. 

In fact, producing blue puppies from parents having the blue gene is also unconfirmed. It is not ethically allowed to breed two pure blue Chihuahua to get true litter because it can result in several disorders. 

Here, you must not confuse ‘Blue Coat’ as a bright blue sheen and imagine getting a puppy with a blue spotlight. Instead, this variety has a gray coat with highlights of blue. 

When we mentioned Blue Chihuahua as an exceptional breed, you should know its parallel variety that is Merle Blue Chihuahua. 

Although both are precious, the significant differences are

  • Merle Blue Chihuahua puppies have white spots or patterns in the blue coat. They also have some health issues resulting from the breeding.

How Much Is A Blue Chihuahua Worth

  • Blue Chihuahua puppies don’t have di or tri coloration and are known for a dense blue coat. You can find the lowest price, not less than 1,000$.

 blue chihuahuas

How To Identify Blue Chihuahuas

If you’re of a mind to land a Blue Chihuahua with impeccable pedigree – it’s best to learn the breed’s characteristics. There have been instances where canine lovers have been duped into buying a pet that’s not a true blue Chihuahua. 

Some breeders make false statements and sell other varieties by presenting them as the actual breed. But you can differentiate between a true blue Chihuahua and other breed pups if you know their unique features. So, keep the following pointers in mind when you’re out searching for your furry best pal. 

  • First of all, a true Chihuahua blue has a rim around the eyes, nose, and pads of the paws. Check carefully and analyze if there is a rim or not. If you don’t find the rim, it’s best to continue your search elsewhere. 
  • Secondly, they have a tint of blue in the fur. It must not be too gray without blue highlights. Solid coloration is the ideal feature of actual blue puppies, but it is the rarest.  
  • Blue Chis are small and weigh no more than 6 pounds. They also stand a mere 8 inches tall. 
  • All Blue Chihuahua have oversized ears and wide eyes. Some might call them their most prominent features. 

Other Blue Chihuahua-Related Expenditures

Before buying a blue Chihuahua puppy, it’s wise to have an in-depth estimate of the costs and expenditures to come across in the future. Remembers all pets have their needs, and you’re in charge of providing them with comfortable living conditions. After all, there’s more to Chihuahua pet care than just asking how much is a Blue Chihuahua worth. 

Luckily for you, we’ve put together this section with expected costs you’ll likely come across. 


Like any living being, Chihuahuas need food, and they have a bit of an appetite because of their super-sonic metabolisms. Although they do not need much exercise, they still need a high-energy diet. 

If you are a first-time dog owner, you may have to try one or more dog food brands before your pup settles on one it likes. Plus, Chihuahuas are pretty picky and love to eat food without artificial flavors. This food type also keeps them safe from allergies and has high energy content. So, if you have one Chihuahua, you can buy a medium food bag of around 100$ to last for a couple of months.

Sometimes Blue Chihuahuas can develop dental issues. That’s why it’s best to avoid stuff that can lead to oral concerns. Try to avoid giving your pet candies and other sugary treats. Instead, rely on specially formulated treats that support oral health. Dental treats can help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy and even promote digestive function.

Vet Visits, Grooming, and Hygiene

Another area of expenditure in terms of Blue Chihuahua upkeep is vet visits and vaccinations. You’ll need to keep up with your pet’s visits to the vet regularly to ensure it receives all the medication and vaccinations it needs to live a long and healthy life. Finally, you can also run into costs for hygiene and grooming, but these are almost negligible.


We’ve reached the end of another Chihuahua guide. We’re hoping all your queries, including – how much is a Blue Chihuahua worth – have been answered.

Blue Chihuahuas are sought after because of their unique coloring and cute floppy ears. Not to mention, they’re a Chihuahua sub-type, so cuteness is guaranteed. However, before you head to include a Chi pup as a member of your family – remember to do your research. Also, it’s best to stick to reputable breeders to ensure your pup is hale and hearty. That’s all from us for now. See you next time with more Chi-related news!

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