What Is The Deer Head Chihuahua Price Range?

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Deer head chihuahua price can be affected by different qualities. Keep in mind the health of the bloodline of the chihuahua you want to buy.

There is no strictly defined price, and the price range can vary as well. When looking for a young deer head chihuahua, you should expect higher prices than apple-head chihuahuas.

It’s good to know how a healthy deer chihuahua looks, how rare the dog colorway is, or even the size. All these factors can affect the price. Many attributes come into play when a breeder determines the price of a chihuahua.

Deer Head Chihuahua Attributes

When thinking of chihuahua, the first thing that comes to your mind is those tiny, cute toy breed dogs. But not every chihuahua is the same. There are two breeds based on their coat that can be acknowledged. Long-haired and short-haired are the two main classifications according to American Kennel Club.

However, in breeders’ communities, the different type of head plays a big part in the breed of the chi. There are three types of chihuahuas, apple-headed, pear-headed, and deer-headed chihuahuas.

The apple-headed chihuahua is the most common one. On the other hand, pear and deer headed are rare. Pear-headed chihuahuas have a nearly identical head to deer head, but it’s flatter. The muzzle is more notable in pear-headed chihuahuas.

Deer head chihuahuas, named like that for obvious reasons, are a breed that has a long neck and looks like a baby deer. The personality of deer-headed chi is nearly the same as that of large dog breeds. It has a strong attitude and is not a good fit as a family dog.

Physiognomy-wise, the dear head chihuahua is far more different than the other two breeds. They have long legs, and their body is way notable than the other types. Health-wise, they have far fewer health problems than the apple and pear-headed chihuahuas.

We must say that many acknowledged kennel clubs and breeders choose not to accept the deer-headed chi as a standard type of breed.

If you are a first-time chihuahua owner, the deer type is the best one you can purchase or adopt. When choosing a puppy dear headed chihuahua, it could be hard to spot the characteristics we numbered. It’s best to see the puppy’s parents and confirm the type of chi.

How Much Is A Deer Head Chihuahua Price?

The price of the Dear Head Chihuahua can vary. As we mentioned, the AKC does not accept this type of chi as an official breed, so the price is way lower than the apple head chi.

On the internet, the prices can be between 350$ and 2000$. Price can be dependent on the color of the coat and the size of the chihuahua.

Deer-headed chihuahuas come in long or short coats. Colorways can be a mix of white, brown, grey, or fawn.

There are many uncertified breeders of this breed so, you will get low prices from these breeders. Around 400$ to 700$ are in the lower spectrum of the price range. On the other hand, higher spectrum prices can be between 800$ and 2000$.

Depending on the age of the dear-headed chihuahua, the price can fluctuate as well.

  • For a puppy deer-headed chihuahua, you can expect a price between 400$ and 1500$.
  • Adult deer-headed chihuahuas can be somewhere between 200$ and $500.

The lowest price you can get is if you go and find a deer-headed chi in an adoption dog center. Many people don’t want to adopt a dog, but that doesn’t change the dog’s beauty. Adoption prices can be between 150$ and 300$, but it’s rare to find puppy deer head chihuahuas in adoption centers.

You need to know that the adoption prices are just fees that go toward the adoption center. Sometimes these centers will have an additional fee as a donation toward stray deer-head chihuahua rescue operations.

Characteristics That Boost The Price Of A Chihuahua

Long-haired deer head chihuahuas can boost up the price for an additional 100$ to 300$. They are way rarer than the short-coated deer head chihuahuas.

Long-haired deer head chihuahuas can boost up the price

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If you buy an adult chihuahua, check their health. Many of these toy breeds have dental problems so, the price can get higher depending on the condition of their teeth. Before purchasing, it’s good to take an adult deer-headed chi to a vet and do a detailed medical examination.

The average price for medical appointments can be between 500$ and 1000$. If you are not ready to pay them, don’t purchase or adopt a chi with health issues. The happiness and the health of your future pet should be your only concern.

Another concern is patellar luxation, which can be a big issue in the health of the deer-headed chihuahua. This syndrome can bring additional fees toward medications, and the treatment can be expensive. The end-stage of this condition can be surgery. The price of patellar luxation surgery can be between 1500$ and 4000$.

At the end of the day adopting, or purchasing a pet is not something considered lightly. You are adding a member to your family, so you need to care for them as well.

Deer Headed Chihuahua Price Range

So, as we mentioned, deer head chihuahua price can vary a lot. The exact price prediction is impossible because there are extra costs.

No matter the fact, if you are adopting, or purchasing a chi, save money in the range of 500$ to 3000$.

Also, keep in mind the health issues of deer-headed chihuahuas so, be ready to cover those expenses as well, for the sake of the joyfulness and health of your future pet.


Don’t purchase a deer head chihuahua if you won’t give it unconditional love. Pets are not toys, and we must treat them right. If you can’t afford to spend the prices we mentioned, don’t force yourself to buy a deer-headed chihuahua.

We recommend you adopt a deer-headed chihuahua, that way saving the dog’s life and spending way less as well.

We recommend you adopt a deer-headed chihuahua

If you got any questions or comments, feel free to share them below in the comment section, and remember to always consider adoption before purchasing.

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