Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier Mix

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The chihuahua Yorkshire terrier mix it’s a mixed breed dog called Chorkie. As we know these small puppies are full of energy, in other words, they are playful, outgoing as well as devoted which are the best trait of their parents. They go by several names like Yorkiechi, Yorkie-chi, York-chi, etc.

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Chihuahua Yorkie Mix

Despite their designer status, these pups may be found in shelters and breed-specific rescues, so remember to adopt and not go shopping. These cute puppies make great apartment pets for busy individuals as well as for large families.

The Chorkie may be the appropriate dog for you if you’re seeking a little, attention-loving dog with a huge personality. They are great with people, easy to adapt to living in an apartment, but you have to make sure not to leave them alone for a long time.

These little fellas are also great if you have a family and little kids. With their energy, they are a great company and fun little toy for your kids. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you keep the Chorkie social with dogs as well as people.

Personality Of Chorkie

Because both the Chihuahua and the Yorkshire terrier are notorious for their barking, don’t anticipate much peaceful time in your home if you have a Chorkie.

If they are bred to be like the Chihuahua, a Chorkie may be nervous around strangers at first, but they bond up soon. They may also be unfriendly to other dogs, particularly large ones, and prefer to be the only dog in the house.

Chorkie’s are energetic dogs who seek your attention at all hours of the day. Fortunately, both species are also loyal and loving and always eager for a cuddle. No matter what personality traits your Chorkie possesses, you can almost always count on them to offer you enough affection to balance out all that stress.

The Best Environment For Chorkie

Except for short forays outside for walks and play, Chorkies are most obviously indoor dogs and should be kept indoors for the most part.

Chorkie’s, like their parent breeds, are frequently energetic little balls of fur. However, because of their modest size, they may grow in compact areas such as flats.

Yorkie Chihuahua Mix Fully Grown

Because of their unique parents, each Chihuahua Yorkshire terrier mix has a distinct appearance. Littermates don’t always have the same characteristics. What all Yorkchis have in common is their small stature. After all, this crossbreed is the progeny of two of the world’s tiniest purebred dogs.

The majority of Chihuahua Yorkie mixes are toy or tiny dogs with a rectangular body shape. Some Chihuahua Yorkie hybrids, like their parents, are small enough to fit in handbags.

A fully mature Chihuahua Yorkie Mix will measure 6 to 9 inches (15 to 23 cm) in height. Their mature body weight ranges from 8 to 15 pounds (4 to 7 kilograms). After six months, Chorkie’s are considered fully developed.

Chihuahua Yorkshire terrier mix lifespan is 10 to 15 years.

How Do They Look?

The head of this crossbreed is tiny and rounded, with pointed ears like a Chihuahua or floppy ears like a Yorkie. The Yorkie’s wide, black eyes and petite, brown snout are often passed down to Chihuahua Yorkie hybrids.

The long coat of the Yorkie is inherited by many of these adorable canines. Chorkie’s with long coats have fur that is thick, smooth, and silky. Otherwise, they will inherit their Chihuahua parent’s short to medium-length coats.

How Do They Look

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Getting A Yorkie-Chihuahua Mix?

Because the Chorkie is a younger breed with fewer numbers than other dogs, locating one may be more difficult than getting a purebred dog. A quick internet search, on the other hand, will probably generate a few options for rescuing or purchasing a Chorkie from a breeder.

Be cautious of online scams and puppy farms no matter how you go about obtaining your Chorkie. If you’re thinking of purchasing a Chorkie you saw online, ask around for recommendations for trustworthy breeders and rescue groups, and read reviews.

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Chorkie’s History

Chorkie’s are a very recent designer dog breed. While there is no information about when the Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier are first crossed, the breed became popular in the United States in the 1990s.

But it gets more complicated—because we’re dealing with a mixed breed, we’ll have to delve into the history of both parent breeds to figure out where this dog genuinely originates from.

Around a thousand years ago, the Chihuahua’s bigger forebears have favored companions of the Toltecs in Mexico. Around the 12th century, the Aztecs have reduced their size.

When they discovered the breed in the state of Chihuahua in the mid-1800s, it piqued their curiosity (hence the name it bears today). The AKC registered the first Chihuahua in 1908. The Chihuahua’s popularity has grown thanks to appearances in films, television shows, and even ads.

The Yorkshire terrier, with its origins in the mid-1800s, appears to be a modern breed when compared to the Chihuahua’s extensive history.

It was originally seen in the English counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire, and subsequently became more of a stylish prop, frequently seen on the laps of English ladies. Though this breed has now attained a higher rank, it did not begin that way.

Chorkie’s Training

When it comes to training, both parent breeds are difficult and rebellious.  Chorkie’s, like their parent breeds, are devoted, clever, and ready to please dogs who react well to positive reinforcement.

It is good that training begins early and be tough yet kind. Your dog’s Yorkie side may respond favorably to effusive praise and treats.

With the Yorkie’s ancestry in mind, it’s also a good idea to introduce your Chorkie to new situations, animals, and people carefully and always in a joyful, pleasant atmosphere.


Chorkie’s are little dogs who don’t require a lot of food all day. It is healthy for them to feed them three to four times a day, with a caloric intake of roughly 100 calories each time. Small dogs are more prone to become fat, which can lead to cardiac issues. Keep an eye on how much they consume.

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Because of its Chihuahua and Yorkie parents, the Chihuahua Yorkie mix has the right balance of sassiness and sociability. This lively, energetic dog might make a wonderful companion. This hybrid will adore you and remain by your side for the rest of his or her life.

The Chorkie is a fantastic fit for people that wants to spend their time indoors. You won’t be sorry you got this low-maintenance dog.

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