5 Deer Head Chihuahua Temperament Facts You Should Know!

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Been wondering about Deer Head Chihuahua temperament? If yes, then our article can help you learn more about these wonderful canines!

Move over, standard Chis, there’s a new sheriff in town! That’s right – Deer Head Chihuahuas are all the rage now and racking up fans like nobody’s business!

If you’re a Deer Head Chi enthusiast who’d like to know more about the sub-breeds behavior – we’ve got great news. Our article will cover facts about Deer Head Chihuahua temperament all prospective owners should know about before bringing their doggo home! So, let’s get to it.

Deer Head Chihuahua History – A Brief Recap

If you’re a regular at chihuahuaguide.com – you know we’ve already covered Chi history in considerable detail. However, if you’re a brand-new visitor – don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this recap section.

You see, the Chihuahua breed has been around for a long time. We can trace Chi history all the way back to the Aztec civilization. Modern-day Chis are all linked to the Techichi breed of old, but obviously, over the years, there’s been cross-breeding involved too. That’s primarily how today’s Chihuahuas look a lot different than their ancestors.

Deer Head Chihuahuas are one of the seven Chi breed types – but no one really knows how they came about. As a variation of the Chihuahua breed, Deer Heads are known for their long doe-like legs, prominent ears, and deeply set eyes.

Deer Heads also tend to grow bigger than your average Apple Head Chihuahuas and have lesser health concerns too. The important bit for prospective pet parents to know about Deer Heads is this – they’re not a separate breed of Chihuahuas, just a variation.

5 Facts About Deer Head Chihuahua Temperament

Now that we’ve briefly touched upon Deer Head Chi history and origins – let’s move on to those behavioral facts we promised. We’ve compiled and gathered five facts about this Chi variation’s nature, so future Deer Head owners have a good idea of what to expect when bringing their fur baby home!

1. Deer Head Chihuahuas Have Big Personalities

Don’t be surprised when you learn that Deer Heads and standard Chis aren’t too different in nature – they’re the same breed of doggo, after all.

Deer Heads may have small bodies compared to dog breeds like German Shepherds – but they do not lack personality-wise. In fact, Chihuahuas don’t know how small they truly are, or they just don’t care.

Expect your Deer Head to behave like it’s the biggest and baddest pup on the block – regardless of how small it stands. Your pet won’t back away from picking a fight with a canine twice its size, nor will it hesitate to protect you if it feels you’re in any danger.

There’s also a playful and cuddly side to Deer Heads. That’s mainly because Chihuahuas were bred as companion dogs. That means your doggo will often be your shadow and, like nothing better to settle down in your lap for some quality petting time. If there’s one word (or three) to describe Deer Head Chihuahua personality – it’s larger-than-life.

Deer Head Chihuahuas Have Big Personalities

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2. Deer Head Chihuahuas Are Highly Energetic

If you want a pet that likes nothing more than lazing around all day – you should look elsewhere. Deer Head Chihuahuas are tiny, bouncing balls of energy. They’re often on the move – exploring around the house, staring out windows, barking at random sounds. That may sound like a nightmare to dog owners with pets like Chow Chows or Bassets – but Deer Heads are just different.

Each canine breed has its own quirks, and Deer Head Chis aren’t any different. They require owners that can take out the time to help them expend their pent-up energy. That means the breed is more suited to pet owners with an active lifestyle or a large family with plenty of members to look after their Chi.

3. Deer Heads Are Beyond Loyal

Male vs female Chihuahua temperament isn’t all that different. But, there’s one thing you can expect your Deer Head to be – and that’s loyal. We know what you’re thinking – loyalty is a universal doggy trait! And that’s true; however, you can expect your Deer Head Chi to take faithfulness to new heights!

Deer Heads are so attuned to your safety and well-being that they’re always alert to any event that could pose a threat to you. Don’t be surprised if your pet is the first to reach the door after the bell goes. Your Deer Head will personally inspect all visitors to see if they’re safe enough to be allowed near its precious family.

4. Deer Heads Don’t Like Other Pets Much

Here’s the thing. Sometimes, with great love comes great jealousy. Chihuahuas are companion canines, and they like being the center of their parent’s attention. Anything that comes between their loved ones and them – even if it’s another pet – isn’t likely to be appreciated. Deer Heads prefer to take on the lone-wolf persona and don’t like interruptions in the form of other animals. However, if your Deer Head pup grows up with other animals around the house, it’s more likely to be friends with them.

5. Deer Head Chihuahuas Are Emotionally Intelligent

People often mistakenly call Chihuahuas stubborn. That’s mostly because they’re not as quick to train as other dog breeds. But that doesn’t mean your Chi isn’t smart. In fact, if Deer Head Chihuahua info is anything to go by, you can expect your doggo to be highly sensitive. Chihuahuas, as companion dogs, are motivated by what affects their owners. That’s why they’re much more sensitive to their owners’ emotions and feelings. Don’t be shocked if your Deer Head materializes out of nowhere if you’re feeling down. On the flip side, you can also expect your pet to disappear for a while if it feels your angry.


There you go, folks. We’ve handed five popular tidbits about Deer Head Chihuahua temperament and hope you understand them better now. Deer Heads make lovely pets, and they’re incredibly giving. Nevertheless, as owners, it falls upon us to make sure we know the responsibilities that come with doggy ownership. If there’s even the slightest doubt in your mind about not being able to take care of a Deer Head – it’s best to clear it out before committing. Try spending time with a neighbor’s or friend’s Deer Head to understand the breed, and once you’re sure – go ahead and bring your furball home!

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