Do Chihuahuas Get Along With Cats?

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We know the cartoonish relationship between canines and felines, but do chihuahuas get along with cats? Are they good with feline companions?

Chihuahuas have a bit of a haughty reputation, but they are known to warm up to their companions. Anyone would want to know how to 

Do Chihuahuas like cats? Will it be possible to host both of them under one roof? Read on to find out if it’s really a match made in heaven!

Chihuahuas and Cats – A Match Made In Heaven?

The reputation of a Chihuahua precedes the breed. Haughty and sassy, these miniature friends are as posh as they come. They are likely to be standoffish towards strangers and have fierce personalities.

If you’re afraid that your Chihuahua might chase around the cat in your house because of this, fear not! Your Chihuahua and cat are likely to get along swimmingly, give or take a few days of getting used to each other’s presence.

One factor is also size. A Chihuahua is a pretty small dog, and there’s a possibility that your cat is even larger. There’s a chance that the cat is the one chasing the dog around. This is a typical playtime activity and is nothing to worry about unless one of the pets gets physically harmed.

Another factor is the age of your dog. The saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is being challenged every day, but there is some truth to the statement. Younger dogs, including Chihuahuas, adapt to pretty much anything that they group up with to be normal. However, when they’re older, anything new becomes a wrench in their perfect little world and might cause a negative reaction.

Given these factors, you should be able to figure out if your Chihuahua and the new cat have a chance of a peaceful life.

Chihuahuas and Cats - A Match Made In Heaven

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How To Introduce Your Chihuahua To Your Cat

If you’ve already made the plunge to include a lively feline into your home, it’s possible your Chihuahua would be a little spooked, especially when they are older and have marked your home as their very own territory and kingdom.

You can take some steps to help make sure that your Chihuahua is ready for a feline companion.

Stay Calm and Collected

When bringing the cat to the home, act natural, like the cat has been there for a while already. They will be able to feel if you are nervous and agitated, and they may have the same feelings for the new companion, as well.

The best thing that could happen is that your Chihuahua and the cat will just ignore each other’s presence. This means no one feels threatened or in danger, paving the way to a good relationship down the line!

Give Them Their Own Space

Your Chihuahua is sure to have its own favorite spots around your home. Let them keep their spots, but allow the cat to settle in different spaces too. Separate where they sleep and eat so they can’t get on each other’s territorial, aggressive side. It’s best not to give them a chance to challenge each other about who is ruling the realm!

Don’t Play Favorites

This means giving them the same amount of attention and care. Chihuahuas can have a jealous streak so if you’re cuddling up to your cat and playing with them more often, this can cause a negative reaction. 

To prevent this, schedule your special time with each respective pet. If you are all playing together, give them an equal amount of attention and praise. Then, they will never feel like the other pet is stealing their owner’s time or love. You have enough in the household to go around.

Use Positive Reinforcement

If your Chihuahua isn’t taking to the company very well and resorts to some attention-grabbing behavior, then you might try to win them over with treats. Whenever they behave around the cat, toss them a treat and they will know what they are doing is right. Toss treats in the direction of the cat for not engaging with your Chihuahua negatively as well!

Small Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

If you’re looking to build your furry family one cuddly critter at a time, you will want to know what breeds get along with cats well. There are a lot of breeds that become friendly with felines, but we are looking specifically at other small breeds.

  • Beagle – this very sociable breed is sweet and holds the bark
  • Bichon Frise – small, energetic, and playful, they are not intimidating at all
  • Boston Terrier – a less excitable terrier, they don’t have a strong hunting instinct and get along with other animals
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – they are well known for their reserved temperament and remain in a cute, nonintimidating size
  • Maltese – this kind and calm breed isn’t likely to cause a scene in any kind of situation
  • Pug – they don’t get particularly uptight about territorial issues and are very sweet
  • Papillon – down to earth and curious, they will be open to having a new companion around
  • Toy Poodle – smart and haughty, they are likely to ignore the presence of your cat instead of chasing them around

These small dogs have the best chance of becoming peaceful housemates in your home. They will not only keep you company but keep your peace of mind with how unlikely they are to fight and cause a ruckus!

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Chihuahuas and cats are very likely to get along. The confident energy of the breed is enough to gain respect from your cat. With some luck and hard work, they will become the best of friends.

However, there is still a responsibility on you as the pet owner to do what you can to make the co-living space as comfortable as possible for both your furry housemates. There are lots of ways to make sure you are all residing in harmony.

Do you live in a cat and dog household? Did you have any problems or was it all smooth sailing? Let us know about your fun stories in the comments below!

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