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Wondering how long does it take a Chihuahua to have puppies? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this article and learn more.

After conceiving, it takes around two months for the expecting Chihuahua to give birth to the puppies.

Several physical changes happen during pregnancy, and the pup needs varied conditions to complete her phase successfully. After an estimated time, Chihuahua has labor and delivers babies.

So, if your Chihuahua has received good news recently, monitor her constantly for a healthy delivery. You can only do this by knowing her weekly or monthly pregnancy stages. 

There’s absolutely no need for you to panic. All you have to do is go through our article to learn about the various stages of Chi pregnancy, labor signs, and complications. Ready?

How Long Does It Take A Chihuahua To Have Puppies?

The news that your Chi is expecting the pitter-patter of little paws can be delightful. At times, it may be almost impossible to count down the days until you can hold the little furball in your arms.

Thankfully, Chi parents will only have to wait for a total of two months (9 weeks or 58-68 days) from the time of conception to see what their pet’s puppies look like.

If your Chihuahua is giving birth for the first time, be sure to take good care of her and seek veterinarian supervision. What’s more, we’ve compiled much more pregnancy-related info below to help you keep your Chi as comfortable as possible.

How Long Are Chihuahua Pregnancy Periods

  • Chihuahua First Month Pregnancy Period:

Chihuahuas’ first week of pregnancy is relatively silent and does not show any clear-cut signs of pregnancy except slight morning sickness. That’s why you can keep her diet or exercise plan as per routine. You may find yourself Googling how long does it take a Chihuahua to have puppies quite often during this time.

During the 2nd and 3rd week, your Chi might need a little bit of care as cells in the embryo start developing. You’ll also see significant changes occurring in her body. She may show an increase in appetite or be somewhat tired. So, don’t let her miss any meals. It’s also best to consult your vet about the kind of food your furbaby should be consuming at this point. That way, you can ensure your Chi’s getting all the nutrients she needs.

In the 4th week of pregnancy, your Chihuahua will have been pregnant for about one month, and your wait is half-past. But, this stage is a critical point in your pet’s gestation. At the one-month mark, the pups’ development takes off and requires more monitoring.

Also, the risk of miscarriage during this is pretty high. That means you’ll have to ensure your Chi doesn’t do anything strenuous like jumping to or from heights or running too much. Any type of unnecessary exertion should be avoided.

  • Chihuahua Second Month Pregnancy Period:

At the five-week mark, your care routine should be set in terms of monitoring your Chi’s progress daily. At this point, you’ll be able to make out little puppy shapes during the ultrasound. Even more exciting, you’ll be able to learn the size of the litter your Chi is expecting. At the beginning of the second month of pregnancy, the teensy-weensy pups develop their paws and claws as they prepare to enter the world.

Around week six, your Chi will look noticeably pregnant and will experience rapid growth in girth size. You will also notice a marked increase in her appetite as her body uses up more and more nourishment to help the pups develop.

During the 7th and 8th-week mark, the puppies will have grown to their full size. You’ll be able to see the little ones move around under your Chi’s belly.

As week 9 begins, you should prepare yourself for your Chi to go into labor at any time. You’ll also see your pet’s nesting instincts kick in, and she readies herself to give birth. The nesting instinct can kick in almost two weeks before delivery, at times.

 chihuahua giving birth for the first time

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Signs Of Labor In Chihuahua Pregnancies

Seeing your Chi in labor can be a stressful experience, but labor is an unavoidable part of the pregnancy process. Thankfully, there are certain signs you should take note of to determine when the birthing is near. 

One of the very first indications of labor in your Chi should be a drop in body temperature. This change doesn’t have any physical characteristics, which is why it’s best to start taking note of your Chi’s temperature daily in the 8th week of pregnancy. When you notice your furbaby’s temperature clocks in at 100 degrees, birth is imminent in the next 24 hours. 

During the first stage of labor, your Chi will experience uterus contractions, and her cervix will dilate. This development exerts pressure on her system, and she may pant or shake for some time. Generally, this stage lasts for 6 to 12 hours and is normal. You may also notice your Chi feeling uneasy and walking to settle herself for the delivery position. 

When your pregnant Chihuahua is about to deliver her first baby, she will strain or push for about 10 to 30 minutes unless the puppy emerges. She can take almost 2 hours between puppies but mostly will deliver pups every 30 to 60 minutes. 

Some other signs of labor include: 

  • Restlessness
  • Panting
  • Hiding
  • Pacing 
  • Digging
  • Vomiting

Complications Can Chihuahuas Have While Having Puppies

Complications during labor aren’t uncommon in Chihuahuas, especially for first deliveries. That’s why it’s always best to keep your vet in the loop if you have to take a trip down to the clinic for emergencies. 

Here are some possible complications that can arise while your Chi’s giving birth and require immediate medical attention:

  • If it’s been 24 hours since her temperature dropped down and delivery hasn’t occurred.
  • Uncontrolled vomiting after labor has started.
  • In some cases, Chihuahuas can feel extreme discomfort, whine, and strain without the appearance of pups. This is a sign that the puppies may have large heads, and your Chi might need a C-section to deliver. 
  • No delivery even after 64 to 70 days of pregnancy. This can be a dangerous situation for your pet and will require immediate attention from the vet. 


The news that your Chihuahua is expecting can be delightful. And it will naturally lead pet parents to ask – how long does it take a Chihuahua to have puppies. However, pregnant Chis need lots of love and careful supervision to ensure the pregnancy and delivery go smoothly for the mother and her pups.

That’s why you should make it a point to keep up with your pet’s scheduled visits to the hospital. Keep in touch with your veterinarian on a regular basis and ask them about any doubts or worries you may have. Remember, your vet is your number source to viable information that’s specific to your Chi.

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