How To Clean Chihuahua Ears?

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If you’ve come to learn how to clean Chihuahua ears on a regular basis, we’ll show you the tips and tricks to get the job done painlessly!

Chihuahuas have big ears, but the fleshy outer part is only a fraction of what you should be paying attention to. It’s the inside of the ear that is very sensitive. If you do not get to the bottom of your dog’s ear problem as soon as possible, then it might spiral into a more serious problem.

Ears are often forgotten, which is a big mistake. Don’t know how to clean Chihuahua ears put together a regular bathing and cleaning schedule for your furry friend? Read on to find out more!

When Do You Need To Clean Your Chihuahua’s Ears?

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The small Chihuahua, despite its small size, can get into a lot of shenanigans. Its high energy levels mean a lot of activity, so working up a sweat and exploring the home or the dog park means they need to bathe regularly. That includes checking in on your Chihuahua’s ears.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to a dog’s bathing schedule, but most adult dogs of any size should have a full bath at least once a month. It’s a good idea to clean your dog’s ears at the same time.

However, there is another factor that you need to be mindful of – and that’s whether or not your Chihuahua has erect or floppy ears. Floppy ears, or ears that cover the ear canal, tend to be prone to foreign contaminants or ear infections. A vigilant owner should have a look into their floppy-eared dog at least once a week.

What Are The Signs Of Ear Infection In Dogs?

If you notice any of these symptoms in your dogs, it’s a good idea to check in on their ears. It may be an ear infection.

  • Incessant scratching of one ear
  • Ear discharge
  • Redness and/or crusting of the inside of the ears
  • Foul-smelling ears, whether it is discharge or the inside of the ear
  • Head shaking or trembling

They may also be exhibiting signs that they are in pain, such as yelping and groaning, issues with moving around, and restless behavior.

If you are concerned that’s it’s a Chihuahua ear infection, consult your vet as soon as possible. They would know what the best next steps would be.

How Can You Prevent Ear Infection In Dogs?

Dog’s ear canals are shaped in a way that makes them susceptible to ear infections. While dog ears have the same self-cleaning function as humans, they need an extra hand at keeping their ears free from harmful contaminants.

Regular cleaning at home

Prevention can always be done at home. It might be a good idea to clean your Chihuahua’s ears after their bath, but you could also alternate the activity in your schedule if your dog is being fussy. Later on in the article, the process for ear cleaning will be described.

Professional grooming

Sometimes, ear infections can also be caused or aggravated by an excessive amount of hair irritating the inside of the ears. Having your dog’s grooming appointment regularly can help prevent this from happening. The groomer should snip away any possible irritating hairs, making it much more comfortable for your dog.

Regular veterinarian check-ups

Sometimes the signs aren’t that obvious to the regular human being. But someone with experience, like your veterinarian, may be able to find potential problems way ahead of schedule. This prevents any serious ear infection from taking root and doing a lot of damage.

Make sure that these habits are reinforced for the benefit of your pet dog’s ear and overall health!

How To Clean Your Chihuahuas Ears

Cleaning Chihuahua ears is an often overlooked activity. But now that you know the dangers of leaving the ears alone, you should be more well-equipped with handling these situations.

Items to prepare

Here is your kit that will help you keep your Chihuahua’s ears in tip-top shape:

  • Cotton balls or cotton pads – the softer the better
  • Solutions for cleaning dogs ears – as recommended by your vet

Remember to never use Q-tips or applicators on your dogs. This is because the shape of the dog’s ear canal is different, and all you might be doing is pushing dirt further into your dog’s ear.

Cleaning Ears Step By Step

Finally, here are the steps on how to clean Chihuahua ears.

  1. Put your dog in a comfortable position, where you could have a full view of their ears.
  2. Saturate a cotton ball or a cotton pad in the cleaning solution. Unless instructed by your vet, do not squeeze the solution directly into your dog’s ear canal.
  3. If your dog has floppy ears, lift it up to expose the outside of the ear canal.
  4. Using the saturated cotton ball or pad, thoroughly wipe the area and clean up around the inside of the ear – do not attempt to stick your finger in even further.
  5. Once done, mop up any excess solution on your dog’s ears using another dry cotton ball or pad. Make sure that no debris falls away from the cotton, as these cotton bits might find a way inside your dog’s ears.
  6. Repeat the process on the opposite ear.
  7. After your finish cleaning up both ears, praise your dog for a job well done!

There you have it, clean ears, step-by-step!

It is important to note that you shouldn’t clean the ears too often, as well. Cleaning the ears too much can result in disrupting the natural balance of the ear and earwax. Excessive cleanup can mean the earwax cannot function properly, which could leave to overproduction to compensate.


solutions for cleaning dogs ears

How to clean Chihuahua ears is actually a fast and easy process.

Dealing with your Chihuahua’s ear infection is definitely much more trouble than enforcing a good hygiene habits schedule – for both yourself and your dog. If you follow these tips and tricks for clean and healthy ears, your mind can be at peace, and your dog’s ears, too!

Do you have a regular Chihuahua ear cleaning schedule? How often do you do this, and what techniques have you come up with to prevent ear infections? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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