How To Get Chihuahuas To Stop Barking At People And Other Pets

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Read our How to get Chihuahuas to stop barking guide for information on how to stop your Chi from barking incessantly at everything!

There’s no denying that Chihuahuas make fantastic pets. Yet, it’s silly to underestimate the size of your dog’s personality by its actual size. Chihuahuas have big personalities, and they have pretty loud barks too. 

Though barking is perfectly normal behavior for your dogs (it is, after all, the way dogs communicate), excessive barking can be pretty tiresome for the pet parents. And, when you consider the tenacious personality of the chihuahua, excessive barking can be exceedingly challenging to bear.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the subject of excessive barking and chihuahuas and how to get chihuahuas to stop barking.

Why Do Chihuahuas Bark?

As you must know, all dogs bark. It is their way of communicating with you and others around them. And, there are times when it makes perfect sense for your furry friend to bark. Let’s take a look at some of the circumstances when your pooch may feel like it has to tell you something. 

  • Excitement
  • Fear
  • Boredom
  • Attention barking
  • Territorial barking
  • Separation anxiety
  • Dementia
  • Dreaming

It might seem impossible – how to get your chihuahua to stop barking so much. But, there is nothing that a bit of training and plenty of patience and perseverance cannot overcome. And, your ability to stay calm amid a crisis will invariably help your dog calm down as well.

And, yes, you can revert to training your chihuahua yourself or get a professional canine trainer or animal behavior expert to help you out with teaching your dog to control its urge to bark. You can also do some research on the internet with the words ‘ stop chihuahua barking,’ and that’ll probably give you more information on the subject as well.

Do Chihuahuas Bark A Lot?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a simple yes. Chihuahuas love themselves and seem to love the sound of their voice too. And, they seem to have an opinion about most things and want to share their thoughts with their humans and family as often as loudly as possible. But that doesn’t for a moment mean that you cannot assist your pooch in toning down its boisterous personality a bit.

Now, it may sometimes even appear to you that your fur baby is barking at nothing at all. But, you have to realize that your doggo has a much stronger sense of smell and sight. And, it just may be that your chihuahua is barking at something it can see or smell and that something isn’t apparent to you.

How To Get Chihuahuas To Stop Barking At Everything

If you want to solve a problem, the obvious way to resolve the issue is first to determine the cause. There can be many triggers that could be the reason behind your dog’s unruly attitude. But, it would help if you always kept in mind that a dog, very much like a child, takes its cues from you.

Hence, if you have managed to determine the cause of the problem, then you need to keep your temper under check at all times. If your loveable pet has been barking for the last fifteen minutes, it will make not one notch of a difference if you start to bellow at your dog to get it to stop.

Remember never to yell at your pet, that’s the worst way on how to get Chihuahuas to stop barking. Your pet may deem your actions to mean that you have decided to join in the fun. Or, your dog may get even more stressed out and bark even louder than before. 

Furthermore, it is also crucial that you must never offer a treat to your dog while it is barking non-stop. You may think that the treat might induce your pet to stop, but in reality, you are invariably encouraging your dog’s bad behavior.

You see, if you give a command to your pet companion to stop barking, and your dog stops, then you can reward good behavior. But, if your dog is barking and you offer a treat or give a command to your dog, and it still doesn’t quiet down, and you think offering a treat will help it simmer down, then you are only aiding your dog in bad behavior.

Now, there are generally three different scenarios when chihuahuas seem to bark a lot—barking at other dogs, barking at strangers, or barking when alone. So, let’s deal with each situation individually.

Chihuahuas Barking At Other Dogs

All dogs tend to bark at other dogs. But, some dogs, particularly ones with the tenacity of a chihuahua, love to bark quite a bit at other dogs.

The easiest way to solve the barking issue in Chihuahuas is to start with socialization as early as possible. The more your dog is attuned to being around others, particularly other canines and even felines, the easier it will be for your dog not to panic at the sight of an unknown being or in a strange environment. 

 how to train a chihuahua not to bark

Many animal experts claim that it helps to take your dog out on frequent walks. The exercise will certainly work in your dog’s favor health-wise. But, the interaction with people and even animals during the walk will also give your dog the ability to remain calm around unfamiliar scents. 

If you feel that your chihuahua is barking out of fear, then do not take your dog’s reaction lightly. You can hold your pet in your arms when an unknown animal crosses by. And, the more your chihuahua goes out with you and does not have any negative experiences, it will eventually gain confidence to go out without barking its head off. 

But, if your dog is barking out of excitement, it helps to know how to train your chihuahua not to bark through distraction. You cannot reward your dog’s barking. Hence, if your dog barks, you need to distract it, and when the braking subsides, only then can you allow your fur baby to play with its friends.

Chihuahuas Barking At Humans

Early socialization is the key to a well-behaved dog. You can start training as early as seven to eight weeks. The more time your pet spends around people, going out on walks, being around guests in your home, or going over to other people’s homes and spending time with their pets, the more capable your dog will be of dealing with unfamiliar environments and unknown company.

Chihuahuas Barking Alone At Night

You have to understand the nature of a pet before you decide to bring it home. You see, chihuahuas are social creatures that thrive in company. They love their humans and demand that the feeling is reciprocated. Hence, if you don’t have time to spare to play, go out on walks, and generally spend time caring for your pet, it’s best not to adopt a chihuahua. 

Chihuahuas are prone to separation anxiety and depression when they are being ignored. So, if your dog is barking a lot when you aren’t around or at night, then it is begging for your attention. Chihuahuas are highly sensitive creatures, so don’t ignore your pet at any time. 

It would help if you were before your dog, give it the time to stop barking, and then calmly give the command to stop barking, and after a few attempts, your dog will, in all likelihood, cease. You see, dogs are smart enough not just to understand the words coming out of your mouth. They are pretty good at making out body language too.

However, there are times when chihuahuas bark non-stop when they are suffering from pain or an ache. It helps to get in touch with a vet to rule out any health problems. 


Did we mention that chihuahuas make fantastic pets? Yes, well, we can’t stress it enough. Chihuahuas are one of the most popular domestic pets. And, yes, chihuahuas love to bark. But, it isn’t a problem that cannot be quickly resolved. So, please don’t despair; hold your head in your hands and chant how to get chihuahuas to stop barking. Take hold of your life, get some training tips from the vet or a trainer, and start to help your pup get over its bad habit.

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