How To Get Rid Of Dog Eye Stains?

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Many dogs will get those highly distracting red-brownish tear stains behind their eyes and sometimes around their muzzles, so you ask yourself how to get rid of dog eye strains? On the other hand, tears are essential for eye health. They provide the eye with nutrients as well as protect the surface of the eye.

How To Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally

Owners of tear-staining dogs nearly often reach a point where they’ve tried everything and, nothing helps. Tear stains are difficult to remove and require time. It needs the appropriate things, furthermore, to get it right.

Tear stains may be just as common in dark-haired dogs as they are in light-haired dogs. You can’t see them as well. Consider how unpleasant it is to have tear globules in your eyes. In some dogs, the muck develops into stains.

Makeshift remedies like adding eye mascara to the spots or using human lotions to bleach the stains might cause more damage than good. More to the point, any method that only masks the stains isn’t effective.

Bacteria generate eye stains, which are difficult to remove with washing and water. Here’s a step-by-step method to remove and prevent canine tear stains.


To remove tear stains from your dog’s eyes, start by cleaning them well. It’s a good idea to take your dog to a canine spa or bathing station for professional deep cleaning before you start a routine.

You’ll have to start from scratch, especially if you’ve already attempted to erase your dog’s tear stains with whiteners. It’s essential to invest the additional money so that your dog’s fur is as clean as possible before you start the removal process, especially around the difficult regions.

Trimming Facial Hair

Because of their small size, toy dogs and other small breeds are prone to tear stains. Terriers, like many other breeds, have long hair around their eyes and mouths. If not properly maintained, that hair can irritate the eyes and cause excessive tears, resulting in discoloration.

Allow a professional groomer to take care of your dog’s eye hair and beard. If you must groom your pet, place a guard on clippers and never use scissors; too many mishaps can occur.

how to remove tear stains from dogs

Elimination causes of stains

You’ll need to discover and remove the things that generate excessive ripping outside of your usual maintenance program. While you won’t be able to prevent the problem from repeating without continual attention, you will be able to lessen the amount of work required to keep the stains at bay.

What your dog eats and how clean its food and water bowls are can have an impact on how serious the staining is. Your dog will develop digestive issues if it’s continuously consuming table scraps rather than a balanced diet suited for its breed.

When waste byproducts start spilling out via their saliva and tears, your dog’s digestive troubles become visible through their tear ducts. Filling your dog’s water dish with tap water might induce rust-colored tear stains around the mouth and eyes due to the lead and iron in the water.

Tear Stains Causes

Food allergies are common, which is why some dog owners insist that modifying your dog’s diet can solve the problem of how to get rid of dog eye stains.

Diet: Because dogs may be allergic or sensitive to the colors in certain inexpensive foods, adjusting their diet makes a lot of sense and sometimes works.

Water: If the water has a lot of minerals, it is more prone to stain. You may use demineralized water or educate your dog to drink from a water bottle to help prevent stains around his lips.

Teething: Teething can create tear stains. Because this is only a temporary ailment, it will go away on its own.

How To Remove Tear Stains From Dogs

Cleaning the area early and regularly, before the stain has a chance to set in, is the best approach to remove dog tear stains. You’ll need a decent dog tear stain remover for this. These might be in the shape of a liquid, powder, paste, or wipe.

Our guide to the best dog tear stain remover discusses all of your options while considering safe, natural chemicals so you can discover the best solution for your dog.

Liquid removers are effective in softening hardened eye crust and removing it from your dog’s fur. Paste removers are effective in removing germs from your dog’s wrinkles and rolls.

Powder removers are only helpful for keeping your dog’s face dry—we don’t normally recommend them. Wipes are best for physically removing the gunk that has built up around your dog’s eyes.

Dog Tear Stains Remover Home Remedy

Apart from moisturizing the eye, dogs, like humans, generate tears for several reasons. Pigment, yeast and bacteria accumulation generate tear stains, which appear as dark, streaky stains in the corners and under the eyes of certain dogs.

pH change

You can reduce staining by raising the pH of your dog’s tears to a more alkaline level. Because of the difference in alkalinity, yeast and bacteria have a harder time surviving, generating reduced eye discomfort and discoloration.

To prevent tear stains put a teaspoon of cider vinegar in your dog’s water dish every day. Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is an organic apple cider vinegar that may be found online or at grocery shops.

Food and water improvement

Give your dog high-quality dog food and plenty of water. If you need a referral, talk to your veterinarian or a pet store staff.

High-quality dog food may help avoid tear stains in the first place. That can promote a robust immune system. That can help prevent additional issues from arising that can exacerbate tear stains.

Consider drinking bottled or filtered water if you reside in a region with hard water, which contains more minerals than soft water. Hard water includes a lot of minerals that might produce tear stains. Using stainless steel dishes for your dog’s food and water is another alternative.

Bacteria that cause fur discoloration can be in plastic dishes.

Conclusion – How To Get Rid Of Dog Eye Stains?

Before a remedy has a chance to work, too many dog owners quit up. Antibiotic resistance is only one of the drawbacks of those fast solutions. After years of usage, other chemicals can dry up your dog’s eyes, induce skin sensitivities, and cause digestive problems.

Remember that removing tear stains is a step-by-step process that must be done one day at a time. Tear stains will reappear if you abandon your regular maintenance regimen or scrimp on the quality of your dog’s shampoo.

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