How To Tell If My Chihuahua Is Pregnant?

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Are you wondering how to tell if my Chihuahua is pregnant? Here are some of the signs you should be looking for!

A Chihuahua is so small that imagining them pregnant is amusing. After all, their tiny bodies hosting little puppies are like a fun toy. It’s a funny image, but we need to be able to tell if our pets are pregnant so that we can help them go through the process.

If you have some inkling that your pet Chihuahua is carrying babies, there are a few signs that this might be the case. Read on to find out more in our guide!

Signs Of A Pregnant Chihuahua

How to tell if my Chihuahua is pregnant? The dog would look very similar to any other pregnant dog. The signs should be the same across the board, with very minute differences.

chihuahua pregnancy test

Large belly

A typical Chihuahua litter is composed of anywhere around 1 or 3 puppies. You can imagine that they are quite crammed in her abdomen. This is sure to distend the abdomen quite a bit.

Changes in attitude

Chihuahuas are usually high-energy dogs, so a decrease in their energy is telling that something is off. There is a tendency to act tired and to have a decreased appetite in the early stages of their pregnancy. However, they will soon earn their appetite back, but the “lazier” attitude might stay.

There is also a chance that your dog could become more irritable. While Chihuahuas are known for their snobby disposition, your dog might already be attached to you so you might have forgotten this side to them!

Morning sickness

This typical pregnant woman behavior is prevalent in humans, so it’s no surprise it’s also something that animals suffer from. Though this doesn’t happen to all dogs, it’s still a phenomenon that you might be able to observe in your pet.

Of course, there are other reasons for a dog to be vomiting. You may want to make sure that you are on the right track for the pregnancy by checking on what may be causing your dog to throw up. This is safer than assuming it is due to the pregnancy.

Change in nipples

The nipples of mother dogs get noticeably larger, and they may even hang from the abdomen. They are getting ready for the feeding routine.

Motherly tendencies

These tendencies are also called nesting behaviors. Your dog might start creating bedding for the upcoming children. The motherly side of your dog may come out and they may become more affectionate towards you during this period as well.

Pregnancy Tests For Dogs

If you don’t want to play the guessing game for dog pregnancy, you have some options that you could look into in order to be sure about your dog’s condition and take the next steps to support a healthy pregnancy.

These Chihuahua pregnancy test types will serve you well for different purposes, and won’t harm your pet. The results can also help you plan your future life with these adorable babies.

pregnant chihuahua


 If you have suspicions about your dog being pregnant, an ultrasound can be taken around 25 days after the Chihuahua has mated. This non-invasive technique will help you know how many puppies your dog will have if she is pregnant. Typically the number of heartbeats can reveal this information.

In some cases, especially when your dog has long hair, you may have to shave a section of their belly. This is because ultrasounds need skin contact for more accurate imaging and reading.


An x-ray will be able to show the skeletons of the puppies are inside the mother. However, this method requires the dog to be at around the two-month mark so that the skeletal system of the babies could properly show up in the x-ray imaging system.

While it could take a longer time, this method can accurately give owners an idea of how many puppies to expect in the delivery period. This also helps prepare materials for delivery and plans for the puppies, which may be important for pet management in the home.

Blood test

Another method to tell if your dog is pregnant is through a simple blood test. The blood sample will undergo a study to determine hormone levels. Then, the veterinarians will look for the production of the hormone relaxin.

This hormone is released through the development of the placenta, at the stage of the pregnancy when the embryo has implanted in the wall of the uterus. This can be detected in around 3 weeks at the start of the pregnancy, so it is a quick way to find out.

What Does A Pregnant Chihuahua Look Like?

Have you ever seen a pregnant Chihuahua before? Aside from the typical signs of pregnancy, here are some surefire signs to answer how to tell if my Chihuahua is pregnant.

Distended abdomen

This is the most obvious differentiating factor when it comes to Chihuahua. Because of its naturally small and lithe body, its pregnant belly really gives the pregnancy away. Other dogs may be able to hide their pregnancy within their belly fat or thick double coats, but the Chihuahua won’t be able to get away with it!

Enlarged nipples

Young female dogs usually have nipples that are hidden and unnoticeable. As your dog goes through its pregnancy, the nipples will start to grow and protrude from the abdomen.

Weight gain

Aside from the growing tummy, you may also observe more stored fat in other parts of your dog’s body.

While an early sign of pregnancy is lethargy and a decreased appetite, as the pregnancy goes on, you will notice that your dog may start eating even more. This helps support the health of the growing babies inside of her belly.


How to tell if my Chihuahua is pregnant? A pregnant Chihuahua is actually pretty easy to pick out, due in part because of its naturally small frame.

What is important is that you keep your pregnant Chihuahua safe and comfortable during the entire process.

Have you experienced handling a pregnant Chihuahua before? How did you cope during the entire pregnancy and eventual birth? Let us know your stories in the comments section below!

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