Why Does My Dog’s Tongue Stick Out a Little?

Why Does My Dog's Tongue Stick Out a Little

There are just some dogs with this adorable, though sometimes, unnerving habit of sticking out their tongues. But why do dogs stick out their tongues? What are the causes, and should you be concerned? Why Do Dogs Stick Out Their Tongues? Is it Just Regular Panting? How many times have you seen a dog sticking … Read more

When Do Chihuahuas Lose Their Baby Teeth


When it comes to teething, Chihuahuas, like other dogs, are not different from humans. They also have baby teeth, just like us. Therefore, if you have a Chihuahuas puppy, you must be ready for their teething stage.  The first time I got a Chihuahuas puppy, I was amazed by how the beautiful little creature began … Read more