Bully Sticks Choking Hazard – Are Bully Sticks Safe For Dogs To Eat?

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Worried about the bully sticks choking hazard? Read this article to learn if bully sticks are a safe treat for your canine!

Has your beloved pet recently been caught chomping away your designer shoes? Well, you have to understand that dogs need to chew. Just like humans experience the world with their senses, dogs try to figure out things in their environment through licking and chewing. And, yes, excessive chewing in dogs can be a bad habit. 

But, if your pup has recently developed a taste for chewing at the furniture or other household items, you can easily divert your doggo with a bully stick. Now, many parents fear bully sticks choking hazards, but you have to understand that bully sticks are pretty safe and healthy treats for your best bud. And a perfect alternative for the irresistible couch corners that your doggo can’t stop chewing.

Hence, without further ado, let’s look into the matter of bully sticks, and the reason behind why are bully sticks safe for dogs.

What Are Bully Sticks?

If you were to type in ‘dog swallowed bully stick,’ you will learn that unless the piece of bully stick that your furbaby has gulped down is quite big, you have nothing to worry about. You see, bully sticks are a single ingredient, totally natural, easily digestible, chew treat made from beef muscle. It is a no preservatives, additives-free, chewable treat for your canine made from bull penises.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Bully sticks, as the name might imply, are made from bull’s penis. And it might sound kind of icky to you, but it is a very healthy snack for your pet. Rawhide can be difficult to digest due to the beef hide in it. And, the bones that you offer to your doggo may splinter. Yet, a bully stick presents no such threat.

Bully Sticks Choking Hazard – Are Bully Sticks Safe For Your Dog?

Well, bully sticks are a natural, wholesome, and highly digestible piece of beef muscle that breaks down quickly inside your doggo’s digestive system. Furthermore, unlike other treats, bully sticks do not have any bones that might break down inside and cause internal injuries. 

bones that might break down inside and cause internal injuries

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Moreover, many other treats that you might want to give to your canine, such as kibble, have added ingredients such as soy or wheat that can trigger allergies in your pet. Even grain-free kibble contains high levels of starchy carbs, including peas and lentils – this creates metabolically stressful insulin, glucagon, and cortisol spikes throughout your canine’s day. In short, it can lead to obesity and other health issues.

Bully sticks don’t have any added dyes, colors, fillers, or artificial chemicals. And, if your only concern is about bully sticks choking hazards, then you really don’t need to be worried. However, it is always a good idea to offer such delectable snacks to your pets under supervision. 

The Health Benefits Of Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are high-protein treats that are essential for your doggo’s body. You see, dogs need protein to develop strong bones and muscles. But, it is also an excellent source of amino acids that helps with your canine’s skin, brains, muscles, and coat. And, if your pet happens to have any allergies or sensitivity to certain foods, then bully sticks are great titbits for your furry friend.

Now, bully sticks aren’t just good for your dog’s tummy. But, you must realize that bully sticks are also superb for your dog’s buccal health. The chewing and gnawing of the bully sticks wear away the plaque and tartar buildup on your canine’s teeth. 

Periodontal disease which is the inflammation of gums is a widespread disease in dogs. Therefore, you can’t get a better option than bully sticks to keep your fur baby’s teeth and gums healthy, plus keep your shoes and furniture safe.

Bully Sticks Choking Hazard and Dogs Of All Sizes

Bully sticks are indeed exceptionally nutritional for your dog. But, the reason for the popularity of bully sticks is that all canines of all ages love them. Canines love the fantastic flavor of bully sticks, and most dogs, including puppies, relish the taste of bully sticks.

In truth, bully sticks come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Hence, if you have a persistent chewer, then you can use a braided bully stick. Straight sticks are the ideal choice if your doggo loves to chew for long hours. Even bully rings provide mental stimulation for your pet while it’s gnawing away on a bully stick. 

And, you can even offer bully sticks to your puppies. Yes, bully sticks are safe for your tiny fur babies too. Indeed, the most remarkable aspect is that a bully stick can last as long as three years.

How To Prevent Bully Sticks Choking Hazards?

It is a fact that bully sticks make refreshing and delicious snacks for your furry friends. But, when dogs chew the stick down, they increase the risk of choking on the end tail of the bar. Unfortunately, if the nub gets swallowed whole, then your puppy can suffer from intestinal blockage. 

You have to understand that the number one cause of emergency vet visits of canines is gastrointestinal distress. But, there is a straightforward solution to the problem that has been invented by Scott, the founder of Bow Wow Labs

The bully buddy is a device that safely secures the bully stick so that your doggo cannot swallow at the end tail of the bully stick even if it makes repeated attempts to do so.


If you research the phrase, ‘bully sticks choking hazards,’ there isn’t a doubt that you will come across plenty of material that will give any pet parent qualms about offering this treat to their beloved fur baby. However, it is equally evident that bully sticks are perhaps the best choice when it comes to giving treats to your four-legged friends. 

So, pet guardians get confused about whether it is wise to give bully sticks to their pets. Yet, innovative products are now available in the market that will help you offer bully sticks to your doggo without worrying about choking hazards.

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