Chihuahua Knee Surgery Cost – All Expenses

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Chihuahua knee surgery costs can get expensive, but the total cost will vary depending on where you schedule it, also the vet’s expertise.

You should, however, foresee the expenses and maintain a healthy life for your pet. That should be your only focus throughout your ownership.

If you notice walking issues in your Chihuahua, go to a vet appointment to do a detailed examination of the knees. In many cases of adult dogs, only one out of the four knees will have dislocation. Usually, it’s better to make the surgery as fast as you can, preventing pain.

What Is Patellar Luxation

The medical term of dog knee dislocation is called Luxating Patella. That’s a big issue for your dog’s life, and you should consider taking your Chihuahua to surgery.

Luxating Patella is a disease that is related to the movement of the knees and legs. Chihuahuas that have this condition have a greater chance of suffering from arthritis as well.

The kneecap is a bone in the extensor muscle. Works as a slider in the groove of the femur when the dog is flexing and relaxing its legs. In simple terms, Luxating Patella means that the kneecap lost its capability of sliding.

Remedies For Patellar Luxation

For Luxating Patella, there are few remedies. In many cases, the prescription of pain-relief drugs is the answer. Before arthritis becomes an issue, glucosamine use is taken into consideration to control the pain. Weight management plays a big part in this diagnosis. Obese Chihuahuas suffer more pain than others.

Consider supplementing vitamin C to your Chihuahua to strengthen their ligaments. Milder walks and occasional massages of the knees will also help.

It’s a diagnosis primarily found in small breed dogs. As much as 7 percent of puppies have been diagnosed with Patellar Luxation, which often affects both knees resulting in loss of mobility and function.


There is a good chance that your Chihuahua is suffering from Patellar Luxation if it’s skipping when walking. Sometimes dogs will show outward signs of discomfort in their knees, such as lazy leg, scared of jumping, or even refusing to play around.

If the Chihuahua won’t show any signs, and you think something is wrong with it, consider a veterinarian appointment. That way, you can assure yourself if there are issues with your Chihuahua.

Overall Costs Of Chihuahua Knee Surgery

Pre-surgical blood work is needed if your veterinarian has diagnosed your Chihuahua with this disease. The price fluctuates depending on additional medical checkups. X-ray, CT scans or MRI can increase the price, as well as the hospital recovery time of your Chihuahua.

After-surgery physical therapy can also increase the dog dislocated knee surgery cost. Many vets don’t include this in the pricing so expect that as an extra expense.

Chihuahua Knee Surgery Cost

The pricing can go somewhere between 1,500$ and 4,000$. Usually, expenses can fluctuate depending on the veterinarian, how bad is the condition of your Chihuahua or your living location.

Geographical location plays a big part in the pricing. The online community shares different prices based on where they live. Chihuahua owners that live in the USA are paying around 2000$ to 2500$ per leg.

Canine orthopedic vet based in Colorado-USA has listed prices on their websites. Depending on your dog size, they charge from $2.180 to $2,980. For Chihuahuas, it’s the lower price because of their tiny size.

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Chihuahua Knee Surgery Cost

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Grades Of Patellar Luxation

This disease is complex, so veterinarians graded the severity in 4 stages. Each stage has different symptoms and conditions.

1.     Grade One

Chihuahuas with grade one Patellar Luxation will not experience pain nor discomfort. In some rare cases, the kneecap gets dislocated but can move back naturally. These dogs won’t need treatment, but we recommend monitoring their health.

2.     Grade Two

In this stage, the kneecap will pop out more often. Some dogs will skip with their leg until the patellar is back in its original location. Dogs will experience some pain. Treatment is needed that will stop the progression so the disorder won’t go to the next stage. If treatments won’t work, surgery is in need.

3.     Grade Three

At this stage, it’s starting to get complicated. When the dislocation happens, manual help is needed. Without help, your Chihuahua will experience discomfort and pain. Dogs who have surgery in this stage can live a healthy life and have a lesser chance of developing arthritis.

4.     Grade Four

The dog, unable to flex its knees at this stage, will experience pain. The kneecap will permanently dislocate, and a lot of weight will come on the forelimbs. That way, it won’t be able to move even in moderation. Surgery is mandatory so your dog can live its life to the fullest.

Patellar Luxation Chihuahua Aftercare

The recovery time of surgery is around 6 to 8 weeks. In this period, you should keep an eye on your Chihuahua and track their recovery process.

Maintaining correct bodyweight will reduce stress on their joints, which will help with arthritis in the future. Check their weight and body condition at least once a week. Feed them small portions of food to keep them at a healthy weight.

Once your dog can walk, consider going for smooth walks, try not to force them, let it naturally come to your Chihuahua to walk around. Activities like jumping, chasing, or running uphill terrain should be avoided.

And at last, hydrotherapy or physiotherapy implementation in the recovery process is needed. Always consult your veterinarian about further aftercare activities.

Conclusion On Luxating Patella Surgery Costs

As a loving owner, always consider healthier options for your Chihuahua. You should undoubtedly spend money on the joyfulness of your pet.

When you see the first symptom of patellar luxation, take action in your hands. As a response, you should always contact a veterinarian and do a health checkup.

If the severity of the disease is at stage 3 or 4, surgery is needed, so don’t hesitate to undertake a vet appointment. No matter how much chihuahua knee surgery cost is, your Chihuahuas’ happiness should be a number one priority.

Feel free to ask additional questions in the comment section, and we will happily try to answer them.

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