Are Chihuahuas Hunting In Packs?

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The Chihuahua is a bold hunter of smaller prey, and they are known for hunting in packs in native Mexico. They hunt and kill vermin such as squirrels and other tiny animals, notably rats and other rodents. Even at home, they have a strong hunter mentality and may show an interest in domestic rodents.

History Of Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas were uncommon until the early twentieth century, and the AKC has not registered one until 1904. Hernan Cortés claimed in a letter from 1520 that the Aztecs reared and sold the little dogs as food.

At the turn of the century, colonial sources mention little, virtually hairless dogs, with one claiming that 16th-century Conquistadores discovered them in abundance in the territory that would become Chihuahua.

Genetic Lineage

Domesticated dogs came to North America 4,500 years ago from Siberia. Then, they got isolated for 9,000 years, according to DNA analyses from their genomes. After contact with Europeans, these lineages gotten replaced by Eurasian dogs and their local descendants.

The pre-contact canines had a distinct genetic signature that is almost vanished. In 2020, ancient dog genome sequencing revealed that the Chihuahua retains 4% and the Xoloitzcuintli retains 3% pre-colonial heritage in two Mexican breeds: the Chihuahua and the Xoloitzcuintli.

How Chihuahuas Evolved?

Like every other dog breed, Chihuahuas trace their roots of evolution to the gray wolf. Like their relatives like Pekinese and Labrador, Chihuahuas reflect the cultural and labor needs of the humans who developed them from an ancient stock into the modern breeds they are today.

Pack Of Wild Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas that can blend in with a group of other stray dogs will fare considerably better than if they are left alone. That’s why because Chihuahuas are the world’s tiniest dog breed. Using the strength and numbers of a pack to aid in their hunting might be beneficial.

A couple of packs of dogs are spotted establishing their territories. Anything thrown aside by people is a common food source for them.

Why? Because it is less difficult to obtain. In this environment, stray Chihuahuas would thrive.

Pack Of Wild Chihuahuas

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Scavenging System

Chihuahuas who do not join a group with other dogs may experience scavenging. That is a characteristic shared by all dogs, whether stray, free-roaming, or feral. It’s a legacy from their wolf forefathers.

The majority of dogs eat a broad and adaptable diet. There’s a risk they’ll consume anything that they can get their hands on. If solo or pack hunting is unsuccessful, Chihuahuas may resort to scavenging. Prey remainings may prove to be their safest chance of surviving in the wild.

Can Chihuahuas Work With Other Strays?

There is no way that anyone can be that sure, what kind of dog breeds are roaming on the streets or the countryside. In case chihuahua gets loose, it may come across a variety of dog breeds. Long-term, these dogs may be beneficial in locating and acquiring food.

The best strays for chihuahuas to be in a pack by are American Pitbull Terriers, Labrador, German Shepherd, Boxers, and chihuahuas.

In the wild, a wild Chihuahua may find itself in the companionship of other Chihuahuas that are in the wild. These Chihuahuas may be part of a group that includes larger, stronger, and quicker canines. Because of this, they can provide both defense and food for the pack.

Wild Chihuahua Hunting In Packs

Chihuahuas in the wild have never existed. They were created consciously by humans and are wolves’ descendants.

Why Are Chihuahuas So Wild?

Owners may feel annoyed if their Chihuahua becomes too hyper with no apparent capacity to calm down. While some puppies and dogs get hyper simply because they are pleased about something, negative emotions like irritation and anxiousness can cause a Chihuahua to become agitated.

Are Chihuahuas Aggressive By Nature?

Chihuahuas are not naturally aggressive toward humans. According to the AKC, human hostility is not a breed feature associated with Chihuahuas. While human hostility is common in dogs of all breeds, you cannot expect it in this breed.

Chihuahua’s Hunting

Can A Chihuahua Hurt People?

The Feral ones do not exist in sufficient numbers to harm humans or wildlife in the same way that their forefathers did.

On the other hand, half-domestic chihuahuas can sometimes attack humans. One of the largest chihuahua hunting packs numbers over 170 dogs, and they are kept on a piece of residential land by the dogs’ owner.

Chihuahuas may give you a painful bite, but it’s more about how it feels than how hard it is. Chihuahuas have tiny teeth, so they won’t be able to take pieces out of you, but they can nip at your skin hard enough to draw blood.

Are Chihuahuas Good Hunting Dogs?

Almost any dog can get training and can be a great hunting dog, as long as the owner is realistic about the size of the game that it is pursuing. Chihuahuas are no exception to this rule. In truth, they have an instinctive hunting propensity that may be trainable.

When they want to be, these small canines can be ferocious. When you combine this with their ability to believe they are stronger than they are, you get a fantastic hunting dog. However, the type and size of the game will determine that.

Although they are capable and can hunt large animals, Chihuahuas should only do it as part of a pack of hounds. They can perform an excellent job of alerting, diverting, and getting into locations that larger dogs can’t.


To summarize everything that we mention, we can conclude that chihuahua is a good hunter when hunting in packs, but for preys that are smaller and weaker than them. They are not that great hunters if they hunt alone, but if they are in a pack. Hunting in a pack not just makes them feel stronger but makes them feel bolder as well, and that kind of psychology can make their prey fear more.

What food a wild Chihuahua has access to depends on a variety of factors. When left alone in the wild, they will generally search for tiny animals, human trash, and other scavenged food. Finding a pack of larger dogs is the best situation for a stray Chihuahua.

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