Potty Training Issues: Do Male Dog Wraps Work?

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Do male dog wraps work? Heading out with your pet dog might be a problem if you have some potty training issues to get over. 

After all, these are just some pieces of cloth. What kinds of design and technology do these have to make sure you don’t have to clean a whole mess up afterward?

One thing is for sure – they have the potential to help you with your dog’s urine problems! Read on to find out more about these necessary tools.

What Are Male Dog Wraps and When Should You Use Them?

Male dog wraps are simple clothes that wrap around the midsection of your pet dog. Usually made of waterproof material, this cloth covers the dog’s genitals, thus preventing any accidents and surprises. They are also known as dog bands because of how they fit around the dog’s body.

These apparel are getting more and more popular with dog owners today. There are many reasons that you might want to start using dog wraps.

Prevent Spot Marking Behavior

Is your dog especially territorial? It’s well known that dogs will have marking behavior sometime in their growing-up phase. This is a behavior that should be trained and corrected, as it will disrupt its relationship and future personality.

Outfitting your dog with these wraps can help discourage them from marking their territory and leaving their scent in the area, especially around the house. You won’t have to deal with the smell of urine on the furniture anymore!

Prevent Spot Marking Behavior

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Solution For Urinary Incontinence

Did you know that urinary incontinence or lack of control over the bladder is a condition that dogs also face? Some signs you need to look for are licking off the private parts and irritation. This is usually a sign of a health condition and must be addressed as soon as possible.

In the meantime, dog wraps help prevent any unwanted leaking. This can also be useful when dogs also lose control of their bladder when they get too excited.

Early Toilet Training Assistance

While you’re still training your dog to go properly, these doggy wraps are an easy solution for curbing any accidental leaks and unplanned calls of nature. While this is a natural process that is usually more straightforward, your dog might be harder to train than others.

This will help you stop possible accidents in their tracks. You can breathe a sigh of relief for every puddle you don’t have to painstakingly clean off of the floor or your furniture!

Staying Over At An Indoor Location

Sometimes, maybe you’re just hanging out at a friend’s house or a restaurant, and you want to prevent any untoward incidents that might occur due to your dog’s urination issues. After all, you will be caught up in doing other important things in the meantime. These are the times where you just want to take extra precautions so that you are safe from the worst that could happen.

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What Is The Difference Between Dog Diapers and Dog Wraps?

So why would you get a dog wrap in lieu of a full dog diaper? They are not fundamentally different in their goals, but they serve specific purposes. Here are some of the reasons you may pick one or the other.

Dog Wraps Are For Male Dogs

Female dogs need full diaper coverage, sometimes because of toilet training or doggie periods, other times because they might be in heat and the owner wants to prevent any possible pregnancies. A dog wrap cannot cover the issues of a female dog, and thus the invention is only suitable for male dogs.

Dog Wraps Only Prevent Urinary Issues

Male dog wraps only cover the urinary function of the dog. Do not expect them to function like magical baby diapers for your pet. If your dog’s problems are coming out of the other end – dog wraps are not the solution for you!

Dog Wraps Don’t Offer Full Coverage

Unlike full dog diapers that cover the bottom of dogs as well, dog wraps simply cover the midsection private parts of the dog. The ones that introduce a full bottom, and even a hole for the tail to poke through offer much more protection. In the case of female dogs, they also provide absorption for your pet’s period.

How Do You Use Male Dog Wraps?

Using these wraps is simple. You simply attach one of the wraps around the midsection of your dog, making sure that the lining completely covers the private parts of your dog.

Depending on the size of your dog, you should be able to find a size that not only covers sufficiently and has a snug fit but allows your pet to be comfortable as well. Make sure that you get the sizing of the bands correctly in order to maximize comfort and efficiency.

They are made of cloth meant to absorb any stray urine. These wraps or bands are usually washable and reusable, so they are made with sturdy materials meant to withstand a good number of washes. The leak-proof coverings should also keep the pee within the wrap, making clean-up an easy process.

In order to aid in the absorption of the urine, many pet owners also line the dog wraps with an extra layer like a liner. If you expect your dog to expel more pee, you should try using another pad or liner in order to avoid oversaturation of the dog wrap.

Conclusion: Do Male Dog Wraps Work?

Male dog wraps are a good option for dog owners who are interested in having a fuss-free time with their pets. They are an affordable and easy-to-use solution for tricky urine-related scenarios with pets. It can’t hurt to have them handy – you never know when they will be perfect for a sudden event or situation!

So, do male dog wraps work? They are definitely useful in a sticky situation! You’ll be glad you thought to bring them along to avoid hassle and embarrassment.

Have you tried using dog wraps before? How did they affect the lifestyle of you and your pet? Would you recommend them to fellow dog owners? Let us know in the comments!

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