Do Chihuahuas Get Along With Cats? Canine Compatibility Guide 2021

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Do Chihuahuas get along with cats? Pet parents who’re interested in creating a multi-pet household should definitely read this article!

One of the ideas firmly ingrained in our minds since childhood is a default presumption that dogs and cats hate each other. Wondering “do chihuahuas get along with cats?” seems rather silly and obvious in that context. However, things aren’t that simple.

Cats and dogs can be the best of chums or the worst of enemies, depending on your attitude and conflict-resolution skills. While you can anticipate generic canine and feline behavior towards each other, remember that, like humans, all animals have individual personalities.

What works for one dog may not necessarily hold true for the other. Your pet may react unexpectedly depending on their mood or the situation, and you need to be vigilant to dissolve any disputes.

Are Chihuahuas Good With Cats

The short answer to “do chihuahuas get along with cats?” is a solid yes. But your concern as a pet owner should be less about doing chihuahuas like cats in general and more about whether your particular pets can become friends.

This specific breed is small and friendly, which is why they can become happy housemates to cats and not try to dominate over them. But being the same size can also invite competitive behavior over food and attention. So how do chihuahuas get along with cats and not become instantly territorial and jealous when you bring a feline home? It all starts off with how carefully you introduce them.

Introducing Your Chihuahua To Cats

Interested in learning what’s the proper method of introducing your pet Chi to a feline? Well, that’s what this section is all about.

Dog Meet Cat

If your Chihuahua is a puppy, it can be quickly trained to cohabit with a cat. Like human babies, pups are fast learners and can be molded to new environments and habits swiftly. Puppies are more eager for company. They’re also less possessive of their turf and less inclined to become irritated if they need to share. If your Chihuahua is an adult, it has already formed a personality, and no one knows it better than the owner.

If you are getting a rescue dog, most have certain character traits listed in their description, so you’ll know if it will adjust to having a cat around. Make sure you get a detailed outline of their habits and ability to live with another pet peacefully. In any case, your Chihuahuas and cats mustn’t have an initial encounter without your presence.

Ensure the first few moments they spend around each other are under your watchful eye to prevent any nasty incidents. Furthermore, it would be wise to keep their food bowls and sleeping spots separate. Doing so from the very beginning to avoid any potential animosity.

Your cat may need a safe space that is out of bounds for your dog. Cats often like to escape to safe spaces if their social battery is drained. They prefer to grab some peace away from hyperactive canines. Ensuring that the pets live in harmony means giving them periodic breaks from each other not to saturate them. Otherwise, this oversaturation can lead to aggravation and aggression.

Introducing Your Chihuahua To Cats

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What To Do If Your Pet Chihuahua Starts Attacking Your Cat

Chihuahuas are naturally a very friendly breed and eager to make friends. However, if your Chi is displaying aggressive behavior towards your cat, it is cause for alarm. It would be best if you kept a lookout for the warning signals. Here are some of the signs that your dog may soon attack your cat:

  • Your dog becomes uncharacteristically still when looking at the cat. The body is rigid rather than relaxed.
  • Your canine’s hair is standing on end
  • It growls or snarls and bares its teeth
  • Its tail is tucked between its legs

If your mutt is exhibiting these reactions near your cat, it’s time to separate them before any unpleasantness can ensue.

Make sure your dog and cat are only together under supervision until this behavior abates. Disagreements between felines and canines can result from illness and Fear. Fights between animals can also result due to a sudden desire for dominance.

Whatever the issue, it needs to be addressed before the animals can be comfortably allowed to share space again. If your canine is a rescue dog, it may have untreated trauma triggered by the cat. It is necessary to obtain as much knowledge about the dog as possible to prevent mental anguish and mishaps.

Measures To Take If Your Dog And Cat Start Fighting

If your canine is frightened by any objects you possess, it’s smart to remove them from its vicinity. If your Chi is trying to assert dominance over the cat, try to reverse the tables. You can do this by feeding your cat first while your doggo watches. Many animals are naturally prone to forming hierarchies. That’s why presenting the cat as the alpha will cause the dog to respect it.

A dog with insufficient mental enrichment can also attack a cat out of a desire for excitement. Have your dog take walks and provide it with its own toys. This way, your canine will keep busy and not resort to bullying.

If you notice your dog becoming hostile, create a noise to divert its attention and let it know that you’re keeping watch. If your dog leaps to harm the cat, lead it to a separate area that you use for a time-out spot. This will help your canine understand undesirable behavior.

For extreme cases, contact an animal expert to assess the situation. Animal behaviorists can help train canines to overcome their aggression and behave more calmly. They can also give you tips on how to make your pets get on well without fights ensuing.

Other Small Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

Although most cats and dogs can learn to share an owner peacefully, some breeds are likelier to adapt quickly. Toy breeds have a tendency to become good companions to cats as they share similar sizes. This way, neither species feel uneasy with the other.

Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Pekingese are incredibly affectionate with cats and can be easily raised alongside them. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is also famous for having an easy relationship with feline companions.

The playful disposition of a Bichon Frise allows it to adjust well to other animals. A Chinese Crested is also a good option, but you need to be cautious as its shy nature leaves it vulnerable to being bullied.

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There you are, folks. We’re hoping you know more about Chihuahuas and cats getting along after reading our article. The best way to ensure your feline and canine become fast friends is to raise them together. Younger animals are less territorial and adapt easier to changes compared to adults. Puppies and kittens get along famously, thanks to their playful natures. And, when dogs and cats grow up side-by-side, there’s little chance of the two behavings viciously with each other.

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