Girl Dog Names For Chihuahuas – How To Name Your Pet

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SimHave you recently bought home a lovable female Chi pup? Then you’re going to want to check out our Girl Dog Names For Chihuahuas Guide!

Bringing a puppy home is exciting. Sometimes between preparing to bring your pet home and looking after its needs, you can forget to think of one essential aspect – its name. Plus, naming your canine isn’t something you should take too lightly. Remember, your pet’s going to keep its name for the rest of its life. 

If you’ve overlooked thinking up cute girl Chihuahua names for your little pupster – don’t stress. We’ve got you covered with our guide. Be it names for beige pups, long coats, or little deerheads – we’ve compiled some of the best female names for Chis out there. All you need to do is scroll through our list and pick the one you love!

Girl Dog Names For Chihuahuas – How To Select The Right One

At times, naming your Chihuahua isn’t the easiest thing to do. There are so many female chihuahua names out there to choose from. And each is about as cute as the next one. So, how do you know which name is best suited for your doggo? 

That’s where this section can help. We’ve made a list of all the factors you can consider when naming your Chi. That way, your pet’s name will match its temperament completely. Ready? 

Girl Chihuahua Names Based On Personality

It’s not uncommon among dog parents to name their furbabies based on personality. For instance, if your pet is extremely playful, you can call something along the lines of Frisky or Rogue (yes, like the X-Men character).

On the flip side, if your Chi is attached to your hip permanently, you can make a play on that and name your puppy Shadow. 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to naming your pet according to its characteristics. And no one will be able to tell you the name you’ve selected isn’t apt or fitting. 

 cute girl chihuahua names

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Girl Names For Chihuahua Dogs Based On Physical Traits

A sure-shot way of picking a fitting name for your girl Chihuahua is by accounting for any physical traits it has. If your Chi is an adorable little apple-head, you can always go for Apple or Cherry as an ode to its rounded head. 

Deer-head Chihuahua owners have the choice of falling back on names like Bambi or Hart (the fact that it’s pronounced as ‘heart’ just makes it all the more charming). 

Finally, you can choose to name your pet based on its coat color. For instance, brown or chocolate-colored Chis can be christened Cocoa or Fudge. Gold-colored Chis will look all the sweeter with names like Amber or Hazel. 

Names For Girl Chihuahua Dogs Based On Your Ancestry

Some pet parents choose names based on their own heritage to show off how much their pet is a part of their clan. Plus, it just helps to widen the net when looking for appealing names for your canines. 

If your’s is a proud Spanish heritage, you can opt for names like Anna, Julia, Camilla, etc. Or, if you trace your roots to the historical island of Ireland, you have the options like Saoirse (ser-sha), Roisin (ro-sheen), or Cara. 

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8 Of The Most Popular Girl Dog Names For Chihuahuas Ever

Worry not if you don’t want to settle for anything but the best Chihuahua names your little furball. This section contains some of the most popular female Chi names. Additionally, these top eight most famous Chihuahua names also list out the meanings. This way, you’ll know exactly what your pet’s name stands for. Here goes –

Eight All-time Favorite Girl Chihuahua Names:

1. Coco

According to, ‘Coco’ is actually the Italian term for a cook or someone who sells cooked meat. The name is traced back to the lovely city of Venice – making the name a pretty old one. However, the name’s more closely linked to the famous French couturier – Coco Chanel in recent times. 

2. Daisy

The word Daisy comes from the Old English word ‘dægeseage,’ which means ‘day’s eye.’ Daisy is also sometimes used as a nickname for Marguerite (another name for the flower ox-eye daisy). Suffice it to say, this name has a real strong link to everyone’s favorite flower – and that’s not a bad thing at all. 

3. Lucy

Lucy is a derivative of the Latin name ‘Lucius’ which means from light or born at dawn. Popular alternatives to the name include Lucia, Lucie, and Luce. 

4. Bella 

Bellia is another Italian name that hails from the medieval era, and it means beautiful or lovely. 

5. Lola

Lola is a name you can find in multiple languages. In Spanish, the name is an abbreviation of the name ‘Dolores,’ which means sorrows. In Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan or Tajikistan, Lola is the term for tulips. 

6. Luna

Luna is a name with Latin roots and is present in various languages, like Spanish and Italian. The name means ‘moon,’ and in ancient Rome, the title belonged to the moon goddess – Luna. Besides that, it was also sometimes used to refer to the goddess Diana.

7. Chloe

This name, much like others on this list, has ancient origins. In ancient Greek, the name Chloe was an epithet for the goddess Demeter.  Chloe also appears in the New Testament, meaning it was also popular among early Christians. 

8. Peanut

This name is a bit unique in comparison to the others on this list because it’s the name of a nut. Peanuts became known as peanuts because they resembled ‘peas’ and happened to be a type of nut. Aside from that, the name ‘peanut’ picked up popularity based on the Charles M. Schulz comic of the same name. 


We’re hoping that after going through our Girl-Names-For-Chihuahua-Dogs feature, naming your pet has become a whole lot easier. As we said right in the beginning – naming your pet can be as easy as ABCs if you decide on a specific factor and stick to it. 

Conversely, if you’re not a fan of overthinking your furbaby’s name and would rather go with a popular choice instead – refer to any one of the eight popular names we’ve highlighted here, and you’ll just fine. Till next time, stay paw-tastic!

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