How Many Babies Can A Chihuahua Have – All About Chihuahua Litter Size

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Anxious about how many babies can a Chihuahua have in one go? Then check out our Chihuahua litter size feature for dependable details!

Chihuahuas are a toy dog breed and never actually look ‘old’ enough to have puppies. Because of their small size, their owners are always concerned about possible complications or health concerns attached to pregnancy or birth.

Owners need to understand every facet of their canine’s life to make the best decisions for their pet’s well-being. That’s why we’re going to tackle any and all Chihuahua reproductivity-related questions in this article. Ready? Let’s go!

How Many Puppies Do Chihuahuas Have The First Time?

If your Google Search contains the terms ‘Chiwawa Litter Size’ or something similar – we got you covered. An adult Chihuahua will weigh around 6 pounds in total. As unbelievable as that sounds, it’s true. Considering the breed’s height and weight dimensions – a female Chihuahua may give birth to a maximum of four puppies in one litter generally. However, there have been cases where a litter consisted of nine or ten pups. 

Most of the time, the litter will consist of two puppies or even just one. Also, it’s likelier that a young Chihuahua giving birth for the first time will only deliver one or two puppies. This number may grow with subsequent pregnancies but will probably never exceed four. Pet experts don’t recommend breeding a Chihuahua multiple times because pregnancy complications can grow with each gestation. That’s why it’s always best to consult your veterinarian before thinking about breeding your Chihuahua – be it the first time or not. 

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How Long Does It Take A Chihuahua To Have Puppies?

Now that we’ve settled how many babies can a Chihuahua have (per litter), it’s time to move on to the next logical topic – pregnancy duration. Generally, the average Chihuahua pregnancy will last between 58 to 68 days (i.e., 9 or 10 weeks). During this time, you’ll see your furbaby undergo some physical and psychological changes as she prepares for the birth of puppies. Here’s what a quick breakdown of the none weeks of Chihuahua pregnancy looks like:

  • Weeks 1 to 3 of Pregnancy

Once your Chihuahua conceives, she won’t show immediate signs of conception. While some Chihuahuas may exhibit morning sickness symptoms (like vomiting), this isn’t something that all canines will experience.

By the second week of pregnancy, there’s not much happening externally to give off any indications of conception. But, internally, the cells in the embryos are developing according to schedule.

As the third week rolls around, the tiny fetuses in your pet’s belly will grow rapidly. You may see a slight uptake in your Chihuahua’s appetite.

  • Weeks 4 to 6 of Pregnancy

As the fourth week of pregnancy approaches, the fetuses will have grown enough to be felt by touch by the vet. However, apart from changing your pet’s diet to make room for extra nutrition, you will also have to reduce your pet’s daily exercise routine to avoid all miscarriage concerns.

By the fifth week of pregnancy, the puppy fetuses have developed paws and start to look more like tiny canines. This is also about the time your vet may schedule an ultrasound to see how the pups are growing, and you’ll be able to tell the litter’s size too.

At the six-week mark, your Chihuahua will start to look noticeably pregnant as the growth and development of puppies pick up the pace.

You’ll also notice your female pet’s appetite increase further as the pregnancy progresses. This is natural because its body will use up more nutrients as the puppies thrive and grow.

Finally, you’ll also see your Chihuahua’s nesting instincts kick in at this time as she searches for a safe and comfortable spot for her nesting area.

  • Weeks 7 to 9 Of Pregnancy

By week seven and eight, you’ll be able to see your Chihuahua’s babies moving inside her belly. Your pet’s nesting instincts will continue to grow as she builds and prepares for the delivery that’ll likely take place by the ninth week. Soon you’ll be able to see how many babies can a Chihuahua have yourself.

chiwawa litter size

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Is It Dangerous For Chihuahuas To Have Puppies

Along with asking – how many puppies do Chihuahua have – Chi (affectionate term of Chihuahuas) parents want to know if pregnancies are dangerous for the breed.

If your Chi has an unplanned pregnancy – try not to panic. Despite the rumors, it’s possible for your pet to have her puppies safely. Although, this will require expending proper care and monitoring her needs.

Pregnancies can indeed be risky for these toy dogs. But you can preempt any such dangers with regular vet visits. Also, there’s a possibility that your vet may speak to you about delivering the puppies via C-section.

The words ‘cesarean section’ may give you nightmares. Nonetheless, it’s a safe procedure and can help your Chi give birth to her puppies with risk to life. Chihuahuas (especially first-time mothers) can experience difficulty in giving birth naturally due to their small size.

Keep an eye out for conditions like low blood sugar and low blood calcium during the gestation period. Both these conditions can result because of poor nutrition. That’s why it’s a good idea to discuss your pet’s dietary needs with the vet in detail.

What Happens If A Chihuahua Gets Pregnant By A Bigger Dog?

One of the biggest worries of a Chi getting pregnant by a bigger dog is whether she’ll be able to deliver the babies. Chihuahuas have small compact bodies and struggle with natural birth, even pregnant by another Chi. If your pet does get pregnant by a bigger dog, there’s also concern about whether the Chi will be able to carry the puppies full term. In such cases, if the vet feels there’s a danger to your pet’s life, they may suggest terminating the pregnancy before it progresses too far.


We’re at the end of our Chi Litter Size Guide, folks. We hope we’ve answered all your queries, including how many babies can a chihuahua have satisfactorily. Pregnancy can sometimes be a risky proposition – even in humans. That doesn’t mean babies (or puppies) can’t be delivered safely without harm to the mother.

Similarly, there’s no reason why your Chihuahua can’t have puppies without any risk – if all precautions are taken. Remember to discuss your pet’s health with the vet before making any breeding decisions. If an unplanned pregnancy results – keep up with regular vet visits and look after your canine’s dietary needs.

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