Why Are Chihuahuas So Needy? Conquer Chihuahua Separation Anxiety

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Is your Chi driving you crazy with constant cuddling? Read our article to learn why are chihuahuas so needy at times and what to do about it!

Chihuahuas are sassy, graceful, and charming – according to the American Kennel Club’s breed description. We know Chi parents will agree with that statement. Chihuahuas are intelligent, lively, and form a deep bond with their owners. As a companion breed, they can act as constant shadows of their favorite humans.

However, there are times when your Chi’s attachment can go out of bounds – to the point where they’ll refuse to leave your lap. While many pet parents are left scratching their heads due to the sudden increase in their pet’s clinginess – there’s a very sound reason behind it. That reason is what pet experts call ‘separation anxiety,’ and here’s how it works.

What Is Chihuahua Separation Anxiety And How Does It Work?

Does your Chi give in to destructive behaviors (excessive barking, chewing on furniture, etc.) when you’re away from home for long periods? If yes, then your pet is definitely suffering from separation anxiety. As a rule, it’s not a good idea to leave a canine of any breed alone for more than eight hours.

But, with pets like Chihuahuas who love having their owners around, this period of separation triggers distress and apprehension. Loneliness brings out the worst in canines because they are social animals. And, separation for extended periods makes your pet worry about abandonment and encourages it to act clingier than usual because of this fear.

Accordingly, the question you should be asking isn’t why are Chihuahuas so needy; but, what have I done to make my Chihuahua anxious or nervous. Separation anxiety can develop due to a variety of reasons. Here’s what a few of them are.

chihuahua separation anxiety

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1. Change In Schedule

One of the most common reasons for separation anxiety in Chihuahuas is a sudden change of schedule. Picture this. Your furbaby expects to see you at home as soon as it’s evening, but suddenly you need to work late hours.

That change may not seem like much to you. But for your Chihuahua waiting at home, even a few hours is one too many. An abrupt change in timetable is enough to through your pet off and make it vulnerable to depression and related symptoms.

2. Change of Family

Chihuahuas adopted from shelters or previous owners can be prone to developing separation anxiety. This is kind of a natural consequence that’s not related to you. Nonetheless, your pet will require love, care, and patience to accept and get used to the change of owners.

3. Change of Residence

Shifting homes can affect even the most stoic of humans. But, believe it or not, shifting residences can also have a detrimental effect on your Chihuahua’s mental health. As stated earlier, canines love the familiar. Therefore, anything new, such as changing surroundings, is enough to make your pet feel insecure and act out.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety In Chihuahuas

Pet parents asking why are Chihuahuas so needy should watch out for the signs of separation anxiety. This will help you identify the condition and get your pet the help it deserves. Having said that, here are some of the more common signs of anxiety in Chihuahuas.

Excessive Howling and Barking

Canines suffering from separation anxiety will often bark and/or howl excessively. This can happen when pets are left alone or when they see their owners preparing to leave. One sure-shot method of identifying barking related to separation anxiety is if the barking isn’t triggered by external factors such as fear or hunger.

Urinating or Defecating Indoors

A slightly more icky and problematic symptom of separation anxiety is when your Chi takes to peeing and pooing indoors. Trust us when we say – your pet isn’t doing this to spite you. Instead, the toxic combination of apprehension and loneliness is responsible for your pet behaving this way.

Chewing or Digging

Canines explore the world via chewing, and Chihuahuas are no different. But, excessive or destructive digging and chewing are strong indicators of canine anxiety and distress. Think of this behavior as the doggy equivalent of squeezing a stress ball. Your chihuahua is likely chewing on your precious rug or furniture legs to work out some of the nervousness building in its body.

Reduced Appetite

Just like humans go off their food when they’re feeling less than brilliant, you may notice your Chi refusing to eat food when you’re not around. Depression and nerves affect canines in different ways. However, one of the more regular symptoms is reduced appetite and disinterest in food.

How To Help Your Anxious Chihuahua Get Its Groove Back

If your pet is displaying any of the symptoms mentioned above, along with increased neediness – it’s best to take it for a quick checkup to the vet. First off, this will help you rule any other medical problems that could be the reason behind your Chihuahua’s behavioral shift. And secondly, your veterinarian can help guide you to therapies (natural and medicinal) to help calm your pet’s nerves.

Aside from that, dog owners asking why are Chihuahuas so needy can also benefit from implementing the following tips and tricks.

Invest In An Anti-anxiety Dog Vest

Ant-anxiety vests (aka anxiety wraps) work for Chihuahuas the same way swaddling works for babies. These vests are designed to exert continuous gentle pressure on your pet’s torso to make it seem like they’re being cuddled or hugged by you. Needless to say, when utilized properly, these vests can go a long way in keeping your little Chi from anxiousness.

Introduce Changes Gradually

Sometimes you can’t help the late nights at work. But, it’s a good idea to prepare your Chihuahua for such eventualities by gradually increasing the time you’re away from home.

You can help ease your pet into your absence by increasing by 10 – 15 minutes per day – until you’ve reached an hour or two. What’s more, try and get your Chihuahua interactive toys and or treat dispenser to keep it busy and content in your absence.

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Do Chihuahuas like to cuddle with their favorite human? Absolutely! However, is it normal for Chihuahuas to get so needy that they refuse to leave your side even for a minute? Not so much.

Chihuahuas are indeed very attached to their owners. Nonetheless, if your pet’s behavior gets a little extra needy with signs like reduced appetite, excessive licking or drooling, etc. – it may be suffering from separation anxiety.

The good news is you help your clingy Chihuahua get back to its happy self with some TLC and some stellar advice from the vet. Remember, your pet doesn’t act out with anger or spite.

Symptoms like increased barking or chewing are often your furbaby’s way of telling you – help me! Keep a keen eye out for the triggers of separation anxiety, and we’re sure you and your pet will get along just fine. Till next time, stay paw-tastic.

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