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Want to know how many teeth does a Chihuahua have? If yes, then scroll through our Chi dental care guide for all the details!

You’ll find a chihuahua tucked away in many celebrity totes. And, it is safe to say that chihuahuas are a very popular dog breed. But, most pet parents find it difficult to understand why these adorable pooches are plagued with bad teeth and smelly breath.

Many pet guardians even wonder how many teeth does a Chihuahua have precisely. Well, wonder no more. Read on as we delve into the subject of how many teeth do chihuahuas have and the reason behind their dental problems.

How Many Teeth Do Small Dogs Have?

Like any other dog breed, small dog breeds such as the chihuahua puppies have 28 baby teeth, and the adult chihuahuas have 42 secondary teeth. The jaw has twelve incisors, four canines, sixteen premolars, and ten molars. 

The upper jaw, known as the maxilla, has twenty teeth. And, the lower jaw, which is called the mandible, has 22 teeth. All puppies, as you may already know, are born without teeth, much like human babies. And their baby teeth erupt around three-six weeks. But, your chihuahua gets its permanent teeth around three to eight months of age. But, if you want to look further into the specifics of your chihuahua’s teeth, then you try searching for the term chihuahua teeth chart.

Why Do Chihuahuas Have Bad Teeth?

Well, you have to understand that chihuahuas are a small dog breed. And, the fact that they have so many dental problems seems to root from their size. Chihuahuas are brachycephalic, which basically means that they are “short-headed.” And, they have short snouts and smaller jawbones. So, fundamentally, chihuahua teeth have to fight for space within these tiny doggo’s gums.

And, yes, chihuahuas lose teeth due to decay too. The problem is that there is very little room inside your chihuahua’s mouth and too many teeth. Hence, there is more plaque build-up, more tartar, and it presents the perfect setting for extra cavities. 

Furthermore, as the teeth decay, there are more chances that your doggo may suffer from teeth and gum infections. Now, it isn’t rare to find chihuahuas that have lost all of their teeth to decay. Unfortunately, as teeth decay grows, so does the possibility that your doggo may develop kidney and lung problems.

Do Chihuahuas Have Bad Breath?

When your chihuahua is suffering from tooth decay, gum or teeth infections, or even just plaque or tartar build-up, it is very likely that your pooch will have bad breath. Yet, bad breath and bad oral hygiene go hand in hand. So, if your furbaby doesn’t seem to have many teeth-related problems, then it is unlikely that your doggo will have bad breath.

Tips To Prevent Teeth Problems In Chihuahuas

It may seem that Mother Nature is scheming against you and your precious little furbaby. But that is hardly true. You see, many pet parents will vouch that their chihuahuas have a perfect set of pearly whites. There are plenty of chihuahuas out there with most of their teeth intact. And, you will run into many pet parents who don’t fret about how many teeth does a chihuahua have. So, all is not entirely lost. 

You see, most chihuahuas seem to develop teeth trouble around two years of age. Hence, it becomes apparent that you need to take extra care of your chihuahua’s teeth before and after that age period. 

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Ways To Improve Your Chihuahua’s Dental Hygiene

It would help if you planned out a rigorous dental hygiene regime for your pooch. You need to ensure that you brush your chihuahua’s teeth every day or, at the very least, every other day. Moreover, providing your furry friend with chew toys for proper gum and dental health is exceedingly helpful.

Ways To Improve Your Chihuahua's Dental Hygiene

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You see, chewing soothes gum when puppies are teething, and for adults, it scrapes the tartar and plaque off. The art of chewing promotes antibacterial saliva that cleanses your doggo’s mouth. Lastly, many chew toys also prove beneficial in improving your canine’s bad breath. 

There are even many products such as kibble and dog treats specifically designed to promote buccal health. And, if you take a closer look at the products in the market, you will find that there are special treats for small dog breeds such as chihuahuas that will assist you in taking better care of your doggo’s choppers.

Another element that pet parents of chihuahuas should consider is that as your furbaby is prone to dental issues, you must regularly schedule teeth examinations and cleaning appointments with your veterinary dentist. You should book teeth cleaning appointments at least once every year with small dog breeds to minimize plaque and tartar build-up.

Pay Attention To Your Chihuahua’s Diet

Additionally, it also helps to keep a close eye on your canine’s diet. Chihuahuas are pretty famous for having a sweet tooth. Now, that might not be true for all chihuahuas. But, if your furbaby tends to hog on sugary snacks and sweet treats, then perhaps you should limit the urge as much as possible. The best way to make sure that your puppy fits as a fiddle with a beatific smile is that you take greater care of its diet. Sticking to A-grade organic dog food is the best option, with a few fruits and veggies as treats work wonders in keeping oral problems at bay.


Most pet mommies and daddies tend to look up, ‘how many teeth does a chihuahua have?’ when they are already facing the dilemma of getting their chihuahua’s teeth pulled out, or they’ve lost their chihuahua’s tooth to decay. But, you have to understand that being a pet parent might bring tons of joy and fun into your life. Yet, it also brings the responsibility of caring for the pet that is your newest family member.

And, just as you would nurture your baby, so must you tend to your furbaby. Hence, you need to take care of your canine’s health and its oral health from puppyhood. The easiest way to get rid of buccal problems is not through getting your canine’s teeth pulled out, and you need to adopt the strategy of prevention and nip tar and plaque growth in the bud with appropriate oral hygiene for your chihuahua.

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