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If you’re interested in Chi pups, you’re likely wondering what do baby Chihuahuas look like – that’s where our article can help.

It’s a little difficult for many proud pet parents of a Chihuahua to express exactly how much they adore their pets. But imagine how tongue-tied they’d be if they had a smaller, cuter, and far more beguiling version of their Chihuahua in their hands. 

It’s safe to say that baby chihuahuas are mainly the exact version of their parents, with a few feature exceptions. But, there’s no denying that if you fawn all over your Chihuahua, then you’ll fall madly, deeply, and truly with a baby chihuahua. Now, if you’re wondering what a baby chihuahua looks like, then wonder no more. 

You see, chihuahua babies do come in different shapes and sizes. Some have distinctive apple-shaped heads with huge eyes, while others have a more fox-like appearance.

But, as it turns out, Chihuahua puppies have a number of unique characteristics that set these precious fur babies apart from a bunch of other equally cute pups. So, without further ado, let’s discuss certain in-depth facts about Chihuahua puppies and see what sets these amazing creatures apart from others.

What Do Newborn Baby Chihuahuas Look Like?

Surely, you must know that the Chihuahua is considered one of the smallest dog breed known to man. And, when you put that into perspective, you’ll be quite in awe about how tiny the chihuahua puppy can be. There is no need to think about what baby Chihuahuas look like as you’re about to get a pretty accurate picture.

Baby Chihuahuas usually weigh around 2.5 ounces and are barely more than 3-4 inches in length when they are born. Now, you must certainly know that the lemon you buy from the shop as a condiment for your food weighs 3 to 4 ounces. 

You’ll realize that your Chi baby is tiny, to say the least. However, most mother chihuahuas wind up undergoing a cesarean as the chihuahua puppies have relatively large heads in comparison to their minute bodies. 

Furthermore, most chihuahua newborns have blue eyes. Yes, it is true that your pooch can have different eye colors to varying skin colors. Chihuahua newborns can also have gold, gray, green, or brown eye colors. And, more importantly, chihuahuas don’t have pointy ears when they are born. On the contrary, baby chihuahuas have decidedly floppy ears.

But, the universal fact remains unchanged, and that is that your Chihuahua is small in size. Yet, putting personality and spirit into the limelight, you can be sure that you have a canine full of spunk and sass. 

 baby chihuahua

When Do Baby Chihuahuas Have Growth Spurts?

Baby chihuahuas have growth spurts. And, unlike the rest of the dog breeds that take their time to grow larger, your baby chihuahua will double in size well within the first eighteen months of its life. You may wish the moment to last longer where your Chihuahua can easily fit into the palm of your hand as newborn chihuahuas do. But, baby chihuahuas don’t take long, not just to grow in size but also in personality. 

Hence, most renowned animal behaviorists recommend that baby chihuahuas receive early socialization and training. Also, note that the floppy ears of the Chihuahua either stay floppy or start to point when your puppy is two to three months of age. 

You should also know that if your puppy’s ears haven’t started to stand up by six months of age, then you’re going to learn to love your floppy-eared Chihuahua. 

How Often Should You Feed Your Chihuahua Puppies?

Puppies need a lot of care and attention. Diet and feeding times are crucial for bringing up your puppy to ensure optimal growth and health. 

Additionally, unlike adult dogs, a pup has a lot of growing to do, as its body is still developing. That means more than half of what your Chi pup consumes will be used by its system for growing purposes. 

You should also consult your vet about the best diet for your pup to make sure your furbabies receive all the nutrients they need. Generally, at this stage, high-quality food is a must with lots of protein. 

Also, Chi pups have a pretty fast metabolism – meaning their feeding times must reflect their dietary needs according to age. 

For example, two to four-month-old pups do best with four to six meals per day. Conversely, four-to-six-month-old pups generally require three to five meals per day. 

While you’ll find a lot of information about puppy feeding times on the internet, your best source of pet-specific information is your vet. That’s why it’s always best to consult with your vet about the required amount of feeding times (per age) to ensure your Chihuahua puppies grow up hale and hearty. 

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Other Baby Chihuahua Requirements

As your baby Chihuahua puppies grow, you’ll notice them becoming more active and curious. That’s a part of their growing process. 

Chihuahua puppies will often experience moments with little bursts of energy, where they move around or play with toys until it’s time for them to eat and to go back to sleep again. On the whole, pups will not require a lot of exercise once they’re the appropriate age. Mostly, a short walk will be more than enough exercise for your little furballs. 

It’s also essential not to let your pups climb onto high surfaces (like furniture) or jump from heights because their bones are pretty soft and still developing. 

Grooming puppies is also an essential part of their care routine, and developing a weekly grooming routine will help you set a tone for the future. 

Aside from that, at around eight weeks, your pups will require vaccinations, so it’s best to get in touch with your vet and make arrangements accordingly. 


We’re at the end of our what-do-baby-Chihuahuas-look-like guide and hope you’ve found all the answers you were looking for. Looking after Chihuahua pups is a full-time job for the first few critical months of their life. Puppies require more care and attention as they still have a lot of growing up to do. 

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