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Are you interested in how a Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Full Grown looks and behaves? Try going through our Chiweiler Guide for your answers!

If you’re new to the term ‘Chiweiler,’ it describes a hybrid that’s half Rottweiler half Chihuahua. We imagine it’s a little difficult for some folks out there to believe that a Chihuahua can mate with a Rottweiller. But rest assured, the Rottweiler Chihuahua mix does exist.

In fact, this entire feature is dedicated entirely to discussing the different aspects of the Chiweiler hybrid. From its history, looks, and temperament – we’re here to help Chiweiler fans learn a little bit more about their favorite cross-breed. So, let’s get to it.

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Full Grown – How Did The Cross-Breed Come About?

We generally go over Chihuahua history every time we cover a new hybrid or type. However, this time we’ve decided to break with tradition a bit. If you’re a first-time reader and want to learn more about the origins of the Chi breed – you can do so by clicking here

Before we get down to detailing how the Rottweiler mix with Chihuahua came about, let’s briefly cover Rottweiler history. Why is this step necessary? That’s pretty easy. 

According to many pet experts, a canine’s intelligence, personality, and even personal quirks are totally linked to its lineage. So, if you want a vivid picture of how Chiweiler’s may behave in real life – you can’t overlook one half of its parentage. 

Rottweiler History

Much like Chis, Rottweilers have a proud history. This breed can trace its roots back to the ancient Roman empire. Soldiers of the Roman civilization would use Rotties to herd cattle because of the canine’s string build and endurance. 

However, the name Rottweiler isn’t Roman at all – it’s German. That’s because, in the early 19th century, Rotties would pull carts laden with meat to the markets to help their owners (who were butchers). 

Later on, Rotties shifted from pulling carts to guarding homesteads and farms. So, it’s pretty safe to say that Rotties have been working dogs from the very beginning. 

On the other hand, Chihuahuas trace their origins to the ancient Aztecs. They were bred to be part of religious ceremonies and sometimes as food. Much later, the breed was a favorite among the royals of Spain (and other nations), which is when they possibly became classed as companion canines. 

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix – The Controversy

Considering the past, personalities, and size difference of Rottweilers and Chihuahuas – cross-breeding them doesn’t make much sense. Perhaps that’s why there’s no clear record of when the Chiweiler hybrid first came about.

However, there’s no doubt that the Chihuahua and Rottweiler mix is amassing popularity in spades now. However, Chiweiler enthusiasts should know that breeding Rotties with Chis isn’t exactly welcome in serious canine circles. Reputable breeders and canine experts consider the practice controversial. 

How Is The Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Looks And Personality-Wise?

According to the breed standard, Rotties are a medium to large breed with a powerful, muscled build. Their coat includes the outer and undercoat with short to medium hair (lying flat), and the color must always be black with rust (or mahogany) markings.

An adult Rottweiler can weigh anywhere between 85 to 135 pounds, depending on gender. The breed is said to combine endurance, power, strength, and skill.

Conversely, Chihuahuas are a toy dog breed. An adult Chi shouldn’t weigh more than 6 pounds according to the breed standard. The two officially recognized variations of the breed include smooth coats and long coats. However, as far as looks are concerned, Chis are famous for their apple-domed head shape, large & erect ears, and shortly pointed muzzles.

It’s hardly surprising then that Chiweilers are an adorable mixture of both breeds. The first thing you’ll notice about Chiweilers is their size. Unlike Rottweilers, a Chihuahua Rottweiler mix isn’t a great hulking canine. Its size is more comparable to the Chihuahua.

More often than not, you can spot a Chiweiler due to its black and tan markings – resembling the Rottie coat. Also, Chiweiler ears are a halfway mix between the erect Chihuahua ears and floppy Rottweiler ears.

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Chiweiler Temperament

It’s almost impossible to say what a Chiweiler pup’s temperament will be like – because the parents are so different from each other personality-wise.

Despite the bad rep they have, Rotties are actually calm dogs with protective instincts. They’re confident but not overly friendly with strangers. Rottweilers are also exceedingly intelligent and take to training relatively quickly. They’re also very adaptable and like having tasks or jobs to do due to their history.

On the other hand, with their super-fast metabolisms, Chihuahuas are exceedingly active and love being on the move. They’re not entirely easy to train; thanks to their terrier-like tendencies, they are confident to a fault and very self-reliant. However, Chihuahuas are also highly protective of their families and can form a deep attachment with their owners.

Breeding may be a kind of science, but it’s not 100% accurate. That means there’s no sure-shot way of knowing which parent breed the Chiweiler pup may take after. It’s possible the obedience in Rottie genes may make your Chiweiler easier to train, or it’s equally likely that the stubbornness in Chihuahua genes may make your pup a handful.

How Big Does Chihuahua Rottweiler Mix Dog Grow

Remember that the Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Full Grown is just one of the many Chihuahua cross-breeds available. The variation isn’t officially recognized, and judging from what the breed standard says – no approval from a major canine organization is likely. While that doesn’t have much bearing on how good a dog is – the breed standard does help make life easier when it comes to growth, weight, and other dimensions.

Since we have none of that for Chiweilers, we can only guesstimate dimensions based on how big prior pups have grown. Having said that, you can expect your Chiweiler puppy to grow anywhere from 14 to 20 inches and weigh approximately 30 to 60 pounds.

The Chiweiler


Breeding large dogs with small or medium ones is avoided because of the danger it poses to the mother’s life. That’s one of the reasons why a Chiweiler isn’t something reputable breeders are ready to support. Nonetheless, there are quite a few cases where such breedings have been highly successful with absolutely no harm to any canine’s life. If your heart is set on adopting or buying a Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Full Grown, be sure to consult with veterinarians and canine experts in your area. That way, you’ll be 100% prepared for the new pal in your life.

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