Were Chihuahuas Bred For Food – Everything About Chihuahua History

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Chi fans love learning about its origins – including were chihuahuas bred for food. That’s where our chi history feature can help you!

Adopting a pet for companionship in modern times is a norm. And dogs and cats become the top raters in the list of domestic pets. But, there are many breeds of dogs that endear themselves to the most hardened of hearts. One among such dog breeds is the chihuahua. 

Read on to find out more about the small-sized dogs that were revered like gods by the ancient Mayans.

What Were Chihuahuas Originally Bred For?

There are many stories about the origins of chihuahuas. For example, some say they came from Egypt as many small dog mummies resembling the chihuahua have been discovered from the pyramids of the ancient Egyptians. Some historians trace them back to Mexico. 

You see, there have been countless dog effigy pots found in Mexico, many parts of Georgia and Tennessee, indicating that the modern chihuahua comes from the ancient dog of Mexico’s Toltec indigenous tribe called the Techichi dog.

According to legend, the Techichi dogs were a part of the religious ceremonies. Unfortunately, that also meant doubling as a sacrificial offering to the gods. The Aztec and the Toltec believed that these dogs were a guide to the soul in the afterlife. 

Many Spanish conquistadors accounts state the Techichi dogs were fattened by the tribes and offered as food for the elites and high priests. Accordingly, the dog pots found in the southeastern US and Colima in west Mexico show fattened Techichis, which gives a degree of validation to the reports of the conquistadors. But, then were Chihuahuas bred for food only? 

No, all was not grim for the Techichis, as many Toltec families bred these dogs for the sake of companionship too. You see, Techichis were mute and charming, making them ideal for the small living spaces of the Toltec people.

Why Were Chihuahuas Bred – The Original Chihuahua Purpose

Unlike their ancestors, the chihuahuas make the ultimate lap dogs. Yes, they no longer serve as the sacrifice or the sacrificial meal. However, the chihuahua today does have the supreme power to rule over the hearts of animal lovers. 

You’ll find designer clothing studded with diamonds for chihuahuas, and you’ll see butlers serve first-class meals to them. They may even have heard of five-star hotel services available for chihuahuas. 

So, it’s safe to say that the chihuahuas of today exist for one purpose and one purpose alone; they make perfect companions. Their tiny frames, exuberant personality, and loyalty all make these dogs man’s best friend, in the literal sense.

Despite their elevated status, chihuahuas make excellent ratters too. Another purpose is to eliminate all the vermin such as rats, squirrels, or other rodents in their homes. So, for the ordinary folk who love their fur babies as much as the next billionaire, they will be happy to have a chihuahua in their house. 

Moreover, chihuahuas make fantastic watchdogs. Before confusion sets in, remember, there’s a big difference between watchdogs and guard dogs. Watchdogs work to alert their owners of an impending intruder or any type of danger. You shouldn’t expect your watchdog to attack or take on the intruder.

chihuahua purpose

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However, what’s funny about chihuahuas is that they’re often oblivious of their dimensions and will go to extraordinary lengths to protect their family.

Not only do they have a loud bark, enough to alert the entire neighborhood, they often take up challenges far more significant than their stature and come out victorious. Many chi parents claim that their chihuahua thinks he’s as big as any giant-sized dog out there.

Are Chihuahuas High-Maintenance Dogs?

It may appear to many that chihuahuas are for the very rich and very famous. Contrary to popular belief, chihuahuas make excellent pets for all and sundry. Chis are so popular now that no one should ask – were Chihuahuas bred for food – ever again.

You see, chihuahuas usually weigh around 4-6 lbs and stand from 6-10 inches, making them compact enough to fit in a tote. Chihuahuas come with short hair coats, but you will also find long-haired chihuahuas. So, there’s little to deal with in terms of shedding. And, the grooming of the chihuahua is also easier considering that they don’t have much hair to style.

Yes, it is essential to keep a close eye on your chihuahua’s diet and cleaning habits as they are prone to dental and tummy issues. But, regular visits once every month to the local vet and a healthy diet with regular teeth brushing will take care of keeping most of the health problems chihuahuas face at bay.

Moreover, chihuahuas aren’t very big on eating. How much can they fit into their tiny frame after all? So you won’t have large bills to pay for dog food. Technically, these dogs make ideal pets for apartment living.

But looking at their popularity, you’ll find that most celebrities and world-renowned personalities have a chihuahua as a family member. But, the popularity of the chihuahua isn’t due to its rarity of the breed but has everything to do with its lovable, loyal and friendly personality.


Now, you have to understand that chihuahuas might come from an illustrious background. But, today, the chihuahuas are a commonplace name for many households. They may not have their god-like stature anymore, but they are dear to their families.

As easy as it is for many animal lovers to care and love for chihuahuas, there is one thing that you should always consider when you are thinking of adopting a chihuahua. Chihuahuas don’t do well on their own.

People also refer to chis as velcro dogs because they stick to their owners. And, if left on their own for too long, they develop separation anxiety. In short, if you’re looking to spend an hour or so of your time doing something fun, consider a hobby.

But, if you are looking to enrich your life and are willing to take the responsibilities that come with adopting a dog or any pet as a privilege, get yourself a chihuahua.

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