What Do Chihuahuas Like To Play With – Toys For Chis Of All Ages

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If you want to stock up on toys for your favorite toy breed – take a peek at our What Do Chihuahuas Like To Play With article for more info.

Tiny terrier-like Chihuahuas have a big appetite for fun and games. That’s something all Chi-parents will agree with. While the exercise needs of this toy breed aren’t exactly strenuous – it’s best to engage in a fun round of games with your pet to ensure a healthy outlet for energy. That’s where toys and games can help big time.

Lucky for you, we’ve done all the heavy-lifting involved in the process. Our article contains an awesome lineup of toys your Chi will no doubt love. So, all you have to do is scroll down and pick the gadgets you like best. So, let’s the show on the road.

What Do Chihuahuas Like – Toys For Pups and Adults

A chihuahua playing its heart out isn’t an uncommon sight. Even though Chis make cuddly companions, you best believe they come to win when it’s playtime. Plus, did you know that a Chi’s bite force clocks in at around 100 PSI? That means any toy you get for your little furbaby needs to durable to live out its shelf life.

Additionally, keep in mind that any toy you buy also needs to be age-appropriate. It’s possible toys your pet liked as a pup might not be its cup of tea as an adult. You can also pick out toys based on functionality, for instance, chew toys for dental health, teething toys for your pupper, etc.

Finally, we realize the lives of pet parents are filled to the brim with responsibilities – that’s why we’ve gone ahead and divided this section for pups and full-grown Chis. So, answering the question of what do Chihuahuas like to play with is about to become as easy as ABC.

Chihuahua Puppies

A toy for a Chihuahua puppy needs to be of adequate size for your pet to play with. At 8 weeks, your Chi puppy will typically weigh about 2 pounds – which is pretty tiny compared to other breeds. A toy that’s too big or too small isn’t an option because, in both cases, your pup can end up losing interest in it.

Thankfully, there’s are plenty of high-quality toy packs available on the market that are specifically designed for Chi pups to play with. These packs will include various toys, such as rubber balls, small frisbees, rope toys, etc.

Keep in mind to check the label for pure cotton fibers in rope toys and BPA-free plastic for chew toys. Playtime is important, but so is your little gal’s (or guy’s) health and well-being.

what do chihuahuas like

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Adult Chihuahuas

At one year of age, your Chihuahua will be full-grown and an adult. That means your furball will require an upgrade in toys to cater to its unique needs.

Chihuahuas are inquisitive, intelligent, and full of energy – which is why any toys you buy for your adult canine will need to be interesting enough to keep your pet entertained. However, even when Chis are fully grown, their size remains smaller than other breeds, so the toys will still need to be the right size.

Chew toys made of thermoplastic rubber will help your little mutt expend its nervous energy and help maintain teeth and gum health too. Aside from that, you can also look at squeaky tennis balls specifically designed for toy dog breeds for fun games of fetch during walks or haunts outdoors.

If you’re on the lookout for indoor toys to help keep your Chi occupied, try looking at interactive toys like hide-a-squirrel that can keep your doggo busy for hours.

Chiwawa Games

The answer to the question – what do chihuahuas like to play with – can also include fun games to keep your Chi fit and healthy. As we mentioned earlier, be it a pup or an adult, Chihuahua toys need to be size specific. That means, sometimes, your pet’s collection of toys won’t be as diverse as you like.

Nonetheless, you can keep your canine’s life interesting by adding outdoor games to the list of playtime activities. Additionally, venturing outside will not only help your Chihuahua use up all the excess energy pent up in its tiny frame but will also give it a healthy dose of O2.

Play A fun Game Of Fetch

There’s little that fetch qualifies as the classic canine game. But, more importantly, fetch is also the perfect playtime game to keep your chi busy – be it indoors or outside. All you need is a handy ball, a few of your pup’s favorite treats, and you’re good to go.

Fetch is pretty self-explanatory – you throw the ball and your pet runs after it to retrieve the toy. Once your Chi brings the ball back, remember to praise it, and hand over a yummy treat.

However, keep in mind that the toy you use is small enough to fit in your pet’s mouth easily.

A Gentle Game Of Tug Of War

Thinking about playing tug-of-war with your Chihuahua may sound ridiculous, but it’s highly suitable for the tiny terrier. There’s definitely an undeniable stubborn streak in Chis – which is why tug of war makes an excellent game choice.

You’ll also have to remember to be gentle while playing this game with your Chi to make up for its small size. Additionally, try not to let the game become too aggressive. Maintain a balance between the tugging and don’t let your Chi take complete control of the rope toy.

Another protip is to not tease your pet too much. That can lead to your canine becoming overexcited and acting out.

What Do Chihuahuas Like To Play With Answered

Chihuahuas make perfect companion dogs – so just spending quality time with your pet will be enough to make it happy. However, with a breed as intelligent as this, it’s best to invest in activities that keep your canine mentally stimulated.

We’re hoping that we’ve given you enough ammo to keep your Chi happy for a long time. Just remember to buy toys that are size appropriate and durable – and you’ll do just fine!

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